Total Basset Case: Meal Plan : Week of June 13th

Jun 12, 2011

Meal Plan : Week of June 13th

Hello everyone! I am happy to be back in the meal plan mode! I've been home for the past week playing nurse to my mama...she had knee replacement surgery..ouch! I'm happy to report that she is doing great!!

Here is our meal plan for the week:
Monday: Boca burgers and sweet potato fries
Tuesday: Power Enchiladas (I've made these before and they are so delicious and good for you!) 
Wednesday: Enchiladas again
Thursday: P90X Turkey Meatloaf and 'healthy' mac and cheese (also SUPER yummy)
Friday: Date night with the Mister :) belated 1/2 anniversary for restaurant choices!
Saturday: Leftovers/clean out the fridge

What are you having this week?

And just for kicks here is a picture of Floyd protecting his's a job he takes very seriously.

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