Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes!

Mar 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes!

The Mister and I both have had crazy schedules this week and I am not sure I even knew what day is was at any one point this week. But I do know that it's Thursday and Thursdays mean diet vanilla cokes from Sonic and those make everything alright in the world. We may or may not have a small addiction and may or may not know all the employees by name...

Its the small and $.99 indulgences in life that really matter.

  • Floyd audibly farting while we were eating dinner
  • The colossal, I mean, HUGE fit Floyd threw after getting his nails cut at PetSmart.  He was NOT happy and he needed everyone to know it. 
  • Not winning anything at the quarter auction
  • The craigslist desk taking more time and effort to fix than what I paid for it
  • Mister's response to the sweet and tangy pot roast we had for dinner. "I could eat this every day!" That calls for kisses for the cook if I do say so myself!
  • The THREE cheap date nights the Mister and I had last weekend.  Thank you Redbox, Oscars and home cookin! 
  • NO plans again this weekend!! 
  • and really exciting plans for next weekend...girls trip!! 
  • Winning free lunch for 4 from Chipotle on Wednesday!  
  • The fact that Floyd loves brushing his teeth (holds a toothbrush between his chunky paws and chews on it) and he keeps one in our bedroom and insists on brushing his teeth before bed.  It's really adorable.
What's on your list this week??

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