Total Basset Case: Happy Birthday Floyd

Apr 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Floyd

Floyd turned 2 today! And in his honor, we made the day all about him! Which, honestly, isn't a whole lot different than any other day. 

Instead of buying him a cake this year I decided to make one for him.  I have to say it turned out pretty well! No, I didn't taste (Blake did) but it looked and smelled delicious! I simply googled 'dog cake' and came up with a banana peanut cake with a peanut butter frosting.  Floyd loved it! We fed it to him outside and he was even trying to lick the crumbs from out between the deck planks.

This afternoon we took Floyd, his girlfriend, Sidney, and Sidney's parents Marc and Bethany, to Wags Park.  This place was awesome!! Sidney had been before and she had told us how it amazing and she was right! The park had lots of grass to run around in, a small pond to swim in, and obstacle courses.  Floyd and Sidney were in heaven!  Sidney is quite the water dog and loved fetching her ball from the water.  Floyd, on the other hand, is not made for the water, but he tried!! When we first got there and he saw Sid in the water he became brave enough to go in up to his belly.  We were very surprised! Maybe we will invest in a baby pool this summer :)

I'd say Floyd has had a pretty good birthday...he's been passed out on the sofa since we got home. 

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Laura@everydayeasy said...

I can't believe you made him a cake! Love it!

Sarah North said...

2 things -
love that Blake literally spent the day down on the ground with him! :)

Mitch and I were JUST talking about getting Leon a baby pool this summer! I'm gonna start watching for one at yard sales!