Total Basset Case: Rafting?

May 16, 2012


The Mister and I have been discussing
a short summer vacay for this summer.

I was thinking a long weekend at the beach
relaxing, reading, spending quality time together.

Somewhere close(ish) that we could drive to
Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, somewhere in Michigan along the lake
You get the idea.

So the other night Mister presented me with his idea...
Mister: What if we go rafting this summer?
Me: Like white water?
Mister: Yep! There are some great places in West Virgina!
Me: (I kid you not this is the first thing that came to mind)
What shoes do I wear?
Mister: silence
Me: Do I wear a helmet? This sounds dangerous.
Mister: (still in shock over the shoes question)
I think you do, it is safe. People do it all the time
and don't die.
Me: Oh, well that's reassuring....
Mister: Anyway, I was thinking that could be fun!
Do some rafting, camping, exploring.
Totally opposite of what I was thinking.

Honestly the idea of rafting kind of scares the you know what out of me
that is also what intrigues me.
I need to be better about doing things that scare me...

 So ladies, I need your help.
Is rafting fun?
Is it scary?
Who has been before?
Am I going to feel like I'm going to die?
And more importantly, am I going to have to buy special shoes?


Melanie said...

I was scared to DEATH to go rafting... But we went, and it was amazing. I was the only one (of course) out of 10-12 people on our trip to get thrown out of the raft. I lost a shoe, and thought I'd lost my camera! Despite all that, it was a great time, and I can't wait to go again! We used Ace Adventure Resort in WV, and I'd recommend them to anyone!!

Katrin said...

I went rafting last year on the colorado river. i have been scared to death. really. (but i have to admit that deep water freaks me out, i am scared of a pool). it was the idea of my husband and i did not sleep at all the night before. i even said goodbye to my dad (honestly). but hey, it was fun. i thought i'd die twice but it still was fun. i did not have any speacial shoes, just sneakers.

Wendy Mac said...

I went rafting in WV a few years ago, it was FUN!! My husband was the only one to fall out of our boat, but the guide quickly pulled him back in. You will be very tired afterwards though. I wore some old sneakers, bathing suit with a tank and board shorts over it. They make you wear a helmet and lifevest. You should try it, but I would also try to get a more relaxing beach trip in this Summer too!! :)

Joy said...

I haven't been, yet, but we are planning to go in TN this year! We both have water tennis shoes from bass and that's what we will wear. My brother and his wife go every year and they say it's quite a ride. I'm excited and scared at the same time. However, I'm with you — nothing beats the beach!

Joy said...
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Bethany said...

It's amazing, you will love it!

Joanna B said...

It's fun, it's scary and at times you think you may die. It is definitely an adrenaline rush! As for shoes, we always wear old beat up sneakers that we'd be ok losing cause sometimes that happens!

Katie said...

Being from southeastern Ohio, Derek and I have definitely gone rafting many times between us in WV. It is seriously so much fun!!! Especially if you can get a big group together.

Unknown said...

Rafting is awesome! I live in WWV now and there are a lot of places to go. If you go to the New River, Ace Adventures is awesome. They also have ziplines and there are cabins for rent in the area. The town of Fayetteville is also very cute!

Emily said...

Rafting is great!! Tubing is always a good option too, keeps you on the river but a lot more lounging!
I live in Virginia Beach if you need some recommendations! Also the Outer Banks is just a short drive from here and is a great vacation spot!

Life In Heels Blog said...

i too was scared to go wwr! it was SUCH a blast though! ive actually been twice.

Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

It's fun fun fun! I did it in Auburn, CA (which = freezing) and in South Carolina and OH my gosh it was so much fun! I'm a "lay on the beach on vacations" kind of girl too, so I didn't think I'd like it, but I was totally surprised. Worth it.
(and you go barefoot, so you're fine