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Jul 29, 2016

Bumpin Around {Pink Blush Giveaway}

While there are more cute maternity clothes options than I thought there would be available, I could still use a few more resources ;)
One shop that immediately came to mind once we were pregnant was Pink Blush.  I had previously seen adorable ladies in Pink Blush items and I knew they had some of the most adorable maternity (and non maternity!) items on the market.

With the heat and humidity lately, I am constantly drawn to maternity dresses in all shapes and forms.
This dress is incredibly comfy, cozy and perfect for my growing belly.  I know this beautiful floral dress will be a staple throughout the rest of our pregnancy journey.

No photo shoot is complete with a little Floyd for you!

There is NO shortage of cute items on the Pink Blush site and I have quite the wish list going.
This off the shoulder top is too adorable for words, this kimono is perfect for our chilly office but cool enough for hot days and I have been dreaming about the perfect hospital robe and this one fits the bill. 
See, all adorable!

And lucky for you non pregnant ladies, Pink Blush offers the most adorable clothes in their regular store as well!

But wait, there's more!
The wonderful people at Pink Blush are offering Total Basset Case readers a $75 (!!) credit to their store!  How awesome is that?  Sounds like a great way to work on your fall wardrobe if you ask me!

Enter below!

Jul 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up : Birthdays and Baby Boy

This past weekend my mama came up to visit and celebrate her birthday!
We had a weekend full of shopping and celebrating on our agenda and that is just what we did!

We were on a hunt to find a glider...Target finally to the rescue on that one.

We also managed to pick up a fewwww clothing items.
This little boys closet is growing by the day.
(onesie from The Printed Poppy)
But you really cannot deny the cutest of tiny things on tiny hangers.  And why would you want to?!

We were able to find a small scale play pen and Floyd did his duty of checking it out.
'Is dis where I ratch over brother?'

Saturday night we celebrated with steaks and DELICIOUS cupcakes.  The only thing missing was a glass of red wine ;)

Sunday we had the fun opportunity to hang out with my favorite fashion designer, Mayhem.
Sydney and her mom put on an AWESOME event and invited friends to help them make versions of Sydney's pot holders to be sold to help Nothing But Nets.  We were more than happy to help such a WONDERFUL cause and spend the morning with some friends.  The pot holders are currently for sale up on their site...keep checking back if they are sold out, more will be available!

Between that and trying to stay out of the heat, that was our weekend in a nutshell.  It was thankfully wrapped up with a nap on the sofa with Floyd :)

Jul 22, 2016

Bumpdate : 19-21

It's that time again and things are realllly bumpin along!
There's no denying the bump these days.
I even had my first 'are you....?' at work the other day and I was proudly able to say yep! Not just too many tacos, actual baby in there.
(Warning we took these photos before work and my eyes were not totally functioning...)
 Mango | Banana | Endive

Due date : November 25th 
Baby size : Mango, banana and endive  
Gender : BOY! Listen, little boy clothes are SO cute.
Cravings : Mainly cold fruit and always french fries.  I could eat an an entire watermelon at any given moment.
Aversions : Nothing!
Maternity clothes : Here and there I have been wearing more and more.  I mainly try to stay in dresses are skirts, they are the easiest and most comfortable.
Best thing so far : Planning the nursery, narrowing down names and just talking about Little Mister ;)
Looking forward to : Mister being able to feel kicks!
Work outs : Still going as strong as I can...some weeks are better than others but doing the best I can. 
Sleep : Going pretty well, still have to get up to go to the bathroom.  I do get slightly annoyed throughout the night that my only options for sleeping are on my right or left side.  I have also gotten some TERRIBLE charley horses.  These can go away at any time. 
Movement : He is moving and grooving in there.  He seems to really like when I eat grapes.
Nursery : I ordered some fabric samples for window treatments and hoping to narrow those choices down this week.  Mister finalized the closet system and I started hanging up tiny little things in it and they are precious.  
Mood : Going well!

Jul 20, 2016

Thai Chicken Quinoa Casserole

It's been far too long since I've raved about a recipe and this one definitely qualifies as a winner.
Mister's aunt sent this too me a while back and I made it last night again with some tweaks and it was even better than the first time.
I based our meal on this recipe and followed it pretty much to a 'T' but made a few additions.  
 The first time I made this I added ground turkey and while it tasted okay, it did not look very pretty.
This time I browned up 3 cubed chicken breasts in a skillet before I added it to the casserole dish.  
I also added frozen corn and used frozen broccoli instead of fresh, either works!
 I did mix up a tad bit more peanut sauce than the recipe calls for but because we had SO much chicken, I think next time I will double the sauce recipe.

Besides being very delicious and a great week night meal, this recipe makes a TON.  We probably have enough for at least 3 nights of meals.  
While this recipe comes together quickly, I will warn you the baking time is quite long so make sure you plan ahead for that.  This could definitely be made up the night before and baked the next day.

Dig in! 

Jul 18, 2016

Lake Life

We had the pleasure of heading up to the Michigan/Indiana border this weekend and visiting our friends at their lake house.  
(P.s check out Kady's Etsy shop, she makes the most adorable items, Little Mister will be fantastically dressed!)
We have been counting down to this past weekend for a long, long time.
One of Mister's most happy places is to be on the lake, on a boat, on a tube, on jet ski or just generally being in the sun.  
The boys had so much fun you could hear them laughing across the lake.

Floyd was loving life sniffing his absolute heart out.  
If we would have let him, he would have sniffed the entire lake perimeter. 
When he wasn't sniffing, Floyd was using the dock as his own personal runway with a built in fan.
It was a doggie filled weekend, though Floyd did not understand Tucker's love for fetching his ball from the lake.
And when we weren't playing with dogs, we were waiting on this plate of deliciousness to come out of the smoker.
Oh. My. Lanta.  I wish I could describe to you how amazing that brisket was.  I think we were all drooling along with the dogs.

By Sunday morning, Floyd was lake-d OUT.

All in all, it was a great weekend filled with sun, good friends, laughter and lots of doggie snuggles...perfection.
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