Total Basset Case: Rug on Over!

May 29, 2011

Rug on Over!

This Memorial Day weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of the Mister and I being in our home.  We were so excited to move into our first home last year and have been in love ever since.  To celebrate this anniversary, we got a rug.

Actually, it took me a year to find one I liked, was big enough and wasn't a million dollars.  It also just so happened to be this weekend. 

One would think that since I work at an interior design firm and I am, in fact, a designer, I would be able to find a rug.  Wrong.  I searched high and low and everywhere in between for a rug that I loved and met our criteria.  I found plenty that I liked but none that I loved.  I knew that if I was going to make a large purchase, such as a rug, I needed to LOVE it.  I even scoped out some rugs are Market that I had had my eye on.  They, too, did not wow me in person.  

I have discovered that there seems to be this problem when designers need something for their own homes...they can't make a decision.  I honestly think because there are so many options available and you know as soon as you place an item on order something new you like better will appear. 

And then Friday happened and good things just kept happening all day.

I just happened to wander into a little store, that starts with a Home and ends with a Goods, and there she was.  And she was the right color. And the right size. And not a million dollars.  Ahhhhh the angels were singing!! I got the okay from the Mister on the style and color and she was in my car ready to go home!

She matches perfectly with the sofa and the pillows and is exactly the right sze.  I'm in love and so happy to finally have a rug down under the sofa.  The whole space feels so much homier already!

What do you think?

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Ramsey said...

Nice find! And congrats on your one year housaversary!

Sarah North said...

i LOVE it!!! great find! patience pays off once again.

Val said...

Your new rug is great. I love the color. Cute blog.