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Jun 30, 2016

Working with the Wardrobe

I knew eventually getting dressed with a bump would become difficult so I've had my eye out for cute, stylish items that I could make work.

I have eyed Tobi's clothes for awhile now but didn't think that they would work for me at this time in life.
Boy was I wrong! 
Turns out they have many, adorable options for before, during and after pregnancy and non pregnancy wear! 

One of my favorites is this dress and its dual purpose.  So far I have been loving it as an easy, breezy pool coverup but it works as a casual weekend dress as well!  If I can run from Target to the pool in the same outfit I am a happy camper.
While weekends are the easiest, getting dressed for work is a little trickier.  This blouse fits the bill! It is dressy, pretty and has lots of room for growing!
True story my jeans are being held together with a rubber band in these photos. #makinitwork

This adorable dress is great for a date night out with Mister.  I have had a love affair with navy lately and was immediately drawn to this dress.  It looks adorable with a bright necklace and wedges and you are ready to hit the town!

And if those weren't enough cute items Tobi also has unique tops in all shapes and sizes, sandals that are perfect for summer and maxi skirts with a little bit of edge, perfect for a fun summer wedding.  For work these blazers are great (LOVE the bright pink), wrap dresses with a little extra room and who doesn't always need new sunglasses?
And don't forget, new customers get 50% their first order! Hop to it!

Jun 28, 2016

Basset Brigade takes Asheville

When Casey and Eric were (surprise!) visiting me last December we were already talking about the next time we would get together. 
We finally settled on Asheville at the end of June.
After months of waiting the weekend was finally upon us!
We were extra excited because Casey and Eric informed us that Ashville is EXTREMELY dog friendly so Floyd and Pierre were along for the ride as well.
We rented an adorable little house and had the most fabulous, fun filled and relaxing weekend.

We spent the weekend exploring, walking all over, eating, drinking (not for me) and touring around Asheville.
Thursday we headed to dinner at Wicked Weed (yum!) and wondering around downtown Asheville.

Friday we spent the morning lounging around.  Casey and I did what we do best, sit on the sofa, drink coffee and snuggle bassets.  We then headed up to the highest point on the Eastern coast, Mt. Mitchell.
Mister and I realized we've seen mountains on the West and East coast all within the last month.

That afternoon we grabbed the pups and headed to lunch at 12 Bones.  
Floyd's bbq order wasn't filled so he was pouting...
 After lunch we walked around downtown Asheville wandering in and out of shops.  I was so excited to know that the pups were allowed just about everywhere.
Floyd was not quite so thrilled with all the shopping.  But the cool air conditioning inside was a big hit for him.

All weekend we kept hearing, 'there are 2 of them! Awwwww!'  
If Floyd and Pierre were petted once this weekend, they were petted a million times.  And they didn't hate it.  Of course I didn't manage to get a photo of them together but I promise they are besties.

Saturday we spent a large part of the day at the Biltmore Estate.  I had visited Biltmore many moons ago and I was so excited to go back and experience it again.  That place will never cease to amaze me.

For dinner we headed to White Duck Taco (still dreaming about those tacos) and took the dogs again.  They were so welled behaved (sans the slobber Floyd slung...) and stopped by quite a few basset lovers.

We had been wanting to visit Asheville for a long time and I am so glad that we were finally able to.  We had the best time with Casey and Eric and being able to have the dogs explore around with us was a real added bonus. 

Jun 23, 2016

The Faces...

...of Floyd

I never would have thought that when we brought Floyd home that he could possibly have so many facial expressions.  

If you've been around us for more than 5 seconds you know that we have entire conversations based on what we think Floyd is saying and thinking.  
Most of these conversations come based on the MANY facial expressions he makes.
It may be hard to believe that I swear he has as many facial expressions as a human.

They amaze me every day.
 Mostly I think he is saying, 'really mom,  more photos?!'
and this is just straight up SASS
but the cute always wins me over
He knows how to work those hound dog eyes, no matter what he is trying to say with them.

Jun 20, 2016

Grandma's = Treats

Floyd is well aware that when he goes to his Grandmas's house that he's going to get spoiled.  
If you thought he was spoiled at our house, you should see the special relationship him and Grandma have.  They are best buds.

One of Floyd's favorite things about Grandma's house (especially in the summer when he gets to vacation there when mama and papa are out of town) is that she feeds him lots and lots of Pup-Peronis
He can look at her and she gives him a Pup-Peroni.
He can look at her again 3 seconds later and she gives him a Pup-Peroni. 
You could say he has the system mastered.  

