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10 steps to frying an egg

Mar 2, 2015

We eat a lot of eggs at our house.  A LOT.
I buy them 3 dozen at a time because we eat at least four a day (sometimes more). 
For the longest time we made scrambled eggs every morning and then we got pretty burnt out on that.
So we switched to frying eggs.
Before this, I never knew that it required such talent or skill to fry an egg.
I first have to admit that Mister taught me all that I know about frying an egg.
But now that I know how (and feel I've mastered it) I knew I had to share this information with you.
Even though at first frying the perfect egg seems intimidating, I swear it is very simple! 
1. Get a skillet - the first crucial step is get start with a good skillet.  We use this one and I am in love with it.  NOTHING sticks to it.  I was gifted this skillet for Christmas and it is pricey but it is totally worth it!  
2.  Heat it up - the next important step is to make sure you are starting with a hot pan.  I usually turn ours on between brushing my teeth and putting my makeup in the morning.  I let it heat up for about 4-5 minutes at about medium heat.  
3. Oil all over - I know a lot of people use butter but we use olive oil at our house to coat the pan.
4. Crack the eggs - It is a smart idea to crack the eggs into a separate bowl in case there are any shells that fall in.  However, I like to live on the edge and crack ours directly into the pan.  Wild and crazy.  I will admit, this doesn't always work out well.
This is also usually when I salt our eggs. I love the garlic salt grinder from Trader Joe's. 
5.  Don't touch the eggs - It is my preference to let the eggs sit and cook for about 2 or 3 minutes and then flip them over.  Mister doesn't feel exactly the same way but we will get into that in a second.
6.  Flip flip flip - Once the edges of your eggs are solidified and starting to turn brown, flip your eggs over.  You are half way to perfectly fried eggs.
7. More patience - just like the first side, the flipped side takes a minute or so of patience, but not as long as the original side.
8.  Poke the yolk - This is where Mister and I also differ sometimes.  I like my eggs to be a bit runny so it is usually at this point that I will gently poke the yolk with the spatula.  
9.  Plate up - Slide those eggs on to a plate with some pineapple 
10.  Eat up!

Now there are about 47 million different versions of eggs out there; over easy, over medium, over hard...  I think mine falls somewhere in the middle of a few of them.  It depends on how rushed I am, how good the eggs are, if the pan is hot enough and/or if I am paying enough attention while cooking.  I think it is safe to say mine are 'over Sarah's'.  

Some mornings we have a battle of eggs in our house.
If Mister makes the eggs, they aren't quite at done around the edges or brown as mine are (and that's okay!).   I tend to prefer mine a little more done, with the yolk semi running and Mister prefers them not as done/brown.  Admittedly, my eggs may not always turn out to the prettiest things but they sure are yummy. 

Anyone else have any good egg frying tips?


5 tips for shopping at Aldis

Feb 26, 2015

My mom has always been a fan of Aldis and I usually listen to everything she says.  However, I was not as quick to jump on the Aldis train with her.  Well that has all changed recently (see Moms really are always right) and I have been loving Aldis.  
In the past month or so I have incorporated a stop at Aldis in my Sunday errands routine.
I have been so happy with the products we've gotten, the money we've saved and the overall experience, I thought I would share with you guys!
(Ps Aldis has NO idea who I am, this is just a friendly blog PSA.  But if Aldis wants to send me gift cards I wouldn't hate it.)

Aldis takes a simple, straight forward approach to grocery shopping.  No frills and no bells and whistles.  It is a bit of a different shopping experience but with these few tips I am pretty sure you will come to love it as much as I do.
1.  Bring a quarter - In order to get a buggy (cart) at Aldis you need $.25.  Don't worry, you will get it back when you return said buggy.
2.  Bring your own bags - In order to save costs, the attendants will not bag your groceries at Aldis.  But they have a counter near the check out and it is easy to just throw your goodies in a bag.  I am a little neurotic about taking my own bags to the grocery anyway so this isn't a biggie!
*they also have bags you can buy at checkout
3.  Keep your eyes peeled - walking into Aldis is not like walking in Kroger or your local grocery store.  Generally there are 3-4 rows total of foods and very simple labeling.  It may take a few trips to get your bearings (I also feel this way about Trader Joes) but once you have been a few times, it becomes second nature.
4.  Stock up on produce - I primarily buy produce at Aldis because it always looks fresh, there is a great selection and the prices are crazy good!  Honorable mention for gluten free pizza crust, vegetable chips, chicken, eggs, baking supplies and spices.  Bonus points that they carry wine and Diet Coke! 
5.  Bring cash or debit - Because of their no frills philosophy, Aldis only accepts cash, debit or EBT.  Again, not a huge deal, but something to make sure you know!

