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Weekend Wrap Up : Solid

Aug 31, 2015

This weekend was one of those that was just great.  
Lots of time spent with my Mister, Floyd and friends, house projects, adventures downtown, marking off restaurants on our 'to eat' list, church and new friends!
Here it is in picture form.

The neighbors stopped by and gave me THE most adorable gift.
I mean, just get out of town.

They've known that I've had it on my yearly list to get Total Basset Case business cards for years but could never pull the trigger on what I wanted.  These are ABSOLUTELY perfect and I could not be happier.  Cannot wait to hand these bad boys out. 
Friday also included some DIY around these parts.  
We recently got a new (to us) dining table that I've been itching to paint or stain.
We ended up finding the perfect stain color and got to painting.  
I will have a full reveal/DIY soon but I am so obsessed with the color I couldn't wait to share!

Saturday was all things bootcamp and then we took a quick class on how to tile.  We have a few areas in the house we are wanting to retile and we found a local place that does free classes.
For lunch we hit up a Vietnamese place, iPho (clever name, right?) that we've been dying to try.  It did not disappoint.

Saturday night Mister came across Bengals tickets and we headed down to the field.  I've lived in Cincinnati all these years and have never made it to a game.  
It was a lot of fun and downtown Cincinnati has really stepped up it's game lately.  There's a great new park along the riverfront and I am very impressed with how well everything looks!

Sunday we headed to church, errands and some house updates (full reveals soon!).  
We wrapped up the night with our favorite pizza.  It was all we could do not to eat it all.

Happy Monday friends, have a great week!


Floyd Facts

Aug 26, 2015

First off, Floyd is 100% stealing this idea from his buddy, Bella.

I know we share a lot about Floyd but I thought it was high time we got into the nitty gritty of Floyd.
This is deep guys...

-Floyd's eating routine is THE most high maintenance set of rules you've ever seen.  You should see the list I have to send to camp.
In short, he eats 1 cup of food, split into two servings and gets oil on all his meals.  But not the same oil on his breakfast and dinner.   And please don't try to interchange the oils and the meals.  He will refuse to eat.

-95% of the time, the moment we sit down for dinner, he will demand to eat a second dinner.  With.out. fail.

-When is Floyd is ready to go to bed, he goes.
He will straight up put himself to bed at night regardless of what is going on.

-On the same note, please do not try to wake Floyd once he's gone to bed for the night.  He will GROWL and carry on like the sleepiest, grumpiest old man you've ever met.

-If Floyd doesn't want to walk in the afternoons, he just won't.  He will just lay down in a neighbors yard, as long as I will let him.

-Speaking of walks, if we walk with the neighbors, he INSISTS on being in the front.  If not, the laying down happens and he refuses to go any further.  

-Floyd has had a dog bed in our room for at least 5 years and just recently has started sleeping in it.  I moved it approximately 8" closer to our bed and that appears to have been the trick.

-Please do not touch his paws if he is not ready for it.  He will lose his mind on you.
-He's weird.  He will do the strangest things, make the strangest noises and just act kooky on a regular basis.  Sometimes he just sits and stares at us and we have no idea why.

-Floyd will act like he is SO excited to see other dogs but once they get close he changes his mind.  He would much rather spend time with humans.

-Recently he has taken to sitting out by the garden for at least 10 minutes in the mornings when we let him out.  Just sits there and stares.

-He loves to howl.  We often howl in the afternoons and he gets SO excited.  Probably because I praise his signing techniques so much ;)

-Floyd will move pillows around on the sofa for 5 minutes or more to get them in the perfect position.

I am not sure who raised such a high maintenance, particular dog....


Best of Both Worlds

Aug 25, 2015

Oh, hey, look I remembered how to blog.

My apologies for the absence.  Life is a little bananas right now and we had quite a bit going on at our house.  So much so that I canNOT wait to show you but its not quite ready yet.  I will tell you that it has to do with the most used room in our house...

This past weekend we managed to soak up the best of two worlds.  Being in Cincy and sneaking in a quick trip to our hometown. 

Friday night we went to a parking lot party at a new church we've been attending.  
They had a Rhinegeist beer truck and food trucks!
Winner in my book! And everything was free! 

Saturday we headed home to go to Mister's nephews soccer game and see some friends and family.
Floyd only howled once during the game...I considered it a success.  He is inquiring about being a full time mascot.

Floyd also got in some quality time with Grandma.  He did really well until she sent me a photo of her entire kitchen trash dumped all over the ground.  He is on a roll lately.  
It's a good thing she thinks he's so cute.

For dinner my mom and I whipped up a delicious and healthy shrimp scampi and the best stuffed mushrooms. 
 I could have eaten all of these. 

That night we headed to a blues and bbq festival our town puts on down by the river.
(p.s. a small dollop of that wine ended up on my white converse...any tips to get it out??)

Sunday we brunched with Mister's mom and napped our hearts out that afternoon.
Floyd worked on getting his life together... 
Its a work in progress...


Sweet Summer

Aug 17, 2015

We had a really solid summer weekend.
So solid I am still tired so here it is in photos.

Saturday we headed to The City Flea to see our Lacelet besties selling their hearts out
and enjoy the beautiful day in downtown Cincinnati. 

We then headed all the way back north to check out the Western Southern tennis tournament that was going on.  They were offering $5 tickets to walk around the grounds and catch a few practice matches.  Such a steal!  
Saturday evening we had dinner with our neighbors and they asked us to bring a dessert.
So I settled on a summery angel food and berry trifle.
Easy enough, right?
Well it is until this happens
until your basset hound steals it off the table and eats the top half of it.
I caught him and he was straight up wagging his tail WHILE I was reprimanding him!
Brat! I tell you he is not an angel all the time.  And especially when he steals ANGEL food cake.  
I think someone needs to go spend some time at Grandmas house...


Pizza Night

Aug 13, 2015

We LOVE pizza around these parts but with my silly sugar allergy (an update on that coming soon) we don't get to have it as much as we would like.
Enter the gluten free crust that saved our pizza craving last night.

Mister was wanting 'za for dinner and I remembered I had gluten free flour + active yeast and we were in business.  Combined with the abundance of tomatoes and basil we have growing, I almost couldn't get it in the oven fast enough!

We had quite a few leftovers in the fridge so we decided to do a his and hers pizza using all of them up.
Mister chose leftover pulled pork and pineapple.
I went with grilled sausage, fresh tomatoes and basil and pesto.
Both were equally delicious!

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