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Dec 7, 2016

Currently : December

December is the ultimate month of craziness and a million things going on and by far the most fun for a currently catch up post.  I mean what is more fun than holiday activities?

Doing...lots and LOTS of snuggling Little Mister.  That fills up most of my days but I am also trying to do a lot of house chores and odds and ends tasks now that I am home for a little bit.  But to be honest, snuggling usually wins out. 
Hey bright eyes! 
Yes, those cheeks are as soft and kissable as they look.

Enjoying...this goes along with the above but I am thoroughly enjoying snuggling, smooching on and spending time with Little Mister and Floyd.  I am also enjoying watching Little Mister sit and stare at the Christmas tree lights, warms my heart! 

Cooking...As I write this, I have this in the crock pot and it smells INCREDIBLE.
Over the weekend I whipped up these and splurged on a tiny bite and they are fantastic.  Though now I am scheming up a Christmas version I want to make.  If you can add peppermint to it I am a happy camper. 
I also have these on my radar.  Red velvet is my favorite of all time.  This being at home business may result in a lot of holiday baking treats. 

Wrapping...well I haven't actually wrapped anything yet BUT I do have just about everything purchased and I am dying to start wrapping.  Wrapping gifts is one of my most favorite things ever.  Send me your gifts and I'm happy to wrap them.  
I have a slight wrapping paper obsession.  I am trying to use up what I have before I buy new but I do have my eye on this this and this.  

Playing...ALL the Christmas music ALL day long.  No question about that.

All things holiday and snuggling going on currently around this neck of the woods.  

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Dec 5, 2016

So This is Love

I always put a lot of thought into our Christmas cards and start planning them pretty early on.
Where they're going to be taken, who is taking them, what we are wearing, what Floyd is going to wear, etc.
So when we found out Little Mister was going to (we thought!) be born right in middle of the holiday season, I knew trying to orchestrate Christmas cards would probably be far too difficult.  So I decided it was it would be my plan to send out New Years cards.
I had even picked out an adorable one on Minted that I was going to customize to say 
'New Year, New Baby New Adventure'.
I had it all planned out in my head, and I have to say, it was quite adorable.

Well we all know by now the story and I guess Little Mister was not into the idea of New Years cards and he wanted to be included in this years Christmas cards ;)
Once life settled down a little, it was back to the drawing board on Minted.
This was my first year using Minted and I have to say I was quite impressed.  From their hundreds of options to the ability to customize just about any aspect of the card, I was in heaven (one may even say on the verge of overwhelmed) trying to nail down just one I liked.  I think at one point I had 15-20 in my 'favorites' selection. 
One thing I did know is that I wanted a postcard version this year.
Cheaper postage, no envelopes to deal with and I just think they're cute!
After quite the deliberation and consulting with Mister, we finally decided on this years winner and I have to say I love it!
Now getting the photo was a whole other adventure ;)
Trying to get a newborn to look semi perky and a basset hound to look 1/2 interested is quite the feat.  Thank goodness for tripods and self timers.  

Besides all of the adorable options to choose from, my other favorite feature of Minted is that they address your cards for you! I simply copy and pasted my Christmas card list into their form and they came to my house addressed and just needed a stamp.  This mama really appreciates anything that saves her time! 

And because of Little Mister's timing, I used our cards as a mini announcement as well.  Two birds, one card.
I am happy to say the cards have been sent out and already gracing some mailboxes.  Consider this your virtual card ;)
Happy Holidays!

*I was provided these cards but opinions are all my own

Dec 2, 2016

Fridays with Floyd : Big Brother Role

Lately the second most common question we've been getting (besides how's Little Mister?) is, 'how is Floyd doing?'
And I am happy to report, he's doing well!
It's not secret around here that Floyd has always been #1 top dog (human if you ask him) and we were not sure how he would react once we brought Little Mister home.
In short, he's been great!

Once Little Mister was home we brought home a blanket of his, his hat and when he started wearing clothes in the NICU I would bring his previous days outfit home each evening for Floyd to sniff.  I have no idea if this helped or not but I am thinking maybe it did.
When we came home with Little Mister, I made sure to come in and grab Floyd and we all walked in the house together.  Again, no idea if this helped but I sure think so.

And now that we've been home for a few weeks, he has really fallen into his role of big brother.
I do think he is exceptionally tired because he is not getting his 8+ consecutive hours of sleep during the day but he's adjusting.  And beginning to learn to catch snoozes when he can.
When he's not snoozing, he will follow me in the Little Mister's room and sit right behind me while I change his clothes and diapers.  Or sit at my feet while I feed Little Mister.  Or in my lap while I pump...I would file that one under jealously and taking advantage of a free lap.

There are definitely times when Little Mister cries and Floyd looks at us like 'can you puhhhlease make him stop doing that?'  But overall he tolerates all the new noises very well.  He's only gotten up and gone in another room a time or two.  I think those big ears are coming in handy for blocking out sound.

He walks really well with the stroller and seems to strut a little down the street...'hey guys, did you see? I have a new brother!'

When we come back from doctors appointments and I sit the car seat down, Floyd comes running from his crate and makes sure Little Mister is still in there...and usually gives him a quick lick across the face.  
(I swear I didn't stage this though my heart did burst into a million happy pieces)

Yesterday Little Mister was having a rough reflux-y day and was finally chilling in his bouncer and I walked into the kitchen to make bottles and Floyd hopped down from his nap spot on the back of the sofa and over to the ottoman to stare down and look over Little Mister.  I could be totally making up his intentions in my head but it really seemed like he was watching over him while I was a few steps away and concerned with how upset he had been all day.

