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Apr 27, 2011

DIY: Painted Bottles

This may be the quickest, simplest, and cheapest DIY project I've ever done. I saw this idea over at Beach House in the City and wanted to try it out!

This project ended up being 100% free (we all know that I LOVE that). The bottles were left in our garage from the previous homeowners (score). 1 of them is an old milk bottle and 1 is an old narrow necked bottled. I was beyond ecstatic when I found them in the garage. That was the only thing that was exciting out of the numerous 'treats' they left us...
The paint came from the Valspar giveaway they have been hosting on their site.
So free bottles + free paint = great DIY project! I dont have a specific plan for where these are going but the options are endless!
I tried this project last night by following the directions to thin the paint a little with water.  This didn't work for me; the paint ended up being too thin. 

So I tried again tonight; much better success!

And, of course, you always need an energetic basset hound to help you with your projects.

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