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A Good Nights Rest

Jan 22, 2015

At least one of us in our household is getting one.
Even better that it starts at about 8:30pm

As bad of a decision that it is, Floyd has always slept with us in our bed.  Even with the hassle (and trying to move covers with 50lbs of dead weight one them), I love it and really, really miss him when he is not there.  That being said, lately, we would be okay with him sleeping on the couch all night.  His allergies are very intense right now and he spends half the night awake itching.  Keeping us awake too.  We are working on some allergy remedies and trying to get him better any way we can.  

Mister got a FitBit for Christmas and we have been loving tracking his sleep progress every night.  Well Floyd ended up sleeping in the guest room (by his choice because he put himself to bed at 9pm and never got back up) and Mister and I both had a great night of sleep.  We didn't stir or move for 5, uninterrupted hours.  I won't say I woke up refreshed because I always need more sleep, but it was a change of pace.  But I also really missed my snuggle buddy. 
He has a bed in our room but it is for DAWGS and he pretty much refuses to sleep in it.  And who can blame him when there is a human bed with a down comforter to sleep on? 

Any doggie mamas out there have any allergy remedies or tips to help our sweet boy stay in his own bed at night?


My Sweet Boy

Jan 18, 2015

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TreatThePups #CollectiveBias

We all know that Floyd lives the life of luxury.  And he would not have it any other way.  Truthfully, neither would we ;)  Treats are his number one currency and the direct path to his heart.  They also usually improve his hearing, somehow...
I was recently at WalMart pursuing the treat aisle and just had to pick up a few goodies for Mr. Floyd. 
A few versions Milkbones and Pup-Peronis just happened to jump in my cart.
At first I thought I would save these for his Valentine's Day gift.  
Then Floyd came up with the grand idea of sharing these goodies with his doggie besties with Valentine's Day treat bags.  
He just has the sweetest heart.

So we set to work and put some bags together for his buddies.  Well, I put the bags together, he demanded a treat for each one I put together.  
We gave everyone a mix of treats and a sweet note. 
Rello friends...check your mailboxes soon for some goodies.

Floyd is a sweet boy, but man is he demanding as a model! Good thing he is cute.
Floyd says to check out to find even more adorable Valentine's Day treat ideas for your furry loves.

Make sure to connect with Milkbone on Facebook and Twitter and also Pup-Peroni.


Winter Meal Plan

Jan 15, 2015

After a resounding 'yes!' that you wanted some more meal plans to grace this blog...I am here to deliver!  Meal planning combines a lot of my favorite things: food, planning, organizing and spending time with Mister. 

I do not quite remember when I started meal planning but I am glad I did.  It makes my shopping trips on Sundays easier, our weeks smoother, our wallets happier and our waistlines smaller.  
Our lives are hectic enough without having to figure out what is for dinner each night too.  
Normally I try to plan meals that we can have for two nights.
i.e. I do not have to cook as much.

We cook together and eat dinner at home almost every night and I love it.  We splurge here and there and have date nights to try new places but for the most part we are super boring people who eat at home.  BUT I think that makes our date nights and planning a new place to try even more special because we look forward to it so much.  

I also do my best to plan meals that incorporate similar ingredients so I am not buying everything in the store and only using half.  You will see a Thai theme below in the first week...
I also try to mix in a crock pot meal at least every week or so.  Coming home to dinner already made is a form of heaven. 

As far as planning, I pull resources from everywhere.  
Cookbooks, emails from friends, Pinterest, blogs, recipes logged in my brain. 
Lately I have been been scouring Ambitious Kitchen,  What's Gaby Cooking, Gimme Some Oven, Paleomg.

