Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: Thanksgiving Style

Nov 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Thanksgiving Style

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family!

Here's how it went down:
Raced home to Madison after work to make it my high school reunion meeting 
to plan our 10 (!) year reunion coming up in 2013.
(so weird!!)
Then we had dinner and headed out to see everyone!
We had a great time catching up with old high school friends.
Whitney and I.
Sorry this is so fuzzy-not sure what is going on

The Mister, Floyd and I got up early and headed down to Tennessee to see my family down there!
This was Floyd's very first trip to his great-grandparents.
He did very well in the car and very well while he was there!
There were 5 (!) dogs at my Papaw's house for the day.
Everyone got along great! 
The Mister and I have started the tradition of going Black Friday shopping at midnight on Thursday.
(Apparently we are crazzzy!)
Last year it was Wal Mart, this year it was Kohls.
Well, it was supposed to be Target but once we saw the line we decided on Kohls.
When I say line, I mean A LIIIINE.
We guesstimated it was over 1/4th of a mile long.
Our sanity won over the savings.
We did score some good deals at Kohls though!
I can't share them quite yet...wouldn't want to ruin any Christmas presents!!

My mama and I got up (semi) early and I went shopping again.
Who doesn't love crazed shopping twice in 8 hours?!
We, again, scored some good deals!!
The 3 of us headed back to Madison to spend time with Whitney before she headed back to Dallas.

The Mister and I ventured to downtown Madison to do some Small Business Saturday shopping!
I love supporting small businesses and especially in my hometown!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Mister's side of the family.
The Mister's mom made a delicious meal and it was a great time with his family!
 Mister even carved the turkey! 

I'm worn out just talking about it again, ha!
We hope you had a great weekend with loved ones as well! 


Jenny N said...

what a fun weekend!

I was with 5 dogs this weekend too- chaos!

henning love said...

what a wonderful weekend! i hope you scored some awesome deals during black friday. and glad to hear floyd did great during the car ride