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May 19, 2017

8 Months

I'm not sure who let our little boy go and grow up to 8 months old but someone sure did!
I will sort of let it slide because we can see him change and grow and become his own little man every day.

I'm going to stop apologizing for not blogging as much and just chalk it up to this season of life.  I'm hoping I can squeeze more into sometime soon.  
In the mean's what's going on with LM.
Currently he loves eating purees, we've moved on to blends and he really enjoys them.  Ever seen a baby bird eat?  It looks a lot like that.  He loves pear/pineapple, berry blends and carrots/peas/spinach. 
He loves to be on the move, whether in the car or stroller, any sort of motion knocks him right out.  We've taken a few runs in the jogging stroller and I love being able to take him with me and get a little extra workout in (holy arm workout).
He's definitely been noticing Floyd more often, he smiles at him and follows him around the room.  He LIGHTS up when Papa comes in the room and has been a smiling fool lately. 
 I will definitely have a post about this but 7/8 months also marks introducing formula and the end of Mama pumping...knock on wood, he hasn't skipped a beat and I'm a little more sane.  Fingers crossed all continues to go well!
 On his 8 month birthday he decided it was time to sit unassisted for a little bit and now when on his belly he gets those frog legs going and scooting backwards!  He is on the move!

We know he's approximately 17 1/2lbs because we had our first trip to Urgent Care the day before Mother's Day.  All is fine but we were on a walk and I was wearing him in the Baby Bjorn, tripped on the sidewalk and we took a tumble.  Thankfully he cried immediately and I took the brunt of the fall but it scared us all (#momguilt to the max).  But also made us incredibly thankful once again for the amazing medical services we have here. 
(these photo shoots are getting more difficult...)
There aren't too many things he doesn't like right now.  He hates most nights between 9-9:30, to have his nose wiped and being hot (we've been rocking shorts for a while) but otherwise he's a sweet boy!

May 3, 2017

Currently : May

Yay May!
Bring on the warm temperatures and flowers!
(sun's out, chunky thighs out)

Here's what's going on in our neck of the woods...
(linking up with Anne and Nancy)

Baking: I need your ideas! We are hosting an early Mother's Day this weekend and I need an easy, yummy treat! My mom and I made this over Easter and it was quite yummy.

Listening: I flew through S-Town and Missing Richard Simmors, just finished up Up and Vanished and in the car I just started Grace Not Perfection (which I am LOVING). Though I keep wanting to highlight things the author says so I may need to pick up a hard copy soon.

Loving: I have a full review post coming about this but we used Shipt for the first time this past weekend and I am in LOVE.  The short story is someone does your grocery shopping and then brings your groceries to your house...yes please.

Planting: Surprisingly we've only been to the nursery once this Spring but I can only assume there are many more trips in our future.  I can't wait to go and make our yearly choices of what to plant.  For me, the more color the better!
I'm hoping to start back up my vegetable garden this summer too!

Remembering:  With each week and month that passes I always think back to where LM was the month previously and can't believe how much he's growing and learning!

Apr 27, 2017

7 Months

Another month with our love has come and gone!
How is this chunky monkey 7 months?!
I swear he gets more fun and interactive each and every day.
He loves trying to imitate our sounds and the ones he hears at the sitters, LOVES jumping in his jumper and sticking anything he can find in his mouth.
We've tried pretty much all the purees, had some mashed banana and pear and I made him some sweet potatoes he also gobbled up.  We've tried puffs a few times and has nibbled on some mum mums as well.  Next up on the trial list is frozen peach in his pulp feeder and avocado!
He is still a huge, huge fan of kicking his legs.
6 months old brought rolling over and turning 7 months old brought rolling over in his bed at night.
LM is weighing in at a swift 17lbs and 1oz as of earlier this week!  He is in 6 months clothes and his summer wardrobe is stinkin cute.  I just can't even handle baby shorts. 
He does NOT like to sleep for more than 30 minutes during the day or his evening cat naps.  You can set a watch to his cat naps, they are that on the dot.
He also is not a fan of ending up on his belly and wanting to be back on his back.
He's been drooling consistently for about 3 months now but we have yet to see any teeth come through.  They sure do seem to bother him sometimes though so we are pretty sure he is working on some. 

He has the best laugh and gummy smile :)
I finally caught a smile on camera!

Apr 25, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up : Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Now that we have LM it seems are weekends go SO quickly but also nice, slow and drawn out all at the same time...that's the part I love, soaking up all the snuggles and smiles.

Friday we did pretty much nothing except give LM a bath and laugh hysterically at him kicking his legs in the water so ferociously.  He LOVES to kick his legs and now that he's figured out how to do it in the tub it's a game changer.  
Wild and crazy Friday night ;)

Saturday LM practiced his new skill of rolling over some time in the middle of the night and we woke up to him SNOOOOZIN away on his belly happy as a clam.

We then hit up bootcamp and mama got a well deserved pedicure.   We then spent the rest of the day running errands as a family (which we love doing now that it's nice out and no longer flu season!)
One of our errands included a stock up trip at Trader Joes which turned into 'what delicious things can we find for dinner?'  We found all the yummy things including curry chicken tenders, roasted veggies and our favorite rice from there.
I did the bi annual switch out of my closet and put away my winter clothes and got out the summer fun ones.  Which led to me realize I need some new spring and summer clothes...anyone have any recent favorites?  Last year I clearly spent my summer in maternity clothes and did not purchase a thing...mama needs some new clothes! 

Sunday started nice and slow and with cleaning all the things.
Then we headed to LM's very first Reds game!
 It was a tad chilly but we had a GREAT time and he did SO well!
He even got a certificate for it being his first game.
 Have a great week, friends!

Apr 17, 2017

Hoppy Easter!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter, we sure did!
It was sunshiny and great weather for most of the day and so we tried to spend lots of time outside.  LM even got to feel the grass on his toes for the first time!
Holidays with kids are just so fun!
The Easter Bunny may or may not have ordered LM's Easter basket back in February and started filling it shortly after.   He got lots of these books, this adorable Peek A Boo-laphant, swim hat and swim diaper and some teething goodies!

We spent our weekend catching up with family and watching LM perform his new trick of rolling over!!
He really propels himself over and then is so proud of himself and just looks around.  And sometimes he just lays his head down and goes to sleep...whatever works for you buddy.
The bow tie just really gets me.
Also have you ever tried to iron an oxford onesie?  It's not for the faint of heart.
 My cute boys in pink!
Happy Easter everyone!
And happy Earth Week-go recycle something!