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Apr 20, 2011


I've recently become fascinated with perusing style blogs.  Have no fear that this has taken over my love of perusing DIY, craft, and design blogs.  No, siree Bob. It just equals more time spent in front of my dear computer.
I think what is drawing me in is all of the bright colors and fun Spring fashions that are popping up everywhere. And, I've come to realize, that stalking perusing these blogs helps me look at my closet in a different light.  I've been trying to put new and different combinations together of clothes I already own rather than buying new items.  (Don't get me wrong, there is some really cute Spring fashion out there right now and it is SUPER tempting). But I wanted to challenge myself and work with what I have (and maybe 'borrow' a few items from Mister's closet too...shh, don't tell him. 
So here is to trying new ideas, outfits, combinations! We will see how it goes!

Here's a list of a few gals that really inspire me:

*Sydney @ thedaybook

*Ramsey @ Love, Ramsey

*Katie @ Running on Happiness...I love the story of how she came up with her blog name

*Jessica @ What I Wore 

All of these ladies are beautiful, fearless, and of course, incredibly stylish! Take some time to peruse their blogs, hopefully you will as inspired as I have been!

P.S. All of these photos are courtesy of each lady's blog.

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Ramsey said...

You are so sweet! Thank you!