I think it's a combination of these faces, he knows how to work those hound dog eyes.
So when a magical box of Pup-Peroni swag showed up on our doorstep, Floyd requested it was immediately taken to Grandma's house so that her supply would be fully stocked for his next weekend trip.
The other thing Floyd really loves about summertime and Grandma's house is that she lives on a golf course! ALL the sniffing possibilities you could EVER imagine for this hound dog. 
We are convinced he could sniff for hours out there.
As soon as we walk in the door and he gets his first round of treats, he INSISTS on bee lining it to the course.
 'I will sit for one photo and then we are going to the golf course!!'
'This is NOT going to the golf course.  You can see that it is over there and we are here...'
'I am really over this. You promised the golf course THEN I get the treats.'

Floyd knows that as soon as he comes back in from sniffin, he gets treats from Grandma.  It's really a win win for him all around. 

And lucky for all of Floyd's friends, Pup-Peroni is offering you guys to take the Beef Up Your Summer quiz to tell Pup-Peroni about activities you & your best dog enjoy doing together during the summer.  Those who complete the quiz will be entered to win a curated box filled with up to $300 worth of toys & treats, including a one-year supply of Pup-Peroni dog treats, to help the owner & dog Beef Up Summer together.  How awesome is that?!

Jun 16, 2016

First Trimester Essentials

Now that I am a few weeks into my second trimester it's time to look back at what was essential to surviving my first trimester.
I am very, very thankful that throughout the first trimester I was never terribly sick.
There were definitely mornings that I didn't feel great but nothing that wasn't tolerable.
Now the sleepiness was not something I could overcome.  And while I wasn't in bed at 8pm, some nights it wasn't too far after that.  I took a lot of 2 hour naps on the weekends.  They were glorious.  

First Trimester Essentials

1. h2O - I am not the greatest about drinking water.  You may remember it was on my 2016 goal list to drink more water.  Well this pregnancy has definitely helped me work toward that goal.  I will admit, I still probably don't drink nearly as much as I should but I am doing my best to drink a lot every day.  What helps is this fantastic bottle.  You fill the center part with fruit and it flavors the water...genius! Lately my favorite combo is mint and lemon....mmm! 
2.  Mac and Cheese - One of my favorite foods in the entire world is macaroni and cheese.  With my sugar allergy it is not often I get mac and cheese.  But awhile a go I discovered Annie's Rice Pasta Mac and Cheese and while it still has dairy (sugar) in it, I still go for it occasionally.    The rice pasta is much easier on my stomach and I usually try to stick to the individual cups.  There were many meal times (and still are) that this was the only thing that sounded good to me.

3.  THE Pillow : I know, I know enough with the pillow.  It's amazing and a life saver, I'll stick to that.

4.  Ginger Ale :  As I said I was not very sick but there were quite a few mornings where I woke up and needed something bubbly on my stomach.  We always have ginger ale around the house but lately we've been going through it a lot faster.

5.  Bringing Up Bebe : A few friends recommended this book to me even before we were pregnant.  It was the first book I ordered once we found out, many more have been ordered and read since then (reviews coming soon!).  Mister is currently reading it and I will most likely reread it again later on.  The book takes a French, laid back approach to parenting.  The themes/lessons/tips have really resonated with us.

6.  Coconut La Croix : I was a huge fan of this before being pregnant but ever since finding out there has been one permanently attached to my hand.  Thankfully Kroger makes a generic brand that is just as good as well as other flavors.

7.  Rice Chex - Along the lines of #4, there were quite a few mornings I needed a little something on my stomach before I could start my day.  A few handfuls of dry cereal generally did the trick.

8.  8oz Diet Coke - Starting at the beginning of the year I started weaning myself off Diet Coke simply because I knew I should be drinking less.  Soon I was done to one a week.  Once we found out I cut it out completely wanting to limit my caffeine intake, at least during the first trimester.  I know some caffeine even every day is fine but I was erring on the side of caution.  A few weeks in I picked up these adorable mini cans and treated myself to one a week.  Those Saturday afternoons were very glorious.  I have now allowed myself to have more but still am limiting my intake.  Thankfully Chick Fil A has fountain Caffeine Free Diet Coke...!

This list should also include our sofa and bed because I spent a lot of time there napping.
Other mamas, what were your go tos?  

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