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Jun 3, 2011

Gettin' Fresh

Ever since we moved in our house last Spring, I have been dying to plant herbs.  Actually, what I really want to do is plant a small vegetable garden, but I thought I would try something on a smaller scale first.  And I haven't managed to talk the Mister into building a vegetable bed yet. Yet...

So once the weather started turning warmer I turned to my own personal Martha Stewart, Elise, for some advice on how to get started with herbs.  I'm sure everyone remembers Elise and her fantastic herb gardening tips from her guest post a few weeks back.  Well I took her advice from that post and I got to gardening!  To get started, I planted peppers, parsley, oregano and basil.

Having a cute container for the herbs to grow in was my first priority.  Hey, it's just the way my mind works!  So I took a cue from Hi Sugarplum and snatched up some cute buckets from the $1 spot at Target.  (Her's are super cute!  I'll have to up my game for next year!) 
I made holes in the bottom just like she did and then painted the names of the herbs on the outside of the bucket.  Super simple! I love the way they turned out and even more than that, I love having fresh herbs to cook with!  
Even though my herbs are still growing and not ready yet, I still have plenty to utilize thanks to Valeria (my MIL)!  She was kind enough to bring me mint (from her own garden), rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and parsley.  I have been using the herbs from her in our dinners and they are great!

I still very new at this gardening thing and really don't think I have gotten my green thumb but it sure is fun!

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Ramsey said...

Don't you just love fresh herbs?! They are so lovely!