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Feb 3, 2016

I know February gets a bad wrap but it's generally a fun month in our house.  I LOVE Valentines Day and Mister's birthday happen so that is enough to keep me going during the somewhat dreary days.

And with a new month, means a new Currently...happy to be linking up with Anne and Jenna again this month.  

Sending : I just sent out Valentine's cards to some of my favoritest ladies earlier this week.  Hopefully they arrive by the weekend.  The Dollar Stop (you know, danger zone) had some of THE most adorable Valentine's cards the other day.  It was necessary I stocked up.  I love sending snail mail and Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity.  

Eating :  I already told you guys about the Mississippi roast and I will repeat again, make it!
On the other end of the spectrum we've been eating a lot of sautéed/roasted veggies.  We were in a bit of a veggie rut at the end of the year but recently we've really been into kale...mmm! Earlier this week we had turkey burgers on the menu and at the last minute I decided to take them up a notch...I'll have the recipe up next week!

Dreaming : of consistent warmer weather.  We had awesome (running) weather over the weekend and it left me yearning for Spring.  These mid 50s+ can stick around for as long as the want!

Smelling : a buttered bread candle my mom got us...yum!  I just finished Marshmallow Fireside and realized all the other candles I have are either fall or Christmas themed.  Looks like I'll have to make a trip to Bath and Body Works to get some new candles, darn ;)

Hearting : My girls and our group chats.  I am certain that between us all we could save the world.  I look forward to our conversations every day.  We cover, literally, everything under the sun.  And it's awesome.  Besties really make my world go round. 


Weekend Wrap Up : Calamity

Feb 1, 2016

Do you ever have one of those weeks/weekends/days where you seem to drop any thing you touch or forget everything possible?  That has been my life lately.

Rewind to last Sunday when I went to the grocery and literally forgot just about every single thing I needed.  Mister and I usually go after church and he is very helpful at grabbing things for me.  I clearly was missing my grocery buddy last week because I am not sure what I even came home with.  

Fast forward to Tuesday when I was getting hot water for tea out of the hot water dispenser at work and went to shake my bracelets down (you girls know what I mean, they were stuck in my sleeve) and drove my hand RIGHT under the water.  News flash that water is HOTTT.  This resulted in burning the eff out of my hand.  I'll spare you the photos... 
So if anyone has any great scar removal techniques they want to pass along, those will come in handy soon enough for me.  

Other than that I feel like I tripped on every thing I saw (or didn't see) but thankfully not during my run this weekend.  I met up with a friend and we busted out a great 4.3 miles in the beautifully warm January weather.  

But rewinding to earlier in the weekend, Friday I took a half day and hung out with Mr. Floyd.  It was a glorious beginning to the weekend.  
That evening Mister and I made our favorite homemade Thai pizza and watched Sicario.  

Saturday was a busy day.  I got up early and headed to Pilates and then bootcamp.  Then I had the honor of finally meeting Abby in person.  She is even sweeter in real life and I am so happy we were able to grab coffee and chit chat.  

Saturday night we had a delicious dinner and catch up time with some friends of ours.  
Whenever someone tells me there's steak on the menu I am there in a flash.  

Sunday was all the normal church, grocery, laundry, napping and Sunday night family dinner with the neighbors that I've come to love and cherish.  I finally made Mississippi Roast after every one I know has been talking about lives up to the hype.  Don't waste any time, make it immediately.  

Floyd did a lot of sleeping...
I really enjoy a low key Sunday, it really helps me feel more prepared for the week.  Let's hope this one isn't filled with calamities... 



Jan 27, 2016

I recently wore my (non prescription) glasses to work and, besides matching my friend, I loved the extra accessory to my outfit.

So when I saw Warby Parker came out with their new Spring 16 line, it caught my eye!
I love that their line has everything from the traditional tortoise color to fun peach color they call Bellini!  From the great reds to blues to grays, the frames and colors offered in the Spring 16 line are all the makings for great, simple options.  
The line can just about be summed up in one word, fun!  It is light, cheery, unique and makes me ready for Spring to arrive!  I love the shape of just about every frame they offer.  They are all hip yet classic, the perfect look you want for an accessory that is going to be spending a lot of time on your face.

