Total Basset Case: On the Hunt: Brown Boots

Aug 16, 2011

On the Hunt: Brown Boots

My brown boots are dying.  
Last winter may have been their last hurrah.  
Don't tell them though...I haven't broken the news to them yet.

I always have the hardest time finding boots that fit my list of criteria: 
1. I like 
2. Fit well and comfy
3. Don't cost a fortune
4. Not heeled (I really like the small wedge heels)

Santa brought me a pair of black Steve Madden boots last winter that I LOVE.  As much as I love diversity in a wardrobe, I honestly wouldn't mind having the brown pair just like them because I know I like them/they fit well.  
(Early Christmas present, Mom??)

But just for inspiration, boot(re)search and fun here are a few I found via Pinterest.

Fryes, yes please
The ever beautiful and stylish Kendi
I think these are the ones like my black ones.  If Kendi wears them, you know they're cool.

Which ones do you like? Has anyone seen any cute boots on sale lately?

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Haley{PairsandPours} said...

I just got some at tj maxx in black but they had them in brown also they are michael kors check my monday post. I have the steve madden ones as well and love them!

natasha {schue love} said...

Loving the Frye Boots! So yummy!