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Festive Floyd

Dec 19, 2014

Since we've had our tree up, Floyd has managed to sit by it every night.  

Every night while we are making dinner he sits by the tree and looks at us.
Granted he is a weirdo most of the time.
BUT I think it is adorable and makes me want to take one million pictures of him.

How do you NOT photograph that sweet snout??
Floyd over and out,


Holiday Pin to Present : Glitter Canvas

Dec 18, 2014

I am not one to pass up a holiday craft.
Last year I made this glitter canvas and a few other as gifts.
I loved them so much (and had rave reviews from their recipients) that I decided to make more this year for our house!

I started with the idea from this pin and added glitter.  As we know, all crafts get better with the addition of glitter. 
And the other best part of this craft is that it takes about 10 minutes (or less!) to do.
I started with a canvas I purchased from JoAnns (3 for $8 on sale), Sharpie, paints and glitter I already had.
I created an organic line across the canvas with a Sharpie and started with red circles for the red ornaments.  I then covered the red with red glitter, letting dry a little and shook off the excess.  I continued this with blue paint/multi colored glitter and white paint/white glitter.  
I love the simple, just sparkly way this one turned out.  
And I had so much fun I made an ornament version as well.
Linking up with Anne today for Holiday Pin to Present! 


Christmas Around Our House

Dec 16, 2014

We started decorating our house for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving but I just finally feel like now everything is completed.
The stockings are up, (most) of the presents are wrapped, everything that could have deco mesh does and there are glittery sprigs coming from the top of our tree.
I am one happy girl.
Besides, is there anything better than evenings by Christmas tree light?
Here is a glimpse around these parts.
These LED lights above our cabinets are new this year and I am very, very in love with them.
(thank you Amazon)
Our tree is quite tall and FULL of ornaments.  And I would not have it any other way.
It all just makes me heart very happy and I sort of want to leave it up year round.
Come back on Friday for Floyd's photo shoot by the tree.



Dec 10, 2014

Would be the number of years that Mister and I am have been dating as of today.
I lived it and I still just do not believe it.
To find the person in the world that makes you ridiculously happy at all moments is incredible.

It all started 15 years ago today when...
Mister and I were standing at my house...
me with rollers in my hair (thank you cheerleading)...
and he kissed me...
and I kissed him back, of course...
and then I freaked OUT (inside of my head, of course).
I had to cheer a game shortly after that and could barely keep it together.

Before that night, we had been on a few dates and I was 100% smitten with him.
My friends and I made it a daily (probably hourly) point to always 'just happen' to walk past him and his friends in the hallways at school.
We had to do something to get those senior boys to talk to us freshman girls.
But, hey, apparently it worked and we've high school sweethearts ever since ;)

Just a few shots of us looking like children.  Babies.
That first one is straight out of high school.
His eye is a good thing we've both evolved.

Mister has made me feel so incredibly loved every single day in the past 15 years.
He makes me laugh, shows me unconditional love and patience at all moments.
He makes me smile just to look at him and think about his cute face and grin.  
He knows me way better than I know myself and I can't think of a better person to spend every day with than with him as my best friend by my side. 
Well, him and the basset hound, of course.

Annnnd that's enough sap ;)
Back to regular programming shortly. 


Christmas Card Debut!

Dec 9, 2014

Now that our Christmas cards have been sent out and reached most everyone (I hope!) I am dying to show off our photos.
A few weeks ago we headed out to a Christmas tree farm with Hannah and Alexis and snapped a few shots.  We took a few for them too (check out here!)  
Floyd was in tow (you can see his sass here) and definitely not left out of the fun.  
He was thrilled and fully involved, as you can see.
 0 cares given on Floyd's part.  'Outta here guys.'
Contrary to Floyd's feelings on our photo shoot, I LOVE them.  I used Zazzle this year and was very, very pleased with their product and service.

I think the time of day and lighting certainly helped us get some great shots.  We were lucky enough to hit the day at just the right time, the magic hour.  I highly suggest taking your Christmas card photos at a Christmas tree farm, very magical.

Merry Christmas! 

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