Here is what is on our menu!
Sunday : Thai Quinoa Salad + chicken
Monday : Thai Pumpkin Soup* (SO good)
Tuesday : Thai Saute + chicken
Wednesday : Leftovers
Thursday : Taco Soup
Friday : Taco Soup
Saturday : Fresh tomato sauce* with ground turkey over gluten free pasta
*the Vitamix linked recipes could be made with an immersion blender

Sunday : Chili chicken soup (crock pot)
Monday : Soup leftovers
Tuesday : Gluten free pizza
Wednesday : Bacon lime sweet potato salad + chicken 
Thursday : Leftovers
Saturday : Date night

Sunday : Corn chowder with jalapeƱos (crock pot)
Monday : Soup leftovers
Tuesday : Skinny honey chicken + quinoa + brussel sprouts
Wednesday : Leftovers
Thursday : Sweet potato, black bean and egg breakfast burrito
Friday : Leftovers
Saturday : Chicken thighs with asian buffalo sauce + rice

Okay, that should get us to February!
Let me know if you have any questions! 


Scarves, Shoes and Sprouts

Jan 13, 2015

You know when you come across items and think 'man I really love this!'
Here are a few of mine that I am loving lately.

I have longingly been lusting over a Lululemon Vinyasa scarf for a very long time now, because I need scarves like I need a hole in my head...
Thankfully Kait knew of this obsession and sent me one for my birthday and it has basically not left my neck since.
I am in the midst of mastering all the ways to wear it from this video

Another thing I have been lusting over, for much, much longer, are Tory Burch Reva Flats.  Specially the gold with the gold, metal medallion.  For the longest time I refused to spend that much money on shoes. And then when I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself, I set out to buy them and found out they stopped making them.  They made the gold with gold, leather medallion but no longer with the metal medallion.  After some foot stomping and tears, I gave up and threw in the towel.
Fast forward to my comes Mister swooping in...
  What the what?  'But they stopped making them!' is all I could say.  I still do not know where or how he found these but I am NOT complaining.  I still cannot believe they are mine!
He also tracked down the one of only two pairs of Hunters boots at any Nordstrom Rack in the USA so that I could (and I quote him) 'kick my 30s off in style!'  #lovehim

This is a two fold one...I've mentioned that I LOVE my Kindle Fire that my mama gave me for Christmas.  (p.s. any good apps I need?).
My library offers downloadable ebooks which is such a great feature, gotta love free and local libraries!  But I've also recently discovered Book Bub.  In short, it is like Netflix for ebooks!  They send you a daily email with titles that are free or just a few bucks to download!   You really cannot beat that!

Speaking of things we really want, Mister has been dying for a Vitamix for awhile now.  Well my mama is fantastic and gave him (a refurbished-so much cheaper) one for Christmas.  Mister is in love and so am I.  We have literally used it every day since we've had it.  Smoothies, soup, oat flour crusher, sauces, marinades; you name it, we have put it in there.  I have been centering part of my weekly meal plans around what I am can make in the Vitamix.  Do I sound like the demo man at Costco yet?

And the last one you have to hear me out on...we have really been loving brussels sprouts.  I used to be adamantly against brussels sprouts but we recently had them at a friends and I could not get enough.  We have started making them a few times a week at our house and gobbling them up!  If you have any good recipes for them, please send them our way!


This week we...

Jan 12, 2015

...had our ups and downs but ended the week with a fabulously relaxing weekend with lots of good down time.

....woke up in -2 degree weather to find out our the blower motor in our furnace had gone kaput.  If you think that sounds like an expensively cold thing to wake up to, you would be correct.  
...spent some great chill out time with the neighbors.  And by chill I mean fun and low key, not the temperature in our house.  Thankfully we fixed that, basically we had to offer up our first born but we are warm! 
...left a trail of confetti around downtown Cincinnati while taking pictures of said neighbors for some fun projects coming up for them.
(I'll share more of this photo shoot once they debut them.  I am sorta obsessed with them...By them I mean the photos.  And the girls. They are the bestest.)
...snuggled up the basset hound. He did A LOT of sleeping.
...watched Guardians of the Galaxy
...discovered a delicious new recipe
...made no bake treats for Floyd #spoiled 
...did not run but did have a great bootcamp workout
...completed my 4,000 push up! What is 6,000 more?
 ...watched the Golden Globes.  And drank rose.  I just love awards season.
...meal planned for the next few weeks.  I am thinking of blogging my meal plans again - is that something that you guys would be interested in?

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