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Mar 28, 2011

DIY Mirror

I am taking 0 credit for this idea and fully praising Bev at Flamingo Toes for it.  Regardless, I LOVE it! As I perusing blogs the other day (pretty much one of my most favorite things to do) I came across this tutorial and I was immediately in love with the idea and I was off to the thrift store to gather supplies.
This project was super easy (and cheap) and I really love the way it turned out! Flamingo Toes has a great tutorial, so check hers out to gather all the details.  But for now, here are the quick details from my version. 

1. Cut 2 circles out of cardboard. Measure approximately 1"-2" and draw a circle where you want to line up your silverware.

2. Plan out where you want the silverware to lay.  I used the clock method and just kept filling in spaces until I liked the way it looked.  The patterns and options are endless here.  You could even do all one utensil, if you liked that look.

 3. Make sure you have a basset hound keeping an eye on your project.
4. Start gluing! I used hot glue for this project.  Im sure EZ6000 or something of that equivalent would work well also.

 5. Glue down your plate or charger.  I picked this one up at our local St. Vincent De Paul (gold mine of a store) for $.80 and the silverware were $.25 a piece. Told you this was a cheap project!

6. Once the charger was set I glued down the mirror.  In my case, the charger and mirror happened to be almost the exact same size so I was able to run a thin line of glue between the two. 

 7. I added beads to the perimeter of the mirror to jazz it up a little.  I alternated between clear large bead a slightly smaller black bead. 

8. I added wire to the back of piece by wrapping it around 2 of the utensils and used that to hang it on the wall!

Ta-da! It was that easy!
Thank you so much Flamingo Toes for this great idea!!

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The Beckers said...

Looks AWESOME! I loved Step #3!! :)