Total Basset Case: Market Recap

Nov 1, 2011

Market Recap

I told you Market pictures were coming...
Here they are!!
We saw SO many beautiful things at Market but per usual there are always a few reoccurring themes. 
This year they were (according to my observations):
-reclaimed wood
-splashes of RED
-Greige (gray + beige)
-Pops of jewel tones (pillows, throws)
-Funky chair designs/styles
-Differing mirror shapes

 I think someone has been Pinteresting...very cute
 These are paint stirrers stained...genius!

They had a lot of variations of these mirror + fabric or leather--very customizable.
I thought they would be an awesome addition to almost any space.

We also had the opportunity to tour the Thayer Coggin factory.
I will have those photos up soon!


Darby Hawley said...

Great pictures Sarah! I love that vase covered in a sweater (I think that's what it is). Very festive!

Jenny N said...

oh wow, I love everything!! that striped cute.