Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: Busy yet Relaxing

Mar 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Busy yet Relaxing

I'm going to blame Daylight Savings Time for not getting my weekend wrap up up until Tuesday.
 Regardless, we had a great weekend.
We seemed to cram a lot in but had a fair amount of rest time in as well
(multiple naps on the couch...)

This weekend we:
  • did some Spring cleaning 
  • tried out the new 'pineapple' flavor at Yagoot
  • went to a free yoga class at Lulu
  • had coffee with a new friend, Lauren
  • test drove some cars
  • found out that we could have a beer on the patio at BD's Mongolian Grill for a $1 and have Floyd with us. dreams.
  • watched the original 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' (very good)
  • checked out the new Moerlein brewery downtown

And for my favorite purchase of the weekend: I picked up this blush (in pink passion) 
from elf (at Target) that I am quickly becoming obsessed with
Speaking of elf...look at this Groupon I found 
$15 for $30 worth! 
That is SO much elf!!


Darby Hawley said...

Sounds like a super weekend!

Katie said...

What another restaurant you can take your dog to?!?? So exciting to find all of these out! How was Moerlein? PS- we took Brutus to a new day camp place where he can be outside durin the day... And he passed his temperament test, lol! That gave me a little more confidence to try out Wag park!

Hilliary Meisner said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

I somehow missed this post earlier in the week! How was Moerlein anyway?? The chips look super yummy in that bottom picture! I had a great time hanging with you on Saturday!