Not so sweet

Jul 24, 2014

There's been a break up in our house.
Between someone super sweet, yummy and hard to stay away from...

Sugar and I have parted ways.
And honestly, it's been for the best.
It's not fun, but for my insides and everyone's sanity, it was necessary.

Let me back up a bit.
A few months ago I started feeling really crummy.
Like really, really bad. Every single time I ate anything I felt so sick.
Bloated, yucky, stomach issues, the whole nine yards.
And for someone who loves to eat at much as I do, this was incredibly depressing.
This led to a lot of tears and frustrations.
So finally, after a few doctor visits and tests that I won't go into, a solution was finally found.
And that is, in short, that my body hates me.

Well, it hates sugar and is refusing to process it correctly.
(In official terms I was diagnosed with SIBO.)
This is as un-fun as it sounds.
The real kicker is that sugar is in EVERYTHING.
 Literally everything.
Just take a look at a few labels in your pantry.  Even the things you wouldn't think have sugar, do.
But I know things could always be way worse and we were all just glad it wasn't cancer or something scary like that. 

Unfortunately, there is no real, true solution for SIBO. 
There are a few antibiotics (those did 0 for me) and the most common other solution is a diet change. 
For now the latter is working for me (for the most part).
Again, it isn't fun and it takes a LOT of planning but since it's working, that's what we are going with for now.
Parties, going out to eat, grabbing a bite on the run are all really difficult but can be managed.

So what can't I eat?
Everything basically. Jk, sorta.
-No gluten, sugar, dairy
This includes no milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, soy milk, white/brown sugar, maple syrup, white potatoes (fries!), beer (!), sausage, sweet wine.

I can eat:
Eggs, veggies, fruit, chicken, beef, wine (thank GOODNESS), honey, nuts, beans, olive/coconut oil, sweet potatoes, corn tortilla chips
I can eat natural occurring sugars (fruit/wine) so that is a real life saver.
And I've found an 'ice cream' that I can eat made out of coconut and it's somewhat sufficing my need to eat ice cream every night of the summer. 
*lots of salads around these parts.  Thank goodness for our CSA!

Like I said, for now this diet is working; most of the time.
I've splurged a few times just to test the waters and it didn't go well.
So most likely I will be holding off on doing that for awhile.
Tiny, tiny doses of a few things seem to be okay but more than that isn't worth it.
The repercussions are totally debilitating but they aren't fun and they usually stick around for at least 3 days so I would rather just not deal with that.
Again, things could be a LOT worse and we are just adjusting to this as the new normal the best we can!

On the plus side, elminating sugar from my diet (and somewhat Mister's) has been really great for our health and bodies.  I can finally run well again (the stomach issues were really putting a damper on that that) and I've noticed physical changes as well.
The pouch of fat on my lower stomach that I've always fretted over is finally gone.
And those abs I've worked so hard for (and could always tell were in there) are finally actually visible.

As you guys know, we are pretty clean 90% of the time and work out quite a bit, so it blows my mind that doing something like eliminating sugar can have such a huge effect on our bodies.  (Kait recently cut out sugar too and is raving about it as well!)
You truly are what you eat.  I could not be more of a believer in that.

I'll be back next week with some recipes that fit this new diet and are also delicious.

I love discussing food, health and what we put into our bodies so please let me know if you have any questions or want more info! There isn't a ton about SIBO online but I'm happy to share what I know and have read!


Floyd Reports : A Weekend at Gmas

Jul 23, 2014

I mentioned yesterday that we have an extra special guest poster today.

Mr. Floyd is going to take the stage, with the help of his Gma, to tell the tales of his adventures at her house.  You know, what happens at Gmas, stays at Gmas.

He barked, she typed.

