Total Basset Case

May 27, 2016

8 hours in San Francisco

After our event filled weekend in Sonoma, we knew we wanted to spend some time exploring San Francisco before our flight out.  The good and bad part of our travel plans was that our flight didn't leave until 10:30pm west coast time, which gave us a lot of time to explore.  The bad was that it was 1:30 am our time...
Regardless, we crammed as much into that time as we could!

We lazed around the hotel a bit and then hit the ground running.  Well, after we stopped at Carls Jr for breakfast burritos and hash rounds because #vacationrules.

Our first stop was Armstrong National Forest for a small hike and to see the redwoods.  Guys, they aren't kidding about those trees.  They are SO tall.  It was amazing.  
The forest was so quiet and peaceful.  I am pretty sure we could have stayed in there all day.  But alas, there was exploring to do!

We then drove up the coast to the small town of Jenner and onto Bodega Bay.  
The drive was gorgeous and we loved the HUGE rocks within the ocean and being able to see the coast.

Next stop, Golden Gate Bridge!  We were able to drive over the bridge on the way to Sonoma but this time we took some time to stop and snap one million photos.  There were plenty of good spots of taking pictures and taking in the scenery.
After the bridge we knew we wanted to hit up Fisherman's Wharf.  
I particularly wanted to see the sea lions, duh.  The bassets of the sea if you will.  I could have sat and watched them all day long.  They were SO funny and so similar to basset attitudes.
Fisherman's Wharf was was a little touristy and busy for me but I can see the appeal.

For lunch Mister and I each indulged because #vacationrules.
Mister had this...
Yes that would be a brownie with salted caramel fudge ice cream rolled in heath bar bits.

And I had...
In n Out, DUH.  It's a rule when you see In n Out you HAVE to get it.  

We then hightailed to Ghiradelli Square for a quick look (and smell).

We really wanted to see Lombard Street as well so that was our next stop.  While we didn't have time to drive down it, it was fascinating to see.  
All of the streets in San Francisco seem to crazy (SO steep) but this one definitely takes the cake.  Well that and the ones that took as back to the airport that had us going uphill at 45 degrees.

After that whirlwind, it was time to head to the airport.
There was plenty more we wanted to do and see so we are for sure planning a trip back one day!

And that's how you do a whirlwind trip through San Francisco!

May 25, 2016

A Weekend in Sonoma

We had been looking forward to this past weekend for a VERY long time.  Neither Mister nor I had ever been to Sonoma or anywhere in wine country but had heard nothing but great things from everyone that had.  
Even though I couldn't drink any delicious wine, it was still a beautiful place to visit and we had a fabulous time.
We were there for our best friend Whitney's wedding and had the best time celebrating the beautiful couple.  You may remember we went to Dallas in January for their couples shower and I was in Austin a few weeks ago for her bachelorette.  (Yes, if you do the math I was with child on that trip...)

So I made Mister promise we could go back to Sonoma (and Austin) when I could have wine ;)

We started Friday off with the rehearsal.  The wedding and reception were on top of a hill at a winery.  Talk about breathtaking.  
Kunde Family Winery (rumor is an episode of the Bachelor was filmed inside of that cave.)
 I had no idea Sonoma was so hilly but it is and it really contributes to the beauty of the area.
We spent the remainder of the day visiting and having tastings at other wineries (well, you know, I wasn't doing any tastings...). I loved how unique each winery was and could not get over how many there were!
Friday night was the rehearsal at Dry Creek Kitchen...again a beautiful setting and delicious food to boot.
Saturday was the big day!!
We spent the morning having fun, getting ready and taking it easy before the big event.
Although it was windy and chilly during the ceremony, it could not have been more beautiful and perfect.  
The gorgeous couple.  Whitney looked absolutely stunning! 
 Whitney did the most amazing job planning every single last detail and it showed.  
The whole evening was perfection!

Sunday we took it easy and then headed into San Francisco to do some exploring but that's a post for later this week ;)

May 20, 2016

Bumpdate : Week 12

I can't promise I will do one of these every week but I do love the idea of keeping track of how I am feeling/how the pregnancy is going.
We started taking weekly photos at week 10.
I was just reviewing them and am amazed at the difference in just weeks 10, 11 and 12.
Warning these aren't the best photos but they do the job.  I'm hoping to remember to wear a white shirt each week to show the progression. 

Due date : November 25th 
Baby size : Apricot.  Or a small macaroon, take your pick
Gender : Not yet! 
Cravings : Still a Blizzard and Jets Pizza.  And some red wine
Aversions : Sadly coffee has not sounded good for a while but it is getting a little better.  Other aversions come and go.  There are nights I plan dinner and then go to cook it and have NO desire to eat that meal.
Maternity clothes : Not yet!
Best thing so far : Finding out with Mister and sharing the news with friends and family.  We've had some really fun reactions.
Looking forward to : Finding out the gender!
Work outs : Keeping up as much as I can 4-5/week
Sleep : So far, so good sans getting up to go to the bathroom frequently. 
Movement : Not yet!
Nursery : I am dying to start designing the nursery!  Not much will happen in there until after we find out the gender.
Mood : Again, so far so good! I've had a few food related meltdowns but I'll save those for another day ;)


May 18, 2016

Baby Time : Details

We can not thank everyone enough for their support, love and multitude of congratulations of our news on Monday.  We received the sweetest messages, texts, emails and general love all around!

I have been getting a few of the same questions so I thought I would wrap those up in one post for everyone.

Are we finding out gender? : YES.  Have you met me?  Planning is my middle name
What does Floyd think? :  Well, right now he's fine but it will certainly be a transition for him BUT we are SO excited to see him be a big brother.  
Which room will be the baby's room? : We haven't quite told Floyd yet but his room will be.  He does know we've been spending more time in there so I think he's getting suspicious.
Or ticked off...
Have you done any shopping yet? : DUH.  I can't help myself.  Granted a lot of it is gray and white, but there were some tiny items that just NEEDED to be purchased.  
How do you feel? : Thankfully so far so good! There have been moments that weren't great but nothing that wasn't tolerable.  I am, however, sleepy.  Mister can attest to that one.
Are you still running? : Yes! As much as I can! I was able to go to the gym all throughout the first trimester and plan to keep that up as much as possible.  I try to run as often as I can (this weather isn't helping) and although its slower, I am still enjoying it.
Any cravings? : Nothing too crazy but I do want a Blizzard but that's really nothing new.  I always want one of those.  I am really craving Jets Pizza.  That is hopefully in my future soon.  

May 16, 2016

Floyd's New Role {An Announcement}

Floyd has some exciting news to share with you today...
he's getting a new best friend...

Eeeee! We are so excited to announcement we are growing our family.
 As I said, Floyd is thrilled, as you can tell by his face.
or not quite sure what is about to happen to his world...take your pick.
As for a few details, we are due the end of November...Black Friday specifically (when will I do my shopping?!)
So far (knock on wood) everything has gone well and I've felt pretty good most days.
We are very excited and loving this new time of life.
I will be back later this week with more details or if you have questions send them my way!
I promise this won't turn into a baby blog BUT it is the focus of life right now so there will be some baby posts coming up :)

*Special shout out to Hannah for taking these pictures for us!
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