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Nurse Floyd

Apr 24, 2015

Hello? Herro?
Sorry for the radio silence over here this week.
Between traveling for work and bringing back a nasty bug blogging has taken a back seat this week.
I was feeling so crummy that I took Wednesday off work.  Which I NEVER do so we know it was bad.
However between Mister and Floyd I had the best nurses in town.
Floyd was super helpful throughout the day.
He napped with me.  
Napped on his own.
Napped outside.
Adequate rest is really important in Floyd's get well regime. 

I plan on more of his rest regime this weekend and will be back next week in full force!
A furniture Market recap, reviews and DIY plans!


Weekend Wrap Up : By The Numbers

Apr 20, 2015

We took full advantage of a 100% free weekend and got a LOT done.
Here it is…by the numbers

4000…{approximate} number of abs I did at bootcamp
34...number of naps Floyd tried to take
28…number of cookbooks I organized
21…number of cookbooks I got rid of (I have a cookbook issue)
14…number of carpenter bees Mister killed on our porch
8…number of bags of yard waste we packed up
7…number of naps Floyd took on the driveway
6…number of hours we spent outside working
5…number of flowers I planted
4…number of glasses of wine 
4...number of #lillyfortarget items I got- with some help from some friends (!!!)
3…number of veggies I planted (spinach, peppers, tomatoes)
3…number of episodes of Orphan Black we watched
2…number of doggies in our house over the weekend (dog sitting for the neighbors)
2…number of trips to Lowes and Home Depot we made
1…number of herbs I planted (rosemary)
1…number of dinner with friends
1…number of pairs of white converse I finally purchased

and that wraps up the things I can remember...I know there was more.
Phew!  I am ready for another weekend to recover from our weekend. 

How was yours?


Around the House : Online Finds

Apr 17, 2015

Between my job and the constant want to update our house, I spend a bit of time perusing online looking for new vendors and products that speak to me.
I recently stumbled upon this Popsugar article with a load of fantastic resources for online home goodies. 
A few of the sites mentioned are new to me and I am so glad I stumbled upon them because they are FULL of goodies.  

I dream of spending all the dollars at Zara Home
How cute are these glasses and placemats for summer?

Like I mentioned with the rug, I am on a mission to find new pillows.  
You would think that wouldn't be that hard but the options are endless.
One of the below is obviously my first choice.
Not to mention it is called 'low rider' much better can we get?
But I also love the orange and think it would go well with the new rug. 
Dot and Bo has some really great stuff...dangerously cute. 

One Kings Lane and Dwell Studio can never do wrong in my book.  
You can always find a winner with them. 
I love how this dining table is a mix of modern and rustic.  The lines are so simple yet so interesting how they've rotated the legs.
I can just see bright, patterned chairs surrounding it. 

Didi you know H&M had a Home department?!
Yeah, me neither.  And it chock full of cuteness.
How cute is this basket to throw blankets of movies into?
Alright, now that I've spent all of my monies...time to narrow down to what I really want.

Stay tuned!
Any great websites I should check out?


Around the House

Apr 15, 2015

 With Spring always comes the desire to spruce up our house. 
Actually, who am I kidding?  I'm a designer, that desire is constant!
Regardless, Spring seems to be when we do most of our work.

I mentioned earlier this week our new kitchen accent wall.  I had originally planned on painting the wall behind our oven a great orange color.  But the more I thought about it, I decided to do the window wall in a light, gray blue.
But to appreciate the after, you have to see the before.
After! We LOVE it.
I love how it makes it feel like the wall and sky are all one.  I am all about natural light.
(Ironically these photos were taken at night but you know what I mean ;) )
But now I really want new countertops...
(We used Tinsel Beam by Valspar)

Our next newest addition is a rug in the living room. 
Last week I caught wind that Rugs USA was having a 75% off sale. (PS it is still going on...)
 I had been toying with the idea of a new rug lately and this was just the push I needed. 
I am BEYOND obsessed with it.
It is SO bright and amazing.
But now we need new pillows...darn  
Floyd is also a huge fan and hasn't stopped laying on it.  The moment I unrolled it he promptly laid down on it.

Thirdly, a few weeks ago I put up a new gallery wall in the stairwell.
Sorry Mom, I totally spray painted those candle holders from my grandparents...
I love gallery walls and I really love walls filled with friends, family and travel pictures. 

One of my other most favorite ways to spruce up your house in the Spring is to paint you front door...a super bright color is even better!  It is wasn't a sort of big undertaking, I would change ours every season. 


Weekend Wrap Up : Spring Has Sprung

Apr 13, 2015

We had a very busy and productive weekend!
Lots of celebrating for Floyd's birthday and lots of accomplishments around the house.
And lots of wine and cheese on the favorite part.

Friday I managed to get home a little earlier from work and took Floyd on his usual walk.
I told him we could walk wherever, sniff whatever and be gone for as long as he wanted for his birthday.
He meandered for about 20 minutes and then drug me over to a tree and promptly sat down for a good solid 15 minutes and just sniffed the air.  I think he would have stayed there all day.
I mean, I told him he could do whatever he wanted and he sure took advantage of that.  I love how much he loves to be outside and just take in the smells, it makes my heart happy.
The only downside was that before we left I raked my hand in one of our flower beds to get some weeds out and got stung by something.  So the longer we sat by the tree, the larger my finger/hand swelled.  Floyd did not care about that one bit.  
Floyd's evening was rounded out with nuggets from Chick Fil A and a cake baked by his mama. 
(sneak peek at our new rug...more that later this week!)
He throughly enjoyed both.
He also got a new collar from Harry Barker...he looks very spiffy in it. 

Saturday was full of bootcamp, an Ikea trip and other random errands. 
Ikea is conveniently (and dangerously) close to our house.  Why we decided to go on a Saturday is a mystery to me but it was a good trip nonetheless!
Saturday evening I picked up a Redbox (Birdman...I didn't love it) and some cheese and wine.
When it is nice out we do our best to spend as much time as possible outside.
Wine and cheese on the porch with my boys is one of my most favorite things in life.

Sunday we did lots of house work and crossed a big item off our 2015 list!
I painted an accent wall in our kitchen and we LOVE it...more on that later this week too!
We closed out the evening with more wine and cheese and our first grilled burgers of the season.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy this fabulous weather! 

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