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Aug 9, 2011

Hey Up There

So we have all this space above our kitchen cabinets that I have been dying to fill with goodies.  But I haven't wanted to put just anything up there, I want it to be the perfect pieces.  (i.e. I'm a little indecisive and even more OCD about decorating).

This past weekend I ventured to a (new to me) antique mall and stumbled upon a few great things. 
First of all, it is HUGE place.  So huge, I didn't even make it all the way through it.
Second of all, actually, that was my only point.  It's a biggie.
   After much wandering, I came across this over sized light bulb and knew I had to have it! I knew this unique and unusual piece needed to come home with me.  It's weird and quirky...we are like a match made in heaven.

The light bulb was originally sitting in a similar wire basket but I didn't like that one as much as another one I had spotted.  I snagged up the other and headed to the cash register.  

I put the bulb and basket on top of our cabinets right next to our little piggy.  This little piggy went to market was a gift to us and is a 'Cincinnati' thing (every year there is a "flying pig" race).  I'm not exactly sure of his story but I know he was made in Cincinnati and I love that.  

Why, yes, those are kissing basset hound salt and pepper shakers.

To give you an idea of how tall the walls are up there.
And yes, again, that is a stuffed dinosaur on top of the fridge.  
He has had some injuries and is waiting for surgery.

Now here is where you come in...
I know I need more 'stuff' up there but I can't quite figure out what (again, decide exactly what I want). 
I would really like some color of some sort (probably a orange/burnt orange).  And I need some height.  
I have thought about a taller vase with brown sticks and/or letters on the wall.

Kara at A Little Bit of Lovely talked about these Anthro letters and I love the idea of spelling 'EAT'.  However, like her, I would DIY some instead of spending $18/letter. 
So what do you suggest?  Have you seen any great pieces lately?

What are you biggest design challenge areas in your home?

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Whim Wham Life said...

The EAT letters would look great up there! Maybe some different glass bottles/vases? I have a big orange glass bottle on my mantle, and I love it! xoxo

henning love said...

oh holy cow that light bulb is huge! i liked that you still used it to decorate your place. new follower :-)

Lisa said...

Urban Outfitters have a slightly cheaper version of the letters:

I also like the idea of vintage glass bottles or even a lamp. Like this one:

Good luck!

christine donee said...

I am a lover of all things mason jars. You could do SO many things with mason jars.. mix up the sizes.. fill some with flowers, maybe others with wine corks...

Flor said...

I have that space above my cabinets too and it used to drive me crazy bc I didn't know what to put up there! I finally ended up putting some lanters and some shrubbery up there and a really large vase. Meg at whatever blog has old world globes above her cabinets {I think} - looks beautiful! This light bulb is quirky and looks good up there in that basket! good luck :)