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Two in a row

Jul 28, 2015

Guys.  We've been home two weekends in a row.
During the summer.
This is mind blowing.  
And we have more coming up.  I almost cannot wrap my mind around it.

I say all that to say, please excuse my blog absence.  We've been doing life, enjoying the weather, the pool and Sunday afternoon nap time.  And the grocery store before 7pm...a real blessing.

The past two weekends have looked pretty similar to one another.
Friday night head to the store to pick up pool snacks.
Along with that, last Friday Floyd and I went for a walk around the lake.
He was in HEAVEN. So many new smells and he even sort of chased a rabbit.  It was epic.

Saturday begins with running to bootcamp, dying at bootcamp and waddling home from bootcamp.
Then its sangria and pool time. All. Day. Long.
Mister has mastered an amazing sangria recipe (hint : ginger ale is key).
Then dinner out with friends.
Last week it was Pontiac (omg the mac and cheese!) and this past weekend was Delicio (avocado on pizza, yes).

Sunday is full of church, errands and rest.  A pretty great day according to me! 


July Book Reviews

Jul 22, 2015

I've made it a goal to read more and listen to more books on cd this year.
So far so good.
And if I could stay awake a little longer at night, I would get through said books a bit faster.

Mister and I have taken up listening to book tapes on our road trips.  I love this tradition we've started and that we can share a book we both enjoy together.  And Mister enjoys that I don't talk his ear off for 6 hours straight ;)  If we aren't listening to a book we are definitely catching up on latest episode of Undisclosed.  

According to Goodreads, here is what I/we've read lately.
I will worn you, there were some flops.

Faithful Place :  I've read quite a few of the other books in the Dublin Murder Squad series and have quite enjoyed them.  This one not so much.  It was slow moving and I felt like it drug out more than it needed to.  The other books in the series I've read seemed to move a lot faster and have more suspense.  This one could have ended about 50 pages before it did. 
I gave this a 3/5.

Night Circus : This was a winner in my book.  Very different from what I normally read but I really enjoyed it.  
As the title says, the book is about a circus that comes mysteriously into town at night and comes to life; vibrant and over the top.  They stay in a city for a few days then pack up and move on to the next stop.  Throughout the years there is a competition going on between two of the magicians (they do not know who each other) to create the most magical of experiences.  Love begins to get in the way of this magic and relationships blossom. I give this a 4/5.
The Chaperone : This was a very easy, quick and enjoyable read.  The Chaperone would definitely be a good beach read.  
Set in the 1920s, Cora (The Chaperone) is given the responsibility of traveling from the midwest with up and coming star Louise to New York as she begins her dancing career.  While Louise is in class, Cora has the opportunity to learn more about her childhood of growing up in an orphanage in New York.  Eventually Louise's carefree and lively attitude begin to rub off on Cora and her demeanor towards life begins to change.  The second portion of the book details how the New York trip liberated and changed Cora's life.  I give this one a 4/5.

Bad Monkey :  This was a book on cd for Mister and I and I believe he will say differently but I did not really enjoy it.  The description on the back was very intriguing.  The actual story started off okay but I just felt like it dragged on and on and on.  I skimmed the last three cds if that tells you anything.
I give this one a 2.5/5.

Currently I am listening to A Spool of Blue Thread (just started) and reading You Should Have Known (enjoying it so far).  Any good recommendations? 


What we're loving

Jul 17, 2015

Floyd and I have been keeping a running list of things we have been loving lately

In no particular order...
Sunshine - it has been raining non stop and the last few days have finally been sunny and Floyd can resume his porch layin' and mama her running.

Pineapple - neither of us can get enough
Grillin' - we are both huge fans of anything that comes off the grill.  Floyd likes to clean up the grill after we cook.  I do not.

Groupon Coupons - This may be more me than Floyd but I am guessing he can benefit. 
I am pretty sure I saw him with his chunky paws clicking on a coupon for Vitacost trying to snag some doggie vitamins and bones. 
Did you know Groupon Coupons are a great save to save with Groupon while being 100% free to use?  They are singing my language! We all know I love a good coupon.  And with over 9,000 stores I am pretty sure I can find a few that I can use.
They had me at Target. And Nordstrom.
Cooking - We both enjoy a good evening in the kitchen.
Floyd for a different reason than I.
His opportunity to catch flying food is priority #1.
La Croix - I can't get enough.  Casey introduced me to the coconut flavor and it tastes just like a pina colada without the calories!

Popcorn - weekend nights are always full of popcorn at our house.
If you want to see Floyd drool, just mention the word popcorn and the floodgates open.

Bully sticks - this is all Floyd.  He goes bananas for a good bully stick.  
He wanted me to say thanks to for helping him discover his most favorite bully stick ever.  They occupy him for a good solid hour.  That is hard to do with him since he usually just gives up and goes to sleep.   So I guess its a favorite for me too.

Weekends - we love a good weekend with no plans 'round these parts.  
We hope you guys enjoy yours! 


Besties + Wineries = Heaven

Jul 14, 2015

This past weekend we traveled to Southern Illinois to spend the weekend with college besties.
It does my soul a lot of good to be surround by my favorites.

We had the most fabulous time and were able to see beautiful Illinois wine country.
I had no idea there were so many pretty pockets of wine country in the south end of Illinois/Missouri.
On Saturday we rented a party bus, loaded up and checked them out!
We hit a handful (plus a few fingers) of wineries and breweries across the state.  All while enjoying the most beautiful day filled in with bus dance parties.  

 This brewery was in the middle of absolutely no where and the literally make everything from 'scratch' and things they've foraged.  How cool is that?!
And that concludes another weekend of adventures! 


Airing Our Dirty Laundry

Jul 10, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TotalBleachControl #CollectiveBias

I'll just put this out there.
We are sort of a messy family.
Between Floyd, gym clothes, lots of cooking/baking and makeup our towels get dirty.  
For the longest time, I shied away from purchasing, much less using white towels.  
I have always had the impression that if a white towel gets dirty it is done for, there is no going back.  
Well, my opinion on that has greatly changed and I say embrace the white towels!
Use them all! Even you husband and Floyd!
Get them dirty!

Why the change of heart?
Well, I was perusing through Walmart the other day and came across new Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Bleach Packs™.
My mom has always sworn by Clorox® Bleach and now I know why.
Why don't we just listen to our moms the first time around?  

I recently rounded up all of our white towels, white shirts and anything that was white and needed washing in our house and tossed it in the washer.  

If we are being totally honest here, the main culprit in our house is the hand towel in my bathroom.  I manage to do a good job of getting it filthy with makeup residue.  So it is always the first thing in the washer.
Next in the washer it is necessary to toss Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ and call it a day!
One reason I have often strayed away from liquid bleach is because I know, inevitably, I will spill it on myself.  The Clorox® Bleach Crystals™ did not give me that fear and the Clorox® Bleach Packs™ can be just tossed in the washer.  How easy is that? So much easier to use, without the mess!

Even when I was transferring everything to the dryer I could tell the towels were whiter. Success!
One dryer cycle later and out came beautifully white and fluffy towels.  
and remember my sad makeup towel?
Bright as a white, fluffy cloud in the sky!
I am not sure how I've lived without Clorox® Bleach Crystals™  this long but I am so glad they are the newest addition to my laundry room.  All while having the confidence that the Clorox® Bleach Crystals™  are the same great Clorox® Bleach power that my mom has always trusted.

The one thing better than fresh towels out of the dryer is a big ol’ pile of fresh white towels.

No laundry day would be complete without my trusty assistant.
So helpful...

To learn more about these great new products check Clorox out on Twitter and Facebook!

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