And then there are also days when he looks at him like 'oh, I see you are still here...'

Overall he's handling his new role exceptionally!
I think he may even secretly be starting to love him...

Dec 1, 2016

New Baby Favorites

When we were registering, I took great care to really analyze the items we were registering for and consulting other mamas on what items were absolutely necessary.   Our home lacks storage space and I knew I wanted to be very conscious about what we were bringing in our house.  I wanted the new baby items to be efficient and useful and necessary.  It's no new news that for something so so small, they need a lot of things.  Some of those items they need are tiny and some that take up quite a bit of real estate.
You can catch my mama favorites here

Now that we've been home for a little over a month, we have a pretty good handle on what items (for now at least) work the best for us.
Here are the top 8 

1.  Boon grass drying rack + twig : We registered for this drying rack because honestly, I liked the way it looked and knew we needed something.  Turns out it is, hands down, our favorite item.  From washing and drying pump parts to bottle parts, this drying rack is amazing.  If you are having a baby in the near future, you are getting this from us whether you like it or not.  I love how it corrals all of the small items and dries them quickly without taking up a ton of precious counter space. 

2.  Glider : Our nursery is on the small side so we were very conscious about the furniture items we put in there.  This glider fit the bill because it is less narrow than other ones we looked at and comfortable to boot.  Currently Little Mister and I use it primarily between the hours of 3 and 4am, rocking and singing Christmas carols ;)

3.  Sleep sacks/swaddle : I mentioned the other day that Little Mister loves a good swaddle, and he sure does.  We've also been trying out the sleep sack and he is also a fan.  I think he really likes it because we can have his arms free but also have the security of the swaddle.  And he looks like a mermaid in in which is hysterical to me. 
4.  Boppy : The boppy is another item I did not expect to love as much as I do.  Once I started being able to nurse Little Mister in the NICU I picked up the boppy and took it in.  It was hard enough juggling his fragile body and the cords and the boppy helped to make sure his head was in the best position to nurse effectively.  Now we love it for propping him up for feeding and also when we're just lounging it is great for supporting him so we can see his sweet face.  We have this cover and love it!
5.  Bouncer : As he gets bigger, the bouncer is more and more useful.  Currently his favorite thing is to have it on vibrate and stare at the Christmas tree which just warms my heart. 

6.  Angelcare + Nest Cam: We spent a lot of time contemplating monitor(s) we wanted to use.  Once Little Mister was in the NICU I knew we wanted something that monitored his heart rate while in his crib.  The Angelcare has been such a blessing! We love it!  It has a board that goes under his bed and if he stops moving/breathing for more than 15 seconds an alarm sounds.  This has given us such peace of mind.  My only complaint would be that the light on the monitor in our room is kind of really bright as is his nightlight.  These aren't a huge deal but they seem a little bright for a baby's room to me.  
We also have a Nest cam as a video monitor which we also love.  It's perfect for taking a quick peek at him to make sure he's still snoozin when Mama needs to get some things done but doesn't want to go in his room and risk waking him up.  The app is really great because you can pull it up from anywhere.  Like when Mister does from work and talks to us (and scares the poo out of me!) through the monitor via the app on his phone. 

7.  Wubbanub : At first glance these pacis see a bit pricey but we have discovered they are worth their weight in gold.  Aside from being adorable, they stay in his mouth better because of the weight of the stuffed animal.  Plus he often holds on to it which is the cutest thing ever.
8.  KeyFit Caddy : We have the KeyFit carrier system with the jogging stroller but also wanted the KeyFit Caddy for quick trips and strolls around the neighborhood.  Because of the 60 degree days we've had lately, we've been able to get out for some strolls with Floyd.  While I'm dying to go for some runs with jogger (he has to be quite a bit bigger before we can) the Caddy is so easy to pop up and use.  I also think for running errands and around town, being able to throw it in the car will be much easier than the jogger. 

 And those are our current favorites, I'm sure these will change and adapt with the seasons.  Any others items I need to know about that you mamas can't live without?!

Nov 18, 2016

Two Months

Here we are, the slowest and fastest two months of our lives have just passed.
To think that Little Mister still isn't supposed to be here yet this is all just very crazy.

The bright side is that we are thrilled he's here and now can't imagine life without him.
Though it would probably include a little more sleep ;)

Little Mister is currently 7lbs 6oz and 18" tall! He is growing boy and we couldn't be happier!
He LOVES to eat and snooze, almost equally.
He does NOT like to be hungry and will tell you about it immediately.
 but as soon as you feed him that above turns into this
(month stickers from here
In the middle of the night we generally have to wake him up to eat and/or he will take a bottle in his sleep.  We can't complain about it too much, as long as he takes it we are happy.

He enjoys chilling in his bouncer and looking around after he eats. 
He needs to be swaddled to sleep but will wiggle his arms out of a swaddle 100% of the time.  Even a velcroed sleep sack.  Houdini I tell you.  Thankfully he will keep snoozing once he gets his arms out.

And he hates sneezing. He will let out a whimper cry every time he sneezes.  I know I shouldn't laugh but it's so funny. 

Yesterday was #worldpreemieday 
Never did I think such a day would be a part of our lives but I am glad it is because of what it taught us about ourselves during those 42 days in the NICU.  
Every day that Little Mister was in the NICU him and I took a selfie, I recently complied them all and love it. Though being in the NICU was not fun, these photos remind me of the daily snuggles, conversations and special times that we shared.  
As much as I loved those snuggles, snuggles at home are WAY better.