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Jun 6, 2018

Currently : June

I am so pleased to be co-hosting with Anne this month for 'Currently'! 

I love having these posts to look back on to see what we did during the months.  I have been slacking on blogging but I love to at least have these posts to reflect back on.

First up, traveling: I recently returned from a girls trip to Clearwater, FL.  We had an absolute blast! We all met in college and have been friends for 15+ years.  The trip was a perfect mix of beach, wine, LOTS of girl talk and just good ol relaxing.

Also can we just get an applause for getting multiple, good group shots?! Not easy with 9 people! 

Grilling: We grill out the majority of the time in the summer.  One, we love it and two, it gets me out of cooking every meal, Mister is the grill master in our house ;)  I am pretty sure we could eat burgers from the grill every single night.  If we have the time we will use the charcoal and it is SO yummy.  We love to experiment with various seasonings and versions of burgers.  I would love to try grilled pizza but it is slightly intimidating.

Exploring:  Unless LM is sleeping, there is not a moment we aren't exploring.  He is incredibly, busy and curious.  He LOVES to be 'outchide' looking and picking up all the rocks, sticks and dandelions.  If you visit our yard you will find piles of rocks all of the place.  We really love to watch him wander around the yard exploring every inch.  
We are also trying to explore more of Cincinnati and things to do as a family while enjoying our summer.  So far we've hit up the zoo and multiple parks.  

Planting: We have a local nursery that we absolutely love.  They are incredibly friendly and the prices are great, it's really hard to beat.
Last weekend we made a big trip and picked up veggies, herbs and flowers to plant.
Mister and I really enjoy being in the yard and experimenting with various plants.
A few years ago I picked up this raised bed for the patio and it always does well. 
 This year I planted: rosemary, cilantro, basil, cherry tomatoes, peppers, lavender (keeps mosquitoes away!) and melons!  I also picked out a few flowers for a big planter I love to deck out.  

Playing: We are obviously always playing with LM, he really loves rocks, his food truck and reading books.  
We also played some fun games on my girls trip.  We tried out Monikers and Last Word and they were both really fun!  They would be great for a group weekend away! 

And that's what we've been up to! What is currently going on in your world?
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May 21, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up: No Plans

I haven't done one of these in a while and the irony is, we didn't have anything planned this weekend worth even reporting on BUT we had a lot of quality family fun time and there are always good pictures to go along with that!

Friday: We had a little play time after LM's dinner and off to bed for him.  Fridays are rough on the poor guy, he plays so hard all week and usually crashes on Fridays.
Mister and I made this Mexi Meatloaf in the insta pot.  SO good and it makes a ton, I definitely recommend it.
Saturday: LM had gymnastics first thing and we ran around, rolled around and explored the gym.
Afterwards he and I ran some errands (Target, duh) and back home for play time. 
In an effort to get him outside but not in the soaking wet grass, we went on a run before lunch time.
While he was snoozin, my mom and I went on yet another jean short hunt.  I had ordered these from Nordstrom Rack and they were SO short it wasn't even funny.  I didn't find any other ones either.  I think I'm giving up.  The shorts I want are a unicorn that will not be found.  We then hit up Trader Joe's for some goodies (everything but the bagel seasoning for LIFE).  
That evening we headed out to dinner with NaNEE and LM, once again, almost ate more than we did.
Sunday: We headed to church but got there a little too late so LM's class was full.  Instead he and I hung out in the atrium running around and eating snacks.
Once home from church and errands we played outside and watching LM collect rocks and play with his broom-two of his favorite things.
We rounded out the day with a neighbor birthday party and grilling out with NaNEE.
(LM NEVER snuggles us in bed so I treasured these quick few minutes he sat with me on Sunday morning.)
See, no real plans all weekend long but we chocked it full.
l of goodies and snuggles and the kisses that LM has been giving us lately, which are THE best.
How was your weekend?

May 2, 2018

Currently : May

Hi friends!
I am happy to be linking up with Anne and Carrie today for the May edition of Currently.  
Like most folks, I am not sure how it is May already but the fact that I'm pretty sure Spring is finally here to stay I am okay with it.  
This month we are talking all things:
Celebrating:  This may seem insignificant to some but I am jumping for joy that we recently ordered new horizontal blinds for our family room.  Last year we had the entire house painted and once we did I HATED our window treatments.  The window treatments came with our house so we've lived with them for quite a while and I was more than ready for an update.  We finally settled on these from Select Blinds.   Even working in the design field, I have trouble nailing down exactly what I want or what I'm picturing in my head.

Creating:  Another simple house update under creating lately.  Awhile back my mom gave me a large wooden monogram 'T' for our front door and I finally managed to get it stained.  I used the same stain we have on our dining table but not as many coats.  It is a subtle gray with a tint of blue and I love how it looks on our navy front door.  There's something about warmer weather that makes me want to update the entire house.

