Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrapup: Indy

Sep 20, 2011

Weekend Wrapup: Indy

We had another whirlwind weekend but this time it all revolved around love!
We headed to Indianapolis on Saturday morning.

First it was off to Maggie's bridal shower.
(She's getting married on fun is that?!)
We showered her with love and lots of fun gifts.
The shower was very lovely and it was so nice to see the girlfriends!

1. The whole shower crew 2. Maggie and Jon
3. Margaret and Laura 4. Laura, Maria, Me

After showering Maggie, the Mister and I headed to the wedding reception of 
our friends, Jon and Karen.
We stayed at the reception allll night long and danced and sang and had a great time with friends.

1. The Mister, Ryan and Joe 2. Me and the Mister

Sunday morning I headed to brunch with some of my Indy besties.
We ate at Zest (I highly recommend it) and I had the best biscuits and gravy + cheese + scrambled egg concoction.
In between all of our activities, our friend Janie took some pictures of Floyd.
Janie took photos of Floyd when he was a wee little guy and also took our engagement pictures.
I can't wait to share the pictures with you! 
Floyd is quite the model.
(Especially if you are holding jerky in front of the camera.)

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