Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes!

Feb 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes!

Here it is! We have some good ones this week and after what is planned for this weekend, next week should be FULL of awesomes!! Head over and say hello to Sydney!

  • Letting the pasta I made on Monday suffice as dinner for the whole week.  Argh, terrible wife move. Sorry Mister :(
  • Realizing that our 5 year old nephew knows WAY more about dinosaurs (and just about every other animal for that matter) than I EVER learned. And how to spell them to boot!
  • When our spinning instructor tried to pump us up and motivate us with a story.  Her story was about how she had to put her cat to sleep. News flash: not a motivating story.
  • Sayj is coming TOMORROW!!!
  • Wait for it. This may be the most awesome thing...EVER. Are you ready?.......Bethany and I are meeting PW TOMORROW. Like, shes going to be in Cincinnati and we are going to see her in person and Im going to try to not make a fool of myself
  •  Ryan Gosling and George Clooney are in town. Let the stalking begin.  
  • Skyping friends from Australia! LOVE that accent!  
  • Book club and IKEA this weekend!!
Let's hear yours! 

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      Michelle @ Ten June said...

      Ha! That list is hilarious. So glad you met PW, she is AWESOME! Weird spinning instructor, I mean really?? And I'm coming to wherever you are to stalk Ryan Gosling with you. I really, really love him (and have since Mickey Mouse club!!)