Take it away, folks!
Floyd here! My Mom keeps forgetting to tell you people where I stay when she and Papa are out kicking their heels up on their out of town trips. You know I can’t stay by myself, I am way too “high maintenance” for that! On Thursday night my Papa and I met my Papaw and Grammy in Lawrenceburg  for them to take me to my Gma’s house in Madison for the weekend. I did not have any idea where I was going (because no one told me). I knew something was up and being the dog with the best smeller in town I was on a mission to find out. 
When the car stopped we were at Gma’s house in Madison! She is the best Gma in the world. I was so excited to see Gma because she spoils me rotten! Let the party begin!  
Sophie, Gma’s dog was there to welcome me. In the house we went, the smells at Gma’s are out of this world. She has the best treats and water with magic sprinkles in the world! (More about treats and water with magic sprinkles later). After getting my luggage in the house and settling me in, it was bedtime. You all know I need my beauty rest! 
WAIT A MINUITE I had to check things out at Gma’s. Something might have changed since my last visit. You know new trash in the trash can, treats, Sophie’s dog food and the water with the magic sprinkles in it. Gma and I had a talk about not emptying the trash cans, stop grabbing her socks and taking off with them and sharing Sophie’s dog food. Then she gave me a smooch, a dog treat and put me to bed. 
Friday and Saturday were a blast, but Gma always gives me chores to do! She believes that dogs have to earn their way in life, you know responsibility and all those things that make us better dogs. My chores were to chew a bully stick while laying on my cushy bed in the living room under the ceiling fan. 
But that’s not all I had to take every step that Gma or Sophie took, you know I wouldn’t want to miss something important! I had to lay in the sun, take a walk on the golf course and eat treats every time I came in from outside, even if I didn’t potty! I luvvvvv her dog treats! Sophie is so lucky to get them every day!  
Oh and don’t forget Gma’s talks, and belly rubs. Gma likes for me to listen when she talks to me, don’t’ tell her, but sometimes I groan or grumble and pretend like I really know what she is talking about! She likes that! 
For all of my dog friends, there is something special about the water at Gma’s house. I think she puts magic sprinkles in it. 
On Saturday, I had to do my chores all over again! I was so tired that afternoon I took a nap on the bed that my Mom and Papa sleep on. 
It smelled just like them. 
Then I got the brainy idea that I would try out Gma’s bed and guess what? 
It was the best bed ever!  Gma’s bed was a great place to nap…just call me Goldilocks. It was just right! 
Then came Sunday, I knew something was up when Gma started packing my suitcase. We were going to take a road trip! I love to ride! Gma and I met my parents to take me home. I love to stay at Gma’s house, but for now the party is over!  Hey Gma “when we gonna do it again?? 
And that is precisely why Floyd sleeps for 3 days after he has visited Gma. 
Who votes that Floyd and Gma should write more posts?


Weekend Wrap Up : Girly

Jul 22, 2014

Our weekend was all sorts of crazy, jam packed fun.
Hence why you are getting a weekend wrap up on Tuesday.

We spent the weekend celebrating my fabulous Mama and her birthday!
We are all about birthdays in our house and hers is no exception. 
The weekend was filled to the max but we managed not to miss a beat with our schedule.

Friday night we headed to Cooper's Hawk for dinner to celebrate.
And back home for present time!
Saturday we were up bright and early for a fun filled day.
 First stop was the Princess Diana exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
Shamefully that was only the second time I'd been to the Museum, we really need to make an effort to go more.
They wouldn't let you take pictures inside BUT, let me just tell you, the exhibit was AMAZING.
I'm talking tiaras, dresses, photos and HER WEDDING DRESS. With the 25' train to boot.  It was incredible to see and so well displayed. 
After dreaming about becoming a princess, we were off to be pampered like one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the spa getting massages and pedicures.
And yes, they were as lovely as they sound.

And if all that wasn't girly enough for us, I had a race that night, aptly named 'Girls Night Out Five Miler'!
It was the inaugural year of the race and it was a great turn out and a GREAT race. Nothing like a quick five miles on a Saturday night.  I beat my own time from a few weeks ago and ran my fastest mile ever.  Not the smartest decision during a race but it helped me achieve a pretty decent time overall so I guess it worked out!
*please excuse the after photo here.  News flash - Ohio is SUPER humid.
Plus any race that serves wine at the end is a winner in my book!

Sunday was all about shopping.
You know, what Mom and I do best.
We made sure not to miss the Nordstrom sale.
I'll show you those goodies later ;)

Come back tomorrow for an extra special guest poster, I promise you won't want to miss it!


Five on Friday

Jul 18, 2014

What better time than a Friday to share some favorites of the week with you?

1. Wine night
Not only do we have really awesome neighbors but they are also super fun to hang out with as well.
Last night we took Alexis and Danny with us to Wine School at Whole Foods.  
Always a good time.

2. CSA
I plan on a full blog post about this BUT I am beyond excited to announce that we've joined a CSA and will have fresh produce coming to us weekly.  If you know me and my love for fresh food and recycling and saving the Earth, this whole shindig is RIGHT up my alley.
Earlier this week we made Kait's zucchini crust pizza with our CSA goodies! 

3.  Blog love
I am still on a  high from our blogger blate earlier this week.
And I love sharing blog love and LOVE this idea of a party that Anne for her and her husband's birthdays recently.  
4.  Sous chef
We all know Floyd is the ultimate sous chef.
He was EXTRA helpful in that department earlier this week.
Right in the middle of the floor is a perfect spot. 

5.  Weekend
Finally Friday! And some fun things in store so it's a double bonus 'round these parts!
Hoping to sneak away to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale too...
Anyone else going??

What's on your agenda for the weekend? 

Linking up with Lauren



Jul 16, 2014

Last night I had the honor of getting together with a whole crew of fine Cincinnati bloggers.
I had no idea we had such a large group of wonderful blogging ladies!

A lot of us were able to get together last fall and now our group has grown even more!
I love that their are so many of us in Cincinnati and so many ladies I can call friends!

And apparently I was too busy gabbing to take too many photos but here are a few!
Back row : Whitney | Brittany | Heather | Liz | Emily | Brittany
Middle row : Elisa | Katie | Ashley | Jessica | Erin | Emma
Front row : Meredith | Jax | Allison | Kayla | Becca
What a fabulous group of ladies!
Be sure to check out their blogs!

Be sure to check out #cincyblate on insta for a few more photos from our evening ;)

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