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Aug 22, 2016

Planning for Better Beginnings

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Anyone that knows me knows that by nature, I am a planner.  Heck it's what I do for my day job so you could say it is ingrained in me.
I plan a lot of things from meals to outfits to arrangements and now all things baby.
While it may be early I am already trying to think through and planning feeding our baby when I am not available (ie catching some zzz's, showering, Targeting, etc.).  
Mister is more than willing to help do whatever he can (he's the best) but obviously he can't always feed Little Mister the way I can.   But we are hoping that I am able to pump enough so that he can feed him when I can't.  And you know there is always formula and he can definitely assist with that as well. 

In order for Mister (or anyone else) to properly feed Little Mister we need to have efficient and easy to use bottles that suit his needs the best.
We all know that Target is the go to for everything in life so it is no wonder it is the place for all things baby and baby registry for me.   While thinking ahead/planning/scoping out the bottle section of the baby aisles, I spotted Playtex Baby™ VentAire® bottles.  
 First and foremost it caught my mama's eye that these bottles have an anti colic vent bottom.  This bottom keeps the air at the back of the bottle so that no air is mixing with the milk and adding extra bubbles to Little Mister's belly.  Happy belly = happy baby and happy mama.
If anti colic wasn't enough, the semi upright feeding position of the bottle aides in lessening ear infections as well.  
Because we will be switching back and forth between nursing and bottle feeding,
The Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple mimics the breast and encourages an easy transition between the two. 
 Along with using bottles that help Mister feed our little one with ease, I also need to think through where we will be keeping our bottles and feeding paraphernalia.   So I've been told that when a baby wants to eat, he wants to eat ;)
 I want to make sure that Mister, friends and family to the bottles and accessories quickly and efficiently is a top priority.  While redesigning our kitchen it was in the back of my mind that I needed to keep some open drawer space for baby related things.  Thankfully we have a big ol drawer in the island that is just asking to hold baby bottles.  
 All I have to do is say if you are standing between the stove and the island, simply open the bottom left drawer and snag a bottle.  Then all you need to do is turn to your left, take half a step and you'll be at the sink and able to add water, if necessary.  
 Or turn to your right and take a step and grab milk out of the fridge or freezer.  
Easy peasy! 

Thankfully for all you mamas, mamas to be and friends/family attending upcoming bridal showers, Target is offering a fabulous Cartwheel deal on Playtex bottles now through 9/3.  I use Cartwheel for every single item I can and these are no exception.

 Any tips from fellow mamas on how to make this process go as smooth as possible?

Aug 19, 2016

Bumpdate : 22-24

It's that time again!  
I really love looking at these progression photos.
I don't think I will ever stop being amazed that there's a real life human growing in my body.

(I just realized I am a week behind in this update...sorry!)
Due date : November 25th...Black Friday! 
Baby size :Corn on the cob, Bunch of grapes, Eggplant
Gender : BOY! Target started putting out fall/winter items...heaven help my wallet.
Cravings : Still all of the fruit and recently soup has sounded really good.  Which makes no sense with it being August but oh well!   I've also tempted fate with ice cream and it went semi okay and of course, that always sounds good
Aversions : Nothing lately!
Maternity clothes : For work it is just about all maternity pants/skirts/dresses.  A lot of my non maternity shirts are still okay but comfort always wins out regardless.
Best thing so far : Getting my shower invites in the fun!
Mister finally has felt a few kicks and that has been really special ;)
Looking forward to : Showers and getting the nursery settled
Work outs : Still going at it!  I am at about 4 days a week and trying to incorporate some prenatal yoga for stretching and gaining a little extra room in there. I did have my (most likely) final run recently.  Sadly my stamina is still there but it started to not feel so great on my bones.  A very sad day...
Sleep : Eh its touch and go on this one.  Overall my sleep is still pretty good but there are nights when I wake up for about 30 minutes to well over an hour and then finally doze back off.  I also tend to get SUPER hot in the middle of the night.  That is NOT fun. 
Movement : I just LOVE feeling his kicks though if he would like to move down a little from in my sternum that would be okay. 
Nursery : The crib and glider are in and curtains are being made!  Coming right along!
Mood : So far so good as long as I get the sleep I need and remember to take some rest/down time.

Aug 18, 2016

The #1 Question

Once people find out we are expecting, the first question we immediately get is 
'How is Floyd going to handle this?'
Is it really that obvious had bad we spoil him?!
Don't answer that...

Truth be told, Floyd was one of our very first and most thought out concerns when we were discussing having a child.  

How would he do?
Where would his crate go?
Would he be so mad at us he wouldn't snuggle us anymore?
I think it is pretty clear that it has always been us three musketeers and we have been concerned about upsetting the pack in Floyd's eyes.  

Currently he definitely knows something is up.
He knows his room is different and will randomly go in there and just sit and look or lay around.
'I'll miss you Closet...'

And the biggest change is that he knows his crate (house) has been moved.
We relocated him to our bedroom and after a few rough first days, he is actually doing okay in there.
He has never been a fan of change and we knew that we wanted to initiate this change of moving him sooner rather than later.  

We have done quite a bit of research and read books/articles concerning bringing a baby into a home with a dog and they have offered a lot of great advice.

With that being said, we actually think it will go well! (All of our fingers crossed!)
Whenever we have friends with babies over, Floyd usually gives him one good sniff (and sometimes a lick across the face) and then trots off.  He doesn't seem phased by them or overly concerned about them.  He does not love crying and will tilt his head back and forth.
 And so far, he doesn't seem to mind when I hold a baby.

