Total Basset Case: Awkward and Awesomes!

Mar 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesomes!

  • Having a crowd of people stand around me and watch me mock assemble the DIY Mirror at St. Vincent de Paul.  I was just trying to figure out how many knives, forks, and spoons I needed and there was a crowd, it was strange.
  • Not trying to eavesdrop on other people's waiting room convos but then you legitimately have important information to interject so you just do it anyway.
  • My life for the next week.  It's beyond awkward, it's just going to be nuts. Lots of diet coke will be required.
  • Getting to see the besties this weekend to celebrate Mag's engagement while cheering on our Butler Bulldogs!!!
  • Butler Blue II is getting VIP treatment in Houston and has become so popular he is on TMZ.
  • Going to High Point Furniture Market this week.  Can't wait to see all the pretties!
  • My 1 year anniversary gift from Mister came in the form of plane tickets!! Hello, sunshine!
  • Getting 3 of my favorite Target t-shirts for $13, delivered.  
  • FINALLY meeting Leon this weekend. Gimme that bulldog face! 
And one more: this is awkward and awesome....this is what we were waking up to exactly 1 year ago today...

 Mister, can we go back? Like right now?

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Sarah North said...

Leon can't WAIT to meet you!!!