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Jan 8, 2018

Brushing Off The Dust

Tap, tap, is this thing on?
Do I remember how to do this blogging thing?

If anyone has noticed I've taken a bit of break from this space but I won't lie that it has been calling my name.  I've had quite a few people ask if I was planning on blogging again.
The short answer is yes.
The long answer is I can't promise how consistent all be and I can't promise every post won't have a pictures of LM.  But I can promise I do really enjoying blogging and I have some posts lined up in my head.  I love this space and I love connecting with all of you friends and having a record of our lives and even the every day things we're doing to look back on.

I am going to use the total mom excuse that life just got very busy.  And it goes without saying we have a very busy 15 month old on hands.  From the moment we get home from the sitter and work it is go go go until LM crashes.  We do our absolute best to maximize our time with him in the evenings.  Maximizing that time did not include blogging sadly but now that he goes to bed earlier, I am hoping I can get back in the groove with this space.

So last I left you off with was LM's birthday party.  And if I didn't say it enough, I had SO much fun planning that party and celebrating our little man.
We rounded out the month of October with Halloween where LM went as Charlie Brown.  However in true Ohio fashion it was far too cold for anyone to see his costume. 
We also took a trip to the pumpkin patch, LM wore jeans for the first time and he finally found out what it means to be a Bengals fan.
November was a crazy work month for me but we still managed to squeeze in some fun. 
We traveled to Tennessee and Indiana for Thanksgiving.  
And Mama snuck away to Indianapolis for a night with the girls.
Complete with a Taylor Swift themed dinner!  Can we talk about how great the new album is?!
Just like everyone else, our December was also bananas.
Work again crazy, holidays crazy, you know the drill.
Nonetheless we had fun and I think every month is more and more fun with LM, I feel like he really, really started to blossom in December.  His adorable, silly, funny personality is really shining through and he is just so fun.  In December he decided his favorite words are 'hi', 'cheese' and 'shoes'.  Which all fit our personality quite well.  We want him to be friendly, cheese is our favorite food group and we love shoes.  Makes sense. 
While our Christmas Day sadly involved a trip to urgent care we still had such a fun day with LM and our family.  Thankfully LM was fine, just a virus from getting vaccines.
We spent the rest of the day loving and him and playing with all sorts of new goodies for all of us.
December also marked my mom moving in with us for a little bit while she transitions to Ohio.  LM is loving having his Nanny around all the time! 
 The end of December sent us to Scottsdale to meet up with Kait and Dane and Casey and Eric.  As most of you know, we all met through blogging and have continued to be the best of friends.  We do our best to see each other as often as possible and the Scottsdale trip had been the works for quite a while, the fact that we were celebrating my birthday made it even more fun.  
For a full recap, check out Kait's post here
We had an absolute blast in Scottsdale, the best food, margaritas and overall fun.  I have not laughed that hard in a very long time and it was amazing.  The perfect weather didn't hurt either! 
And I think that pretty much catches us up to present day!
If there is anything you want to know, need up an update on or would like to see just let me know while I work on getting back in the blogging saddle!
Happy New Year everyone!

Oct 9, 2017

1 Year!

1.  I know this is WAY late but you know, life
2.  How is our sweet babe already one?!  
I know all parents say it but this was the fastest year of our lives.  
From those 6 weeks of sitting in the NICU to being home with our sweet boy to middle of the night feedings, sleep deprivation, being stuck inside ALL winter, to starting to venture out and about in the world, to watching our sweet boy grow and learn new things EVERY single day and become just the BEST thing in the world to us.  While it was the shortest, it was THE best year.
At his one year check up LM weighed in at 20lbs 6.5oz and 29.25" long.  He is still an eating machine and has fully switched to regular milk.  He recently has learned how to wave (which he does only when he feels like it), he is cruising along the furniture and can transfer back and forth between the ottoman and sofa.  Just lately he is imitating more and more sounds (again when he wants to) and very clearly said 'red' (of all things) the other day so we're counting that as his first word.  
He is discovering a love for blocks, putting things and in out of containers, 'patting' items together, going for stroller rides/runs and continuing to not let us read very many books to him.  If you want to read approximately one page of a book and then have it shut on your thumb with some force, he's your guy.
Kait and Dane so sweetly gifted LM with a zoo pass for his birthday so we've been a few times and he's a big fan of the polar bears and manatees.  And Fiona, duh.  