Wearing: More Spring joy here! Dresses and skirts finally!  I picked up this adorable polka dot dress from Loft during one of their sales lately and I'm loving it!  I have also been on the LARGEST jean short hunt of all time.  I feel like Goldilocks.  Too big, too small, too short, just not right.  I really love these but they ran out of my size and I wanted to love these but on my longer legs they were a no go.  I have a pair a Levis in route to the house so I will see how those go. 

Sharing: These muffins with my coworkers.  I did not have super high expectations for them but they are SO good.  They're gooey and so yummy when warmed up and had with your morning coffee.

Going:  OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE with LM.  He LOVES to be outside and so we are go go going out the door as much as possible.  I cannot resist that little voice asking me to go 'ouchtside' so out we go and we play and collect rocks and walk around until bedtime.
And to the zoo as often as we can, because what's not fun about popping down to the zoo?

Next month I am honored to be co hosting with Anne for Currently : June.  Please join us to talk about what you're: traveling, grilling, exploring, planting, playing

Apr 19, 2018

Life Lately

Oh hey look, here I am.  I promise I haven't forgotten about this space but you know, life gets in the way.  Also I have another project I am working on that is taking a lot of my time.  I am not ready to spill my guts yet but I am so excited about it and cannot wait to share it with you! I will need your help once the cat is out of the bag so get ready!

Otherwise here is what has been going on in our life:
If you saw my Insta you saw that Mister and I went camping last weekend.  Yes, me, went camping.  We love love love our church and church community and they have land that they do camps on every so often.  Last weekend was 'Couples Camp' and at first I told Mister NO WAY.  However, over time I came around to the idea and I am SO glad I did.  We had a fabulous weekend, so much goodness.  Even when we woke up in the middle of the night to rain in our tent :(  

Little Mister spent the weekend with Nanny and they had a ball! They went to gymnastics and played, played, played.

A few weekends ago some of my best girlfriends came into town and LM had a weekend long play date with his aunts and birthday buddy Edie.  They weren't planned to be so close in age but LM and Edie are only a few days apart and so fun to watch together.
Friends of ours moved (major sad face) but they gifted LM their slide and he has been in heaven.  He is constantly chanting 'outside outside! slide slide!'.  When he's not sliding he's really into picking up rocks.  My mom tells me that from about age 2 on I always had a rock in my pocket every time she did laundry so it's only fitting he loves rocks.  

I think those are the only major things going on in our life!
We are still LOVING our insta pot and keeping up our Whole30 diet in an 80/20 aspect.  We need our wine and Diet Coke but otherwise we are doing a pretty good job sticking to it.

What's going on in your life?!

Mar 22, 2018

18 Months!

LM is 18 months old!
We are so proud of him!  He is becoming such a sweet little man.  So funny and silly all the time.
Everyday is more and more fun with him.  Recently he is talking up a storm.  He has 20+ words at the moment and is exceptional at repeating.  Most importantly, he's started saying 'mama' more and more often.  And it's my favorite thing in the world.  He says 'hi dog' and 'hi dad' alllll the time which are also adorable.  He is a true little boy and very obsessed with balls.  He says 'Baalllll?' as a question and statement all in one.  I love it.
His is also very obsessed with blueberries and hearing him say 'blueberry' is so cute.
He is a busy, busy man.  He does not stop moving. All day long.  Until he crashes.
Our sitter will tell us that sometimes she finds him taking a quick power nap on the floor in the middle of the other kids playing.
He goes goes goes until the moment he's in bed and then crashes.  

We recently enrolled him in a gymnastics class and he's loving it!  They have little miniature gymnastic equipment (bars, beams, rings, etc) and they work on different skills, singing and a very light curriculum.

He is a very curious soul and loves to wander around when we're outside and just take it all in.  We were at the park recently and he spent a good 30 minutes just walking back and forth on the trail investigating everything around him.
 We recently introduced him to Elmo before bed while he has his milk and he is starting to enjoy it.  He says 'ELMO' as soon as we put jammies on and head for milk and the sofa.  He has yet to be a big tv kid (which is 100000% okay with us) but I think Elmo may be becoming a favorite.
At his 18 month check up he was 22.6lbs and 31".  He is built just like his papa...tall, long and lean.  Knock on wood he is a very good eater! He will eat anything we put in front of him.  When he's getting teeth (working on #s 15 and 16 right now!) in he is a little more picky but otherwise he's a good eater. I'm pretty sure if we would let him survive on blueberries, bananas, carrots and green beans he would.  And the occasional cheese stick because who doesn't love cheese sticks?