Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: Have Basset Will Travel

Dec 30, 2011

Fridays with Floyd: Have Basset Will Travel

Floyd usually does very well in the car.

When the Mister and I are riding together he sits in the back...
much to his dismay.
He would much rather sit in the front seat...on my lap.
And because at (almost) 50lbs he thinks he is a totally legit lap dog
that is what usually happens.

And also because I can not deny those eyes...he usually wins. 

This is his favorite position.  
Booty on my lap, body on the console and head on the Mister's shoulder.
There is no way that could be comfortable.
Anyone spot the Sonic?

How do your doggies ride in the car?

 P.S. Happy (early) New Year to everyone!
Our NYE will be spent celebrating my birthday 
 and the marriage of one of my very best girlfriends!

It's looking like it is going to be a GREAT way to ring in the New Year!


Hilliary Meisner said...

Floyd is adorable! My little dog love to sit on my lap, paws on the arm rest and looking out the window!

Happy Almost New Year, and Happy Birthday! Sounds like lots of fun celebrations!

Domesticable said...

Toby sits in the back seat with a seat belt. He would love to sit up front with us but I can't take the risk of him getting hurt if I was in an accident.


Katie said...

Haha, too funny how it is sooo hard to NOT give in to these dogs!! Brutus doesn't love the car. He has a little anxiety problem to say the least. However, we got this big seat for him that goes in the back seat and allows him to see out the window. It is much better now!

Hope you have a great New Years and Happy Birthday!!

Danielle said...

Oh goodness! Huckleberry likes to sit on my lap too...when I'm driving!! It just simply isn't safe Floyd!! So cute :)