He still hates to be tired and will just shut it down when he is.  He grabs that thumb and any resemblance of fabric/blanket/shirt/bib and closes his eyes. 

We celebrated his birthday with a big ol bash with the theme of 'Party Animals'.   I had SO much fun planning his party and LOVED how it turned out.  
On one random trip to Target a few months before his birthday I found the cutest decorations in the dollar spot that fit the theme I had in my head to a 'T'.  And from there it all just seemed to come together pretty easily.
I did my best to keep the chaos and stress to a minimum but did craft a few things.  I found this site and ordered this set and printed them locally and had 'pin the bow tie on the bear' and 'pin the party hat on the lion'.  
I went simple for the cake and ordered a plain white cake from Costco (it was delicious) and added this guy from Etsy and a 'one' sign.  For the rest of the food we ordered Chick Fil A nuggets, pulled pork, crock pot mac n' cheese, veggie/fruit trays and animal cracker snack mix.  I had a local bakery make THE cutest animal cookies.  
 I picked up an oversized birthday cupcake for LM instead of ordering a whole smash cake and he went to town on it.  It was his first taste of sugar and he was clearly a fan.  
 LM did take a nap for about an hour in the middle...but hey, it was his party and he can nap if he wants to.
We had such a fun day with family and friends! 

Aug 24, 2017

11 Months

If someone could tell me where the last almost year of my life has gone that would be great.
How is our sweet, smiley boy 11 months old?!  
I have no idea where the time went but I do know it's been fun and seeing our little nugget grow up and learn is just the best.

I think he is around 20lbs right now and he is wearing 6-9month clothing.
At about 10.5 months LM decided to was time to crawl and he took off and hasn't stopped since.  He is always on the move.  He plays very hard and crashes harder.
 He's now well on his way to figuring out how to pull up.  His mattress has officially been lowered the lowest setting after finding him pulling up in his bed a few times.
He was become a HUGE blanket lover (not in bed of course) but just about everywhere else if he's sleepy he grabs his blankie and shoves his thumb in his mouth (with supervision).  He kneads his blanket in his little fingers as he falls asleep and it is just the cutest.
We adjusted his routine lately and transitioned to one bigger bottle at night and an earlier bed far so good!
He has 6 (!) teeth!!  He got 4 on the top just about all at the same time.  And boy are they sharp!

He has been eating anything and everything we hand to him.  He finally got the grasp of being able to pick food up and he tends to shovel it in his mouth as fast as he can.  He seems to love fruit and yogurt melts and will eat just about any puree we give him.  He also loves cheese, smart boy :)

Earlier this month we traveled to Charlotte to see our friends and it was his longest road trip to date.  I am very happy to report that he did GREAT.  We moved him to his big boy car seat and he seemed to be very comfy and did well the whole way there and back.  He was also so happy there were 2 doggies to follow around.

While in Charlotte he discovered his newest skill...screeching.
It's a new level of sound and I'm pretty sure he's just figuring out his voice but my goodness we got some looks while out to dinner.
He is really picking up on imitating sounds and starting to babble more and more.
He gets sillier and sillier all the time and makes us laugh every day.  He is still pretty stingy with his laughs but we can usually get a couple out of him most days.  What makes him laugh one day does not always work the next. 
He does think fake coughs are SO funny (no idea why) so those are always a winner.

We've been to the pool quite a bit and he loves it and splashes all around in the tub.

We have entered the stage of starting to whine and trying to climb if he wants to be picked up and you happen to not be paying attention.  He still hates waiting for his bottle and food.  Once he's hungry, he is hungry! 

