Total Basset Case: What I Wore Wednesday: Week 15

Nov 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Week 15

Now that Fall has finally arrived I have embraced the layering.
These outfits were great for cool mornings and warmer afternoons.
Collared Shirt: Target
Sweater: Gap Outlet
Jeans: BCBG Outlet
Boots: Steve Madden
 Cardigan: Belk
Dress: French Connection via TJ Maxx
Belt: Kohls
Boots: DSW
Yes, Mom, I need to work on my posture.

I think next time I may try to tie up my cardigan like this:

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cate @ wildruffle said...

It took awhile for fall to get here too - I think this was the first year I was actually excited to start wearing sweaters.:) Love the color of that pink sweater!!

Michelle said...

Love your outfits!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Simple and cute! Love it!

susan jakovina said...

Both outfits are really cute!
Tying up a cardigan...hmmm.

natasha {schue love} said...

Love both outfits...I would totally wear them to work! :)

katelyn w said...

Love your outfits! We will have to work on getting our basset hounds together!

SortaCrunchy Megan said...

CUTE! I am all about layering with cardigans these days, too. So versatile. You look so cute in both of these!

VANESSA said...

too cute!!! love the tie-up-idea too!

xo, vanessa (the gal)

Anonymous said...

You look awesome! I can't wait to wear scarves... and sweaters... and boots... i need me some more of those! are the second pair satiny?

Jodi said...

Great outfits (especially love the first one), and as always, great decorating in the background!