Total Basset Case: I'm Back!

Apr 8, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello TBC readers! I am so happy to be back to the blogging world! It has been one crazy, crazy week. Where have I been you ask? Well....

Thursday: Mister had knee surgery...nothing major but surgery nonetheless. But it is a week later and I'm happy to report he is doing great!
Friday: Helped Mister recover and prepared to go out of town
Saturday: Spent the evening in Indianapolis celebrating Jon and Maggie's engagement and watching the Butler game
Sunday: Drove back to Cincy, veryyy early, turned around and got right back in the car and drove to North Carolina for work
Monday-Thursday: These days are a blur of beautiful fabric and furniture and lots of fun! 12 hours straight of looking at furniture and accessories can be extremely exhausting but I have some of the beautiful items to show you soon!
We got back last night and I am very happy to be home with my boys!

The only plans that we have for the weekend are relaxing and doing yard work. And, most importantly, Sunday is Floyd's second birthday!!! I plan on heading to Hyde Bark and getting him a cake tomorrow and I think we will take him to Wag's Park on Sunday for an extra special play day. 

Below are a few of my favorites from the engagement party...

The beautiful bride with her wonderful hostesses

Beautiful besties

Don't fret, we didn't actually get beat up, but boy does it look real!  Our friend, Tatiana, is a make up artist and we talked her into doing our make up as if we had been beat up, ha! Our girl Laura has some mad skills too.   
I'll be back tomorrow with some of the pictures from Market.  Get ready for some cooool stuff!

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