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Apr 16, 2011

DIY: Braided Headband

DIY headbands seem to be all the rage in blogland and I couldn't resist giving it a try too.  One of the best tutorials I saw was over at Smile and Wave.

The options and versatility for these headbands are endless.  For this example I've used a jersey fabric from Hobby Lobby but just about any fabric will work.  You could easily do 1-3 braids and depending on how wide you cut the individual strips can make the braids fatter or skinnier.  One fat braid, three small/skinny braids, two medium braids and the list keeps going!  Another option is also to use three different shades/colors of fabric to create a collage of colors. 

Here's how I did it (for a 2 braid, same color version):
Fabric: at least 18" long
Elastic: 6 inches
Needle and thread
Safety pins

1. Cut 6 strips (approximately 18" x 1") 

2. Safety pin 3 strips to a pillow, pant leg, etc. and braid away
3. Hand (or machine) sew the end of one braid to keep it from unraveling.
4. Layer the pieces: braid, elastic, braid.
5. Sew all 3 layers together on both sides

6. Incorporate into a new outfit! 
P.S. Who can spot the basset hound in these pictures?

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Ruth H. said...

Godd for you, figuring out how to do make this! It looks comfy.

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emily said...

Super cute!