And those are just some of the reasons I love Aldis.
To give you an idea, I picked up everything below for $32. 
 This will last us a bit over a week, depending on how many smoothies we make and what is on our menu.  

Do you shop at Aldis?  Any favorites you have?


Swirl, Sniff and Sip

Feb 24, 2015

One of my bestest friends, Maggie (and her husband Jon) own a fabulous wine and gourmet food store in Indianapolis.  Their store is full of all things delicious from the food to the wine, there is nothing in there I do not love!
And you guys are in luck because Maggie is here today to share some of her current favorite wines and also how to appropriately enjoy said wines.  With a little help from their adorable bulldog, Ellie.
Take it away, Mags!
Somewhere between learning that a zinfandel is a red wine and not a sweet white, and my first trip to Napa, I started to learn how to appreciate wine.  I used to think the drinkers swirling and sniffing their wines were full of it. When I sniffed, I would take long deep whiffs and get a nose full of alcohol. A tour guide in Napa recommended we sniff just like a dog sniffs your hand – in short small bursts (much like Ellie pictured here sniffing the fresh air)
Macintosh HD:Users:maggiesadler:Desktop:sniff test.jpg

This changes everything. Instead of a waft of alcohol, you will start to smell the layers of the wine, which really gets your mouth watering and preps you for the sip.   The swirl before hand gets all that oxygen in there and opens up the wine. The sip, well, that’s pretty self explanatory.

Here are some wines we are loving for their outstanding value right now:
Heavyweight Cabernet $12.99
Flaco Tempranillo $7.99
Gran Passione Rosso $11.99
Bel Crème de Lys Chardonnay $10.99
Perlage Pinot Grigio $12.99
Salt of the Earth Flore de Moscato $10.99

And for a special night in (because, let’s face it, it’s horrible outside) try Farm Collective $34.99

Thank you Maggie! And Ellie! I definitely know I need to take some cues from Ellie on my sniffing habits.  I'll make sure to practice that tonight ;)


Weekend Wrap Up : Crazy Snow

Feb 23, 2015

Not as in, we got a crazy amount of snow (but we did!) but that snow makes Floyd CRAZY.
 As prissy as he is sometimes and as much as he hates the rain...homeboy LOVES snow.
If you don't think a basset can run, give Floyd some snow in a yard and watch him RUN, ROMP and act like a crazy fool.  I love watching him run like a crazy man and see his ears do a full 360 with each bound.
Our weekend revolved around the snow and Floyd didn't mind one bit.  Especially because after romping, I shoveled and sort of threw my back out so I spent a lot of time of the sofa snuggling him.
When I wasn't resting, I was doing a puzzle that Mister picked up for me for the snowy day. 
I managed to not leave the house on Saturday and I was not mad about it.
The snow really helped me work on my goal of resting and relaxing.  Because that is just about all we did!  

How was your weekend? Crazy snow filled??


Pin to Present : Oreo Snowmen

Feb 19, 2015

Remember when I told you we ventured to Michigan and I took some delicious treats with us?
Well today is the day I share those with you.
And considering the weather lately, these are more than appropriate.

Tell me there is something cuter (and more delicious) than Melted Snowmen Oreo Balls
They also could not be easier to make.
Package of oreos crushed up, mixed with cream cheese, rolled into balls and frozen.
Then you melt white chocolate, dip the balls and press on small oreos.
I used food coloring to make the faces.  Not nearly as cute as the original but I had slim pickins for decorating.
Considering I can't eat sugar, I had one TINY bite of these and can attest they were am-az-ing.  They received rave reviews from everyone that had a whole one!
I don't think that the snow or cold weather is going anywhere soon around might as well make a fitting treat to coincide!  

Linking up with Anne for Pin to Present today! 

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