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Mar 28, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up : Besties and Babes

First of all I committed a major wife fail and did not have a post up yesterday for Mister and I's anniversary.  We celebrated with 7 years of marriage, woohooo!  Each year gets better and better but having LM around makes this year even more fun.
We LOVE to do the traditional gifts each year.  This year was copper and wool, I'll do a recap soon of what we got each other!
Love you Mister ;)

I was slightly distracted because we traveled to Indianapolis over the weekend to see some of our best friends.  We had a miracle weekend where (almost) everyone was free and able to get together.
 It was very good for this mamas soul to hug some necks, have girl talk and drink some wine!
It was the first time all of our new babies were able to be together...our days sure have changed but for the better.
It was SO fun to see all the babes together!
It was a constant rotation of baby trading and I loved every second.  We even attempted a bath with the babes but that ended poorly after about 30 seconds when a chain reaction of tears began.
But we tried and have photos to prove it/embarrass them with ;)

I am so proud of our friend group and the MANY years of friendship we've shared and I love seeing everyone conquer each new stage of life and how we support one another.

Mar 23, 2017

Home in the City

I have been a Cincinnati resident for coming up on 8 years now.  That is crazy to me! I still remember the day I packed up and moved from Indianapolis to start my life in an entirely (new to me) city.  
I really did not know what to expect moving to a new place but I quickly learned what an amazing community Cincinnati is.  I was quickly welcomed into this town and that helped the transition so much.  
Cincinnati was one of the first big adventures of my life and after that the adventures just kept coming. 
We got Floyd, we met friends we still have today, we got married, we bought a house and had a baby.
Each of those events always brought us a new love for the city and community we call home.  
We love exploring Cincinnati from one end to the other.  We love to scope out new restaurants, take Floyd and LM for walks on trails and to the park, checking out the zoo at Christmas and I am lucky enough to work downtown and am able to experience the vibrant life down there quite often. 
 Our local church is often incorporated with doing a lot of great projects around our city that we are hoping to become even more involved with this year but the giving back doesn't end there.
We are lucky enough that a service we've used in our house for years also gives back to our city.  Cincinnati Bell has launched their Cincy Gives Home Campaign that gives back to local organizations, I LOVE that.  The organizations they give back to all happen to be close to our heart in some fashion: USO of Central and Southern Ohio, Dragonfly Foundation, CancerFree KIDS, and SPCA Cincinnati, all great ones!
We have used Cincinnati Bell Fioptics for quite a few years and have always been a huge fan of the service.  For one, with speeds up to 1 gbps it helps me get out blog posts in fast manner (and maybe some online shopping thrown in there too...).  I can write a blog post for the next day and be out  around the neighborhood with my family or snuggling up on the sofa catching up on our favorite shows in no time.
Our DVR is constantly full if that tells you anything.  We have quite a few shows we love to watch together, there are just so many good ones!  Fioptics makes it easy to get caught up whenever we have a chance.  We stream a lot of our shows and the streaming HD service is flawless, we never have to wait on buffering or delays.  And if we aren't watching a show there is a good chance we are streaming music and having a dance party with LM.
Check out the great work Cincinnati Bell is doing around our community with Cincy Gives for yourself!  And take a page out of Floyd's book and go explore the city!

Mar 21, 2017

6 Months

How in THE world has LM been in our life for half a year already?!
Where did that time go?!
I think somewhere between one million kisses a day and lots and lots of snuggles.
I know every parent says it but time just goes so quickly, it is hard to grasp it.
This past month has brought us a lot of fun with LM.  We have ventured out a little more and he is becoming so fun and interactive.  He still really, really likes to kick his legs at all moments and still has no interest in rolling over.  Clearly he's always been on his own schedule.  He has been babbling, giggling and LAUGHING more and more.  His laugh is literally the greatest thing I've ever heard.  The same things don't make him laugh every day so it's hard to catch those giggles but when we do it lights up our life.  
 We borrowed an exersaucer from some friends this past weekend and he loves it! You can see the best video ever here.  
 He is becoming more and more interested in toys every day and it's so fun to see what makes him smile and what he loves to shake around.  These rattles are a big favorite, his grasp is great!

We went for his 6 month check up and he is weighing in at 15lbs and 11oz and 25.75" long!
Around 5 months we started purees and so far he seems to like just about everything but peas. 
We recently picked up this chair and he really likes it! It's perfect for testing out more and more foods. 
He's taking 5 6oz bottles a day and sometimes a small bottle before bed. 
Those chubby toes! 

Mar 17, 2017

Fridays with Floyd : Snuggle Buddies

First, Happy 6 MONTHS LM!!!

When tummy time turns into snuggle time...
Then my heart exploded into a million piece of happiness.

Don't worry, both boys were very supervised while catching a quick snooze on their bellies ;)

Mar 16, 2017

Pumping at Work

Now that I've been back at work about a month I feel like I am in a groove with pumping during the work day.
I talked about pumping at home here and here if you need a refresher. Or just contact me at any point in the day because generally I am either pumping, thinking about pumping or trying to eat and drink enough so I can pump later on. 

The long and the short of it is that pumping at work is a lot of work (setting up and repacking) but it is nice to have a break from my desk twice a day.

If I could give any advice about pumping at work it is to make sure you are prepared in every facet.  You essentially need to be a traveling pump gypsy with all of your things.  Think through your day and your pumping process and triple check you have everything you need.

To make sure I was ready and felt prepared, I went ahead and purchased 2 of all of my pumping essentials (besides a pump) to make sure that I always have what I need with me at all times.  The other key item is a bag to hold all of your things.  There are some really adorable pumping bags out there that hold your pump but I am actually just using a  diaper bag we received as a gift.  It's huge, doesn't look like a diaper bag and holds of my things, it's a winner.  
Through some trial and error I have a pretty well oiled machine of pump bag essentials:
Pump (duh)
Sharpie (to date your bags)
Pump parts (bottles with lids, flanges, membranes, tubing)
Ziploc bag to hold parts
Water bottle (I found a Gatorade type water add in I've been using and it's great!)
Lunch box/ice pack
Paper towel (for setting parts on)
Car charger (not needed for work but very handy for pumping in the car and it stays in my bag)
Travel size dish soap
My pumping schedule changes slightly every day but I'm currently on a 4 hour schedule it goes something like this:
6am: Pump and pack up pump
10am: Pump, package milk in storage bags and date
2pm: Pump, combine milk in one bottle and TIGHTLY secure with a lid
6pm: Pump, wash up all of my parts and repackage for the next day, make up bottles
I then proceed to check about 9 times if I have everything.
10pm: Pump

I try to get as much ready the night before as I can because I am pressed for time in the mornings and do not want to have to worry about it.  

I keep my parts in a lunchbox in the fridge and that has a dual purpose.  1- to keep the milk cold, of course and 2- so I don't have to wash my parts each time I pump.  This saves a ton of time and sanity. 

Any questions or items I don't have in my bag that I should??