Total Basset Case: Awkard and Awesomes!

Jan 19, 2011

Awkard and Awesomes!

If you havent already, you need to jump over to see the ever adorable Sydney at The Daybook.  Im quickly developing quite the girl crush on Sydney...her style, sense of humor and love for her husband are out of this world.
Anyway....she does an amazing of installment of 'Awkward and Awesomes' every Thursday and they are the best! I wanted to join in so here's mine!


  • Pulling an extremely long gray strand out of my hair
  • Floyd insisting on a turn down service in our bed. every. night.
  • 1st attempt at spinning class and trying not to fall off the bike
  • Having 10 minutes to run into Target before work to grab 1 thing and having the check out guy ring up my item on someone else's order
  • My obsession with Real Housewives
  • Watching shows on DVR and repeatedly forgetting to fast forward through the commercials
  • New discovery of turkey burgers! Better than expected!
  • Our transformation going on to come :) 
  • Floyd's puppy pounce through the snow
  • The nine million inches of snow we are supposed to get today
  • DIY projects galore I have planned
  • This lug of a pup who is asleep on my lap right now
Feel free to share yours!


MUA said...

The comment on the spinning class made me a new follower...

Welcome to the marvelous world of blogging !


Sarah North said...

being the only teacher pulled onto stage for Ronald McDonald's Magic Show at my elementary school. forrrr about 15 minutes.

The Beckers said...

Having to have the "boys lift the seat to pee" talk and the "we don't pee on the bathroom floor" talk with my first graders. Ohhh...and then cleaning the pee off the floor. Happy Friday.

Lovin' the blog. :)

Tori Anne said...

i love turkey burgers. aren't they soo great?
i can't believe nine inches of snow ha dang thats crazy... we get like one inch here and its melted by noon that day ha