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Jun 23, 2011

Goodies in the Mail

Ever since I won that AMAZING giveaway from Cassie @ Hi Sugarplum, I have been anxiously awaiting my treats to arrive in the mail.  I am happy to say that they have all arrived and I am in love! 

Besides, who doesn't like getting packages in the mail?? Actually, I love any type of mail.  I get mad at the Mister if he goes out and gets the mail before me.  I'm not sure what my obsession is...maybe it's because my mom always let me get the mail when I was a kid and it felt like a SUPER important job.  Whatever the reason, I LOVE mail! 

Here is a run down the items I got:
1.  2 pillow casings from DIY Pillows
1 for the sofa 
and 1 for our bed

2. These be-au-ti-fullll earrings from Haute Hardware. I'm seriously obsessed.

3. These adorable note cards from Pixel Impress.  I've already sent a few of these out! 

4. And finally, a photo print from Poster Brain.  I decided to go with one of the Mister and I on our wedding day.  I love, love, love this print and I can not wait to hang it up! I think I will do what Cassie did and adhere it to a canvas.  I haven't quite decided where to hang it yet but I will be sure to let you know when I do.

And one more note about Poster Brain...these people are great to work with and hysterical to boot! The emails and follow up emails I received from there were so funny!   I highly recommend their services and they send you a Werther's candy with every purchase!  Who doesn't love candy?

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Sarah North said...

those pillows look FANTASTIC!!! Ugh, so jealous of your winnings. :)

Kate said...

Wow this was an awesome giveaway! I love how the pillow looks on your couch :)