Total Basset Case: Sweet Treat

Aug 25, 2011

Sweet Treat

Last week Bethany asked if I wanted to get Yagoot with her one evening.
My mama has always told me that ice cream (or tart yogurt) is a suitable dinner.
And you can't argue with your mama.

Then this week Bethany came to the rescue again with news of a new yogurt place in Kenwood.
I told her we should probably continue our weekly tradition and try this place out.
I mean we needed to make sure it was safe for everyone to be eating.

Orange Leaf is one of the trendy new yogurt/ice cream places where you pay by the weight.
Orange Leaf is very similar to Coldstone (my ultimate fave) but with yogurt.

There were probably 20 different yogurt choices along a brightly tiled orange wall 
and then just as many toppings to choose from. 
The flavors ranged from peanut butter to key lime pie to mango to raspberry.

I chose brownie batter and cheesecake

Not knowing exactly how the pricing would work out we didn't want to go too overboard with our choices.
We both chose two yogurt flavors and a multitude of toppings.
Their pricing is $.49/ounce (which is sneakily not posted anywhere).
Ours ended up being between $5 and $7.

Strawberries, Reese's Pieces, Chocolate Chips, Oreo Bits, Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Brownie Batter and Raspberry with Strawberries and Oreo Bits

 Clearly I hated it
P.S. Their spoons are shaped like shovels...

Overall it was yummy but I felt like the yogurt flavors could have been stronger.  
I think I would choose Coldstone or Yagoot first.
 But then again I love all frozen ice cream like treats sooo...I wouldn't turn it down if it came by way. 
Or I was driving past and needed a sweet treat.

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Christine said...

We got one of these places by us recently! Can't wait to try it out...

JMB said...

Orange Leaf is sooo NOM. NOM. It's my favorite ice cream in all of the land.

Eva said...

this has me craving ice cream/frozen yogurt!!