Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes!

Feb 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes!

Thursday again! Kinda awkward but I don't have too many awkwards this week. Guess that's probably a good thing! Ha!  However, I've gotta a whole slew of awesomes! Enjoy!!

  • Realizing that during commercial breaks of the Rachael Ray show I was reading my Rachael Ray magazine on the treadmill.  Obsessed much?
  • Floyd's nervous belly and the fact that we have to give him a Pepcid every night with his dinner or he pukes. 
  • The noise that came out of my mouth when I met PW.  Great first impression. 
  • Meeting PW!!!
  • Bethany.  She was a super trooper while we waited for 5 hours to meet PW.
  • Sayj was here for the WHOLE weekend
  • Scoring some major deals this past weekend to fancy up Sayj's house
  • Having absolutely 0 plans this weekend. Such a wonderful feeling.  There are so many craft and house projects on the to-do list! Including, but not limited to, Project Office Organization and getting my new Craigslist desk all set up! Pictures to come!!
  • Having the honor of doing my first guest post this week over at Elise's blog, Romantic Hippie.  Link to come! 
  • Possible flea market/antique store adventures planned for the weekend
Let's hear yours!

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