To get a better feel for the line, I opted for the Home Try On Program.  So genius on their part to offer this up.  It was very easy to choose the glasses I wanted to try at home and they arrived in my mailbox only a few days later! 
This time I just went with the eyeglasses but they also have sunglass options as well. 

As soon as they arrived I got to tryin' on!
Which do you like?
I think I am leaning towards the Preston but I sort of love them all...
The Finch in Bellini are really unique and fun and I love how Springy they are.  
It is hard to see but the bottom edge of the Durand is a fun, bright red.  A modern Sally Jesse Raphael if you will.  

And what fun is a photo shoot if Floyd is not involved?

He was clearly thrilllled to be helping.
 Floyd thinks Warby Parker's next line should involve doggie spectacles.  


Lately : Winter Version

Jan 26, 2016

We've had a few low key weekends lately so this past weekend we decided to spice it up a bit and headed to Dallas to see the bestie.
I had some PTO to use up and we found cheap flights and said 'lets go!'
Our bestie is getting married this year and they had a shower over the weekend and we were so happy to be able to go!
And hang out with Mr. Jax, he's the biggest teddy bear in the world.
Friday night, while watching Straight Outta Compton, he climbed up on the sofa with us and slept with his head in my lap.  I died of happiness.  

I also ran into Emily from The Sweetest Thing at the airport in Starbucks and was too much of a shy ding bat to say hi, just realllly awkwardly smiled at her.  Ugh kicking myself now BUT her outfit was on point, per usual.  

The rest of the time we just hung out, shopped and caught up on life with our friends!  
It was so nice to get away for a couple of days and head to semi warmer temperatures. 

What else is going on?
Floyd is still sleeping. A lot.
and when he's not sleeping his been begging to munch on these treats sent him.  
And when he's not eating treats he has been demanding a second dinner every. single. night.  The moment we sit down to eat, he starts twanging his bowl around and will not quit until he has another dinner.  Hence the 56lbs he weighs...

In other news I've now finished three books so far this month...rolling right along! I finished up Crazy, Rich Asians while in Dallas and started China Rich Girlfriend.  I recommend them both!  I am also listening to Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter and Confess and after some recent book tape duds, these seem to be winners! 

And that's whats going on! Hoping to get back to regular blogging schedule this week!
We've been doing a lot of Netflix bingeing instead of blogging.  We finished up Making a Murderer (along with everyone else in the world), started Jessica Jones and Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt.  What else should we be watching??


Dinner Winners

Jan 20, 2016

I love Pinterest as much as the next girl but sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to me.  
It is by far one of my favorite resources for recipes, work outs and hairstyles.
Recently I have been heading to Pinterest more and more for recipes and meal planning above anything else.  Especially now that I have an iPad Mini that I love (thanks Mom!!), it has made perusing and pinning SO much easier.  

The more I was pinning, the more I was getting overwhelmed with my 'Let's Eat' board.  It was becoming a mish mash of dinner recipes, treats to bake for friends and snacks to have around the house.  I would search and search for a dinner idea I knew I had pinned and become frustrated I couldn't find it.
Then it dawned on me...why don't I make a separate board for dinner ideas I know that we've tried and loved? That way, if I am in a hurry or failed to make a meal plan, I know right where to find some of our favorites.  
And that is how Dinner Winners was shattering I know.   But hey, it's making my life easier and now I have delicious recipes to share with you! 
Did you know Pinterest has a feature that you can move pins to different boards?  Or am I the last one to know this...

In no particular order, here are some recent favorites at our house.  
Zesty Sriacha Shrimp and Quinoa - I would lessen the soy sauce in this one

Bacon Lime and Sweet Potato - we add cubed chicken to this and sometimes leave out the bacon.
Butternut squash, chicken and quinoa soup - this is even better the next day! 
Zucchini Corn and Quinoa Bowls - we added ground turkey to this mixture
Chipotle Turkey Quinoa Chili - also better the next day.  Very thick and hearty!
One Pot Paleo Chicken Curry Stir Fry - so delicious and quick!
These are just a few that are on our weekly rotation around here.

Have you been pinning anything delicious lately?

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