Berry vs. Berry

Apr 24, 2014

This story was sponsored by Yoplait, but the best yogurt was determined by me.

My colleagues at work can attest to my love obsession of Greek yogurt topped with the best homemade granola ever.
Every. single. day.
10am on the dot, I whip up a bowl.
And sometimes at night too with agave and fresh fruit.
To say the least, I've tried a LOT of Greek yogurt in my day and there have been misses and hits.

So when given the chance to do a taste test between Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry and Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry you can say I was just a little excited.
And to make things 100% fair, Mister switched up the cups while I was blind folded.
But before I dug in, I removed the lids and mixed them up.
The Chobani did not have much fruit to mix up and the Yoplait had a lot more fruit to mix in. 

And now for the taste test.
Excuse the blurriness - these are legit action shots.
And also I started laughing because Mister was taking a million shots in a row and I knew I was looking ridiculous.
Just be thankful you don't have to see the outtakes.
(and these shots make me want to repaint that wall...)

And my favorite was....drumroll....
Which, in truth, really surprised me.  I am usually a Chobani girl and often get the big boxes of them from Costco.  But, to me, the Chobani Simply 100 was very artificial tasting and had a strange texture.
The Yoplait also had a bit of an artificial taste but not nearly as much as the Chobani and it was much fruiter and sweeter.
But with both, you can't beat 100 calories or the amount of protein that Greek yogurt packs!
And! Yoplait comes in 12 flavors, you can taste a new one every day!

So now it's your turn!
Have you tried either of these?
Do you have a preference?

And next time you eat yogurt, don't forget to top it with the best granola EVER.


Recipe : Poppyseed Tortellini Pasta Salad

Apr 23, 2014

Are you ready for the easiest, yummiest, quickest pasta salad recipe that will be a hit at every single one of your cook outs this summer?

Well look no further.
I can't believe I haven't shared this recipe with you yet!
My mom and I whipped it up for Easter brunch with Mister's family and, once again, it was a hit!

Ingredients :
(we made a double batch, ingredients listed are for a single)
-1 package frozen tortellini
-1 can mandarin oranges, drained and chopped in half
-1 cup grapes, chopped in half
-1 bottle poppyseed dressing
1. Boil pasta until tender and drain
2. Transfer pasta to larger bowl to mix
3. Combine oranges, grapes, pasta and poppyseed dressing and mix until well coated
4.  Cover and let rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours
(salad may need re-tossed before serving after sitting in the fridge)
See, could not be easier! 


The Younique giveaway winner is : Anne!

And one more thing, I am participating in a great J.Crew gift card giveaway over at Because of Jackie!
Please tell me you are reading her blog, it is all sorts of fabulousness.  A great mix of adorable fashion and honest truths.  


Memory Lane Date Night

Apr 22, 2014

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Tony’s Pizza, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #tonyspizzeria

Remember Friday or weekend nights when you were younger and it was automatically deemed pizza and movie night?
Or you just KNEW the menu at school on Fridays would say Tony's Pizza and that was not a day to bring your lunch?
I sure do and when it wasn't on the menu at school, I knew it would be at home.

Fast forward a few years and Mister and I are always on the hunt for inexpensive, fun, delicious, entertaining date night ideas and meals.  
Pizza is always a favorite and no brainer to us. 
And so is watching our old, favorite movies.
Because, honestly, what's better than pizza and movies on your own sofa?

And coming off the Easter holiday weekend last night, Tony's Pizza and some of our favorite movies were just the ticket for an easy, no fuss evening. 
(Why are holiday weekends so exhausting?)

And let's not forget Floyd is a very important part of our date night considerations.
It takes him approximately 3 days to recover from a weekend so he's a fan of us staying close to home, curled up on the sofa with yummy food he may get a bite of. 
And with such a fun, childhood memory filled evening planned, who are we to say no to the basset hound?

I swung by Walmart, used a handy coupon and picked up a couple Tony's Pizzas for dinner.
(Grab your coupon here and save $.75 on any two Tony's multi serve pizzas, in the freezer aisle, while supplies last.)
We picked out movies to watch and our date night was on the fast track to fabulousness. 
Not a bad way to spend a Monday if you ask me. 
Bring it on, Tuesday, we are ready for you! 
What is your favorite date night idea?

To learn more about Tony's Pizza check them out on Twitter and Facebook


Hippity Hoppity

Apr 21, 2014

We've had a whirlwind of a week around the house.
So this is going to a short and Easter bunny sweet wrap up.

Our weekend started on Thursday with Bethany's going away dinner.
It was a bittersweet event but you can really never go wrong with Mexican so that made up for it.

Friday we headed to our home town for Easter festivities.  
I started Momastery's 'Carry On, Warrior' on the way home and finished it the next afternoon.
I'll have a full review up soon but just know that I loved it and can't stop thinking about it. 
Saturday my mom and I know how to do lunch and it's called froyo with as many toppings as your cup will hold.
(lemon dress is recent from Old Navy)

Sunday was full of Easter church services, lunch, egg hunts and tormenting our Easter basset.

*remember the Younique giveaway is still going on!


Oh La La {Younique Makeup Giveaway}

Apr 17, 2014

Mascara is probably my favorite part of my make up routine.
I love building up big, full, voluminous lashes.

As we all seem to be, I am always on a hunt for the perfect mascara.
I had recently resorted to layering 2-3 mascaras to achieve the look I wanted from multiple mascaras.
It was really becoming quite the process.

Well ladies, I have a solution for this issue, look no further.
My friend Tatiana just recently introduced me 3D fiber lashes from Younique.
This mascara is a SHOWSTOPPER.
It literally makes you look like you have false eyelashes on.
And who doesn't want that?
The mascara is made up of two different components (gel and fiber) and three, easy steps for application : gel, fiber, gel.
And repeat if you desire.  
The more you build, the more dramatic the look.
1 coat is great for work
2 for a night out
and 3 for a really special evening or party 
(in my opinion)

I will tell you the fiber step was a little strange to me at first.
The gel looks like a normal mascara and then the fibers are literally fibers on a tube (not a wet product).
So in expanded terms, the gel creates a base for the fibers, the fibers attached to the gel and build up the volume and then repeating the gel secures the fibers to your lashes.
It works best if you work with both tubes open in your hands so you can move quickly.
It is also advised that you complete one eye before you move to the next one.

And because seeing is believing, here are some pictures of moi without mascara and with.
Please be warned of two things, 1. it's really hard to take photos of mascara and look natural and 2. I hadn't had my coffee yet when I took these so my eyes aren't fully awake.
1. No mascara
2. One eye with, one without
3. One coat on both eyes
4. Two coats on both eyes
See! Fake lashes!

AND if seeing isn't believing for you, how about trying it out for yourself!
Tatiana has graciously offered to giveaway one set of 3D Fiber lashes mascara to one lucky Total Basset Case reader.
You know the drill, rafflecopter below.

(Giveaway runs through next Wednesday, winner announced next Thursday)

Contact Tatiana if you have any questions! You can also host a virtual Younique party with Tatiana via Facebook!

You can guarantee this mascara is going to look great with whatever dress I pick for our upcoming big event.

So are you sold?

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