We are really just hoping and praying (seriously I pray about it every day) that the transition goes well and as smooth as possible.

I think armed with the knowledge we've read and advice from friends, things should go pretty smoothly.  We believe that once Floyd realizes the baby isn't leaving he will become used to the idea and hopefully they will be besties in no time ;)  

Some of the things we are going to do to make this transition easier are:
-send home a baby blanket from the hospital before we come home for him to sniff and snuggle
-make him a part of the coming home process
-continue to work on Floyd staying in his 'place' while nursing and/or tending to the baby
-continue to spoil and love on him as much as we do already :)

We know that there will be a lot going on and a lot of change but we want to make things as smooth as can be for all of us in the pack.  

Any advice for us on making this transition smoother would be greatly appreciated!

Aug 16, 2016

The Last 10 Photos on my Phone

Before we get started, I will 100% admit I am stealing this idea from Kait and Anne.
But it is just too good not to steal.  I mean who does not like to be nosy and see what gems other people have hiding on their phone.  I know I sure do!
Shockingly there is a lot of Floyd on mine.

1.  Graeters recently hosted doggie night out and we took Floyd for some ice cream.  Mister had to hold his ears back so they didn't get all messy.  #highmaintenance 

2.  My college besties and I have a fabulous group chat and every few days we make a call for 'live shots' and everyone has to stop and send a photo of what they are doing right that moment.    I love these and love how it keeps us all connected throughout the day.  In this particular one, I was waiting on a friend for lunch.

3.  These were a very necessary purchase.

4.  Top Golfin it.  A few more weeks and it may be a little harder to swing around that belly.  

5.  Last week we took Floyd on a extra evening walk...he was too hot and tired for words afterwards.  It's a good thing our hallway isn't smaller.

6.  I had one (possibly) final run/walk the other night, more on that later...  
Floyd is always the best welcome home committee.

7.  Recently Floyd has been more protective of me on walks and out in public.  Over the weekend while we were the only ones up, he climbed up in my lap and snuggled with me (and Little Mister).  It was very sweet, he doesn't do that often.

8.  I passed on this print but had sent it to Mister as a contender for Little Mister's room.

9.  We were home over the weekend and that always really exhausts Floyd.  We all passed out for a Sunday afternoon nap though Floyd extended his about 3 hours longer than we did.

10.  My mama whipped up this beautiful banana pudding over the weekend for us to take to Mister's family reunion.  I splurged and it was definitely as good as it looks.

Aug 11, 2016

Pregnancy Reads

With all of the overwhelming advice regarding pregnancy and babies out there, the resources are limitless.  
If Mister and I are anything, it is information gathers.  We like to know all of the possible information and details there are to offer.  This is good and bad for parents to be. 
I will admit I have scaled back my Googling lately (not that it doesn't still happen...) but it's quickly easy to see that there's no way to know or read alllll of the things.
To combat that, I've turned to friends and blogs I love that have read books and articles that have really helped them.

Currently I am pacing about 1 pregnancy book a month paired with a fun book and a book tape in the car.  I am trying to be very conscientious of swapping back and forth between pregnancy and non pregnancy readings. 

Before we were expecting a couple of my best friends suggested I read Bringing up Bebe.  They loved the book and how it explains parenting.  Once we found out we were expecting, I immediately ordered it.  I really, really enjoyed this book.  The author does a fantastic job of explaining how the French parent and the slower, calmer approach they take to parenting.  
The methods and suggestions in this book really resonated with me.  I will most likely re-read/skim this book closer to my due date. 
Mister is also reading Bringing up Bebe and also enjoying it ;)

Baby Catcher was another book suggested to me.  While we are in no ways planning on a home birth, this book was incredibly interesting to read.  I love reading labor stories and this book was full of them.  The book follows Peggy, a midwife, through her career and the deliveries and families she encounters.  It is incredible to me to read over and over again how each and every single birth story is different.  It really hammers home the idea that women birth babies every single day and that it does not have to be a scary experience but a beautiful one.  

I saw Expecting Better on a website of pregnancy books to read and I am glad I did.  The tag line on this book reads 'Conventional pregnancy wisdom is wrong and what you really need to know'.   That spoke to me immediately.  With all the information out there it is hard to decipher what is wrong/right good/bad but this book does a good job of breaking down a lot of information.  It does get a little deep into research and details for me but the overall theories and knowledge are really great.

Happiest Baby on the Block also came highly recommended.  I will say the first few chapters of this book are a bit fear mongering but the underlying information is good.  The book focuses a lot of the 'fourth trimester' and how newborns are trying to adjust to life outside of the womb at all times and how to compensate and deal with those growing pains.  The biggest take away would be the 5 S's holds which I will definitely be going back to for a refresher for when we need some suggestions on getting our little guy to sleep.  

Belly Laughs was loaned to me from a friend and it was a quick, great read.  It was so funny and I often found myself laughing and nodding along with just about everything Jenny was saying.

Anne raved about Waiting for Birdy and she was totally correct.  Even though the story focuses on a family adjusting to life welcoming their second child it was still a great read for moms.  I enjoyed how the author talked about how her parenting approach differed between the first and second child.  
Regardless of how many children she has, it was nice to read a memoir from a mom going through pregnancy.  There are so many funny, strange, amazing things that happen during this time and it is nice to read and reflect that you aren't the only one on the journey. 

Up next on my docket is Operating Instructions and Babywise.
Any other ones I should add to my list??

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