Aloha! Hawaii Part 5

Oct 29, 2014

This may be long but it should be the end of the Hawaii recaps ;)
Unless you want to see step by step of our photo book creation process...

In our finals days we tried to cram in all the last little things on our list and eat up more deliciousness.
(see, Leonards, we had it twice and I will never regret it.) 

Friday morning we were up early and headed to Pearl Harbor.
We did not have tickets but had planned on just walking around the exhibits and forego touring the Arizona Memorial.  Well we got lucky and Kait was able to score tickets for a tour starting right after we got there! 
Though somber, the memorial and all of the exhibits there were very well done and I am very glad we had the chance to experience all of it. 

After Pearl Harbor we headed down to beautiful Waikiki.
I had no idea Waikiki had such great shopping and high end shops, really fun window shopping!
Not too mention, the beauty that was the beach! 

The next day Mister and I headed back to Waikiki and were able to check out the Royal Hawaiian hotel.
You may recognize it from an opening season of Mad Men, which is one reason we wanted to see it.
That and also because ENTIRE thing is bright pink. 
One day we will stay there...

We took our last day slowly and tried to soak up all the wonderfulness that the past week had been.
We delayed leaving as long as possible and tried to put Judy in our suitcase.
Before leaving we walked down to the ocean, made a wish and tossed our leis out to sea...
As the Hawaiians say
(thank you)
to Kait, Dane, Judy and all of Hawaii for showing us one of the best and most beautiful vacations we've ever had!


Urban Bourbon Half Marathon: The Good and The Bad

Oct 28, 2014

In order to get a fall half marathon in this year with our crazy schedule, I had to do a little research and knew it would probably require some traveling.
I happened to find one in Louisville (close to us!), on a Saturday (of a semi free weekend!),  before the depths of coldness of December (hooray!).  It was win win win all round.
Never mind we had just returned from vacation.
(Who needs sleep?)
Plus I talked my friend Libby into doing it as well...misery loves company, right?
Even though we had just been gone, I was excited for the race and felt fairly confident about it.
I had gotten my long runs in before our trip and was able to squeeze in some running in Hawaii between the mai tais.

I really, really, really wanted to PR this race.
That was my goal all along.
PR, don't stop (besides water) and kick booty.
Well between the hills, (stupid) sugar/stomach issues and some just all around blahness, that didn't happen.   And mentally I'm still not okay with it but with time I will be.
My time (2:02:30) was better than the Pig and for a hilly race my time was pretty decent (to me) BUT I wanted to do better.  I am really slightly hard on myself when it comes to running. 
But I keep reminding myself that I DID IT and I ran 13.1 stinkin' miles at lived to tell about it.
Not to mention this was my 5th half marathon.
Coming from a girl that used to DESPISE running, that is kind of cool- no matter what my time was.

The Good:
-beautiful course
-small race
-new city to run in
-great weather
-cool finisher medal
-solid playlist

The Bad:
-Winding hills
-Stomach issues
-Leg soreness
-Inconsistent pace
-Breathing issues

Plus I rewarded myself with new running pants from Target so that helps a little ;).  I guess that means I have to keep running! 


Aloha! Hawaii Part 4

Oct 24, 2014

Now that we had hiked the side of a cliff, Diamondhead was next on our list.
Mister and I started bright and early to try and beat the heat Thursday morning.
It sure isn't a smooth path but the trail at Diamondhead is relatively paved, which is nice.
It's also windy, steep, hot and full of metal stairs.
But the views at the top are incredible and were totally worth it!  
After Diamondhead we headed to what turned out to be my favorite beach. (well besides Miss Judy's secret beach but that's another story.)
I present to you Hanauma Bay in all of it's beauty.
You can guarantee this one is being framed in our house.
We snorkled, we beached and we soaked up the beautifulness.
And to cap off an amazing day, we went to dinner at Dane and Kait's favorite Thai restaurant.
Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.
We are still drooling over the Pad Thai and drunken noodles.
And I don't hate BYOB either.
Happy bellies and happy hearts.


Aloha! Hawaii Part 3

Oct 23, 2014

Back with more aloha for you!

Long before we got to Hawaii I asked Kait if we could go to the Makapu'u Tide Pools because I had seen her amazing pictures and really wanted to experience it.  Getting to the tide pools required a bit of a hike (totally fine) and then scaling down the side of a cliff (not so fine).  No one told me about scaling a mountain to get to the tide pools and it is better that they didn't.  The climb was intense and scary and really awesome all at the same time.  About halfway through I thought 'well this is happening and there is no turning back.'  I am actually pretty proud of myself for doing the climb, it was a doozy.
The photo we told Mister to send to Dateline if we didn't make it. (Kidding Mom, sorta...)

And totally worth it!  The tide pools were absolutely beautiful and worth the trek.  A true hidden gem.  

And what goes down, must climb back up...
Just a bit daunting...
But also one of my favorite parts of our trip.

When we weren't out scaling mountains, we spent a lot of time with Miss New Judy.
She is such a sweet, sweet girl.
And loves a good golf cart ride...
Stole this one from Kait

And when Judy needed a break from us, we would happy hour at cool a bar full of Coast Guard memorabilia or the best and most unusual mai tais you've ever had. 


Aloha! Hawaii Part 2

Oct 22, 2014

It's luau time!
We were lucky enough to attend a traditional Hawaiian luau on Saturday night.
As we were greeted at the door with mai tais and I knew it would be a good night.
The timing of the luau was just perfect with the beautiful sunset over the water.
I could have taken about a million more photos.  I loved taking the same shot just a few minutes apart and watching the sky change.
Dinner was a true Hawaiian feast full of pork, salads, traditional desserts and, of course, pineapple.
That sky! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!

Thanks to the time change we were getting up very early, which made it easy to squeeze in some great work outs.
My favorite being an early morning run along the lagoons/beach near Kait and Dane's house.  My pace for the whole run was terrible because I kept stopping to take pictures.  And I was a okay with that.  The morning was too beautiful to pass up.

I'll take that running scene any day.

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