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Jul 25, 2011

Chop Chop: The Big Reveal!

I did it! I chopped my hair on Friday...and I LOVE it! 
It is definitely taking some getting used to but I really like it. 

As soon as I told my stylist I was going to chop my hair she immediately suggested we measure it and see if I had enough to donate it to Locks of Love.
We measured and I did have enough! Yay! 
It is required to have 10" of hair to donate and mine was right at 10" mark.

To get all 10" she had to cut it a little shorter than I was originally anticipating. (Insert momentary panic.)
After a deep breath, I was more than happy to cut my hair a little shorter so someone else could make use of it. 

I am having fun learning and experimenting with different ways of styling it.  
I think more DIY headband projects are definitely in my future!

More pictures to come once I play with it a little more!

(P.S. that is not my house in the background. Ill explain where I was later in the week. )

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Unknown said...

so cute!

Laura@everydayeasy said...


The Beckers said...

Sarah - your hair is SO cute! And even better - with a donation to Locks of Love!!

Elise said...

Love this cut on you! So sleek and beautiful- it really suits you so well!

Haley{PairsandPours} said...

cute! it turned out great :)

natasha {schue love} said...

Love it! Looks awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks adorable!!

Monica and Whitney said...

I absolutely love it! It makes me want to chop my hair off.

-Monica @

Stevie Leigh said...

Ah! I love that! I wish my hair were as straight as yours :)

Great blog, girl!

Unknown said...

fun cut!! looks great on you. <3

Katie said...

Wow your hair is soo super cute short! I love it both ways :) you are so lucky you can pull off both!!