Overall he is very happy camper and every day is a new adventure.  We are loving this stage of life with him!

Jul 24, 2017

10 Months!

Double digit months old, what?!
Day by day life is getting more and more fun.  Mister and I love watching LM grown and learn every day.  It's as if something little clicks inside his cute little body every single day and he figures something else out.
He has the cutest little coy smile that he knows EXACTLY when to turn on and it is his papa 100% and I love it.  
This past month brought even more changes and development.
He is starting to say 'mama' and a little and repeating more and more sounds that we make.
If I was guessing I would say LM is about 19lbs and I swear he's grown an inch lately, he just looks SO long.  We are still in mostly 6 month clothes and slowly moving up to the next size diapers.

LM has become the best little eater! He has purees usually twice a day and also eating anything and everything we put in front of him! Recently he really loves cheese and pineapple and hamburger (just like his mama!).  He has 2 little toothers in and working on a few others.
LM is a ROLLING machine.  We have had to move diaper changes to the floor because the moment we put him on the changing table he flips over and is a wild man.  He also recently mastered going from his belly to sitting up.  We showed him one day how to do it and then all of a sudden he had it mastered.  He has started trying to pull up and loves to bounce on his toes and also bounce while on his booty.  

LM took another lake vacation and did AWESOME!  We were really proud of how well he did.  Us as parents didn't do quite so well...we arrived, unpacked the car and quickly realized neither of us had grabbed his luggage.  OOPS.  Thankfully we were close to a small town and I was able to grab everything we needed.  

He has recently discovered how FUN bath time is and it's the most adorable thing.  He loves to kick and move his feet, pat the water and play with his duckies.  He also thinks the drain emptying is incredibly interesting, ha!
We're just having so much fun with him and love our little family adventures. 

Jul 5, 2017

Currently : July

I feel like we are in that season of life where we have a lot going on and nothing all at the same time.
Evenings fill up quickly and days I am lucky enough to have off to spend with LM go by SO quickly.  I took this past Monday off to extend our weekend and by the time we ran errands, came home for lunch/naps and a work out for mama it was already time to head to a cookout.  I sure don't know where the time goes but here's what I've been up to currently....

Documenting: I am doing my very best and hardest to keep LM's baby book up to date.  We have this one an LOVE it.  Its so cute and a little funky and I love how it's laid out.  I also documented LM's entire birth story/NICU stay and a few other things but I've been thinking I need to go back and add little stories along with the other milestones I've jotted down.

Accomplishing: I am happy to say that I am well into week 2 of the Beta round of T25.  It kicks my butt literally every day.  I am talking DRIPPING in sweat but I really, really like it.  I love that it's only 25 minutes and it goes by so quickly.  

Enjoying: This is probably a cop out but I am always really enjoying LM.  His little personality shines through more and more and it is so precious.  He is silly like his papa and his belly laughs are just the best.  I am also enjoying experiencing summer and all the new things that brings with him.  He loves to be outside and splash in the pool.
And on a personal note I am enjoying some new beauty products I had the pleasure of trying out.  Kate reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try EVER Skin's Revive Eye Cream, Daylight Corrector & Concealer.  Yes please!  As a new mom I can use all the help I can get when it comes to making me look more awake and alert!  I have to say I was very impressed with how it all worked and definitely made a difference in my make up throughout the work day.  If you want to learn more check out Kate here and here and I know she would be more than happy to help!  

Reading:  I am currently reading 'The Singles Game' and enjoying it! It's a light, summer read.  I desperately need a book for the car but my library seems to be out of EVERYTHING lately.  I need some new suggestions.  I saw Mix and Match Mama just put up her new list, I need to go jot down some notes.  Her readers always have the best suggestions.

Spending: Truthfully not too much lately in the money department but you know we always need to hit up Target for diapers and food! LM says 'not Target again Mom!'
Kait is doing 'no spend July' and it's inspired me to be a little more conscious of our spending habits.  But the Nordstrom sale is on my radar....

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