Total Basset Case: Craft Fail...and Success

Jun 22, 2011

Craft Fail...and Success

I have seen these adorable bib necklaces all across blogland and in stores.  Recently, Little Miss Momma made a very cute one with buttons...see, it's cute. Her directions are very straight forward so I won't bore you with the wordy details.  Here are some photos of how mine went.

However, for some reason, I decided to forgo her directions and wing it.  Well, let's just say that didn't go well.  I wasn't happy and the Mister told me it looked like I was wearing a medallion.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  Sooo, I did this...

This is where not following the directions gets you, kids. 

After I had a mini meltdown I decide it might be best to draw a template. 

Then things began to look up.

I like it!

What do you think? Have you had any craft fails or success lately?

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