Total Basset Case: Friends

Dec 15, 2011


Last weekend we ventured to Indianapolis for a Christmas party.
 While we were there we made plans to have lunch with some very special friends. Rachel and Andrew (and their parents, too!).

I babysat for Rachel and Andrew for a few years when I lived in Indy.
They are the most wonderful kids and possibly the funniest people I know.
Rachel and Andrew both hold a very special place in mine and the Mister's heart.
They were even in our wedding! 

I love when we are able to spend time with them.
I can not believe how much they have grown up.

We had a great lunch with everyone and can not wait to see them again!


Hilliary Meisner said...

Sounds like so much fun! I need to make a trip back to Indianapolis to see all my college friends that stil live there! Great pictures!

navy and orange said...
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navy and orange said...

love the flower girl dress!

xoxo navy & orange

The Beckers said...

Props to Andrew for rockin' the IU hat!

Those kiddos are SO cute and, as I recall, provided quality entertainment at your rehearsal dinner. :)