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Floyd is gearing up

Jul 2, 2015

Floyd is getting ready for one of the biggest days (well weekends) of his year every year.
He has a very important role during the July 4th weekend and he takes it very, very seriously.

See? Super important job!
I mean, who else is going to bring Mister his beers?

Floyd has also picked up another new career.
(he is a busy man...)
There's a new sheriff in town.  And he means business. And neck fat.

So if you are having a party for the 4th and need someone with four paws to bring your beer OR are in need of a police presence, I've got your man.
He will work for a small fee.  And that fee is a jar of peanut butter.

Happy 4th, everyone! 


A Sweet Review

Jul 1, 2015

Not long after Kait and I connected over our love of blogging and dogs, we connected over food.  And eating.  And cooking.  And all things yumminess. 
Her, Casey and I are often sending emails full of recipes and meal plans back and forth knowing we all have a special appreciation for food.

So when Kait told me she was thinking about writing a cookbook, I knew she would easily knock it out of the park and leave us all drooling.

Turns out, she did.
and with Judy also staring on the front, it is clearly a winner. 
Proud is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about her and her newest venture.

The cookbook focuses on gluten free treats for you and your four legged love ones.  Besides the fact that it's written by one of my besties, that combination is right up my alley!
Not to mention, Floyd is pretty happy about the second half of the book that focuses on doggie treats.
I am guessing Judy did not mind testing out a few recipes.

I am not sure if I could even begin to pick out one favorite recipe there are so many delicious looking ones.  The first ones on my 'to make' list are:
Chocolate Honey Cookie Cake
Sinless Strawberry Cheesecake
and Citrus Berry Chex Mix

and Floyd would like to put his vote in for:
Judy's Pupcakes and Pumpkin Kisses

If his aunt Kait could come visit and make them for him (and treats for us) we wouldn't hate it ;)

The photography of the cookbook is fantastic and I think it captures Kait, Judy and her delicious recipes perfectly.  The photos are so crisp and clear I want to reach through the screen and eat every last bite.

It is safe to say we are all fans over here and are shouting a huge CONGRATS to Kait!!

Go ahead and jump over to iTunes to check out a copy for yourself and your four legged pals!  You will not be disappointed, I promise!


Whatcha growin?

Jun 30, 2015

We have really enjoyed our pallet garden and the fruits of our labor are starting to show through!
Plus we have a really duitiful garden guardian who keeps a pretty good eye on things.  Although I have seen a few chunky paws imprinted in the soul but I don't want to point fingers at anyone... 

Tomatoes!  The plant is growing like NUTS but we only have about 5 tomatoes growing.  Hoping for more soon!
I have since chopped off the romaine you see above.  I read how to harvest it incorrectly to begin with but have now figured it out :)  Supposedly you cut the stems off about two inches above the ground and the lettuce will start growing again. 
We also have peppers, sweet potatoes, eggplant and cucumbers.  
Currently we have about four cucumbers that are making their way through.  And if they are anything like last years we will have cucumbers to hopefully last us all summer. 

I also have rosemary and basil growing like crazy on our little deck garden.  The basil has been great to make pesto in the Vitamix! 

The joy I get from being able to walk out our back door and pick ingredients for dinner is immense.  
I love being able to eat from our yard and to know that we've put the time and effort into it and are saving money at the same time. 


Fridays with Floyd : Down by the Garden

Jun 26, 2015

Earlier this week I was shooting our garden for an upcoming blog post and you will never guess who stole center stage.
Its like he knows he's so handsome
Now only if I could keep his chunky paws out of said garden...

Happy weekending friends!

*Side note...Floyd and I are over at Anne's blog today talking about our chalkboard wall while she is in the midst of moving.  While I am in tears that Anne and I won't be meeting up for our frequent Chipotle lunches, I am so excited for her, Peter and Hendrik and their new Michigan adventure!


Light It Up

Jun 24, 2015

On our 2015 list is to get a new lights in our kitchen and over our dining table.
You would think with my day job being design this would be an easy task.  
Turns out I have a hard time making decisions for things in my own home.
Someone else's much easier.

We have a (very ugly) light over our peninsula island and over our table is one half of a smudge less ugly.  Regardless, I am ready for both of them to GO.

Because of the close proximity of these lights to each other, I want them to coordinate but not be exactly the same.
I am leaning towards them being very similar but varying in sizes and maybe possibly in shape, a little.   And not a $1,000/piece.
There are approximately a million and a half options online but I've whittled it down to a few that are speaking out to me.

Hektar 9" | Hektar 19"

Berkley 9.5" | Berkley 14" 

Chrome 12" | White 16"

So which one is your favorite?

09 10