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About me

Hola and welcome to Total Basset Case!  Floyd here.  I have my mama do all the work on here on the blog but we know I'm the real star of the show.  A lot of time she writes about running, or drinking wine, or hanging out with her friends and Papa, or doing those silly 'DIYs', or making recipes she won't let me eat but I don't think anyone really cares about that stuff.  I'm positive they just want to read about me and what I do every day.  

So to fill you in, I really love nappin and sleepin.  I love watching over my neighborhood.  I realllllly love eating, especially chicken, peanut butter or anything on the counter. And I really love going for walks. And when people pet me.  

That about sums me up but if you have any questions or want to set up a Skype date with me, send me or mama treats, I would email my mama here.  I'll make sure she gets back to you, after she's done feeding me treats.

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