Aloha! Hawaii Part 4

Oct 24, 2014

Now that we had hiked the side of a cliff, Diamondhead was next on our list.
Mister and I started bright and early to try and beat the heat Thursday morning.
It sure isn't a smooth path but the trail at Diamondhead is relatively paved, which is nice.
It's also windy, steep, hot and full of metal stairs.
But the views at the top are incredible and were totally worth it!  
After Diamondhead we headed to what turned out to be my favorite beach. (well besides Miss Judy's secret beach but that's another story.)
I present to you Hanauma Bay in all of it's beauty.
You can guarantee this one is being framed in our house.
We snorkled, we beached and we soaked up the beautifulness.
And to cap off an amazing day, we went to dinner at Dane and Kait's favorite Thai restaurant.
Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.
We are still drooling over the Pad Thai and drunken noodles.
And I don't hate BYOB either.
Happy bellies and happy hearts.


Aloha! Hawaii Part 3

Oct 23, 2014

Back with more aloha for you!

Long before we got to Hawaii I asked Kait if we could go to the Makapu'u Tide Pools because I had seen her amazing pictures and really wanted to experience it.  Getting to the tide pools required a bit of a hike (totally fine) and then scaling down the side of a cliff (not so fine).  No one told me about scaling a mountain to get to the tide pools and it is better that they didn't.  The climb was intense and scary and really awesome all at the same time.  About halfway through I thought 'well this is happening and there is no turning back.'  I am actually pretty proud of myself for doing the climb, it was a doozy.
The photo we told Mister to send to Dateline if we didn't make it. (Kidding Mom, sorta...)

And totally worth it!  The tide pools were absolutely beautiful and worth the trek.  A true hidden gem.  

And what goes down, must climb back up...
Just a bit daunting...
But also one of my favorite parts of our trip.

When we weren't out scaling mountains, we spent a lot of time with Miss New Judy.
She is such a sweet, sweet girl.
And loves a good golf cart ride...
Stole this one from Kait

And when Judy needed a break from us, we would happy hour at cool a bar full of Coast Guard memorabilia or the best and most unusual mai tais you've ever had. 


Aloha! Hawaii Part 2

Oct 22, 2014

It's luau time!
We were lucky enough to attend a traditional Hawaiian luau on Saturday night.
As we were greeted at the door with mai tais and I knew it would be a good night.
The timing of the luau was just perfect with the beautiful sunset over the water.
I could have taken about a million more photos.  I loved taking the same shot just a few minutes apart and watching the sky change.
Dinner was a true Hawaiian feast full of pork, salads, traditional desserts and, of course, pineapple.
That sky! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!

Thanks to the time change we were getting up very early, which made it easy to squeeze in some great work outs.
My favorite being an early morning run along the lagoons/beach near Kait and Dane's house.  My pace for the whole run was terrible because I kept stopping to take pictures.  And I was a okay with that.  The morning was too beautiful to pass up.

I'll take that running scene any day.


Aloha! Hawaii Part 1

Oct 21, 2014

As you may have seen on instagram we spent the past week+ in Hawaii visiting Kait, Dane and, of course, JUDY!  This trip has been a long time in the works and we were in much need of a vacation so to say we enjoyed ourselves would be putting it very lightly.  
This was one of those trips where we felt like it flew by and we were there by 3 months, all at once. 
(I know trip recaps are not everyone's favorite but selfishly I love looking back through them for our own memories...I promise regularly scheduled posts will resume eventually). 

Sans the nonstop screeching child on our 10 hour flight, our trip started off with a bang because of a fabulous airport surprise. (If you know me, you know I 1. LOVE surprises and 2. LOVE picking people up at the airport.)
The plan that was laid in place (or so I thought) was that Kait and Dane were going to be out of town when we got to Hawaii and that their friends were picking us up, no big deal.  Kait said they would have a sign for us and take us to their house and we would in turn pick Kait and Dane up when they got back in town. 
I texted Kait when we landed so she could update her friends and she was telling me what a great time they were having but excited to get back to Hawaii. 
As we were walking to baggage claim I said to Mister, 'isn't it so weird that we don't even know what their friends look like?' And he said, 'yeah yeah but it's fine, I have their number if we need to call them.'  He then proceeds to shove me toward a baggage corral and I see a girl with a sign with our names on it coming full speed towards us.
In a matter of .3 seconds a million thoughts go through my head, mostly, 'man Kait did not tell me that her friend looked EXACTLY like her, that is so weird!'  Then as I got closer 'OMG that is Kait and Dane! What in the world are they doing here?'  lots of screaming and jumping
Turns out they had worked out this whole plan with Mister, sent him fake phone numbers (in case I snooped), made fake rental car plans, the whole works.  And surprised me at the airport, you can say I was a bit excited ;)
After the excitement wore down, we grabbed food and headed home to meet Judy.  She's just as fabulous and adorable in person.  We then toured the beautiful area where they live.  Everywhere you look was fabulous.

Thankfully, because of the time change, Mister and I woke up super early on Saturday and were able to cram a lot into one day.  That is one benefit of Hawaii, everyone seems to get up pretty early so not many hours of the day are wasted, I loved it.
We headed up to the North Shore for the day - we had heard a lot of great things about the North Shore and were really happy to experience it.
The day started with an amazing breakfast at Konos (breakfast burrito with pineapple jalapeƱo sauce, yes please).
 Then it was stand up paddle board time! I had really been looking forward to trying SUP and it was just as fun as I expected! And we saw about 6 sea turtles sun bathing on the shore so I was one happy camper.
We continued up the coast to Turtle Bay- where Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed.  It was absolutely beautiful, you can totally see why they would film a movie there.
And with only one road in and out, it was time to head back down the coast and stop for the the classic Haleiwa sign picture.
Once we headed back it was just about luau time.
But that was so much fun it deserves it's own post ;)


Fridays with Floyd : Grandma's Golf Course

Oct 17, 2014

There is a golf course in very close proximity to my mom's (Floyd's Gma's) house and Floyd is 100% certain it is his.
We really think that Floyd believes that Gma purchased that golf course for him and that it is solely his to sniff and peruse at his leisure. 
As soon as we pull into my mom's driveway, after he says hi to her, he beelines it for the golf course.  

(Floyd only has the privilege of running amuck on the course if no one is around.)
There has only been one instance where Floyd has barked at someone on the course mid swing...and it happened to be one of our friends so it was more comical than anything.  But we are very cautious not to disturb other golfers :)

So we venture out early morning and late evening on to the course.
And if Floyd is lucky, he gets to do some off leash exploring. 
I am pretty sure if we let him, he would sniff for hours on end.
We often wonder how long and how far he would sniff if he was left to his own devices...
'Rhanks Gma for buying me dis wonderful land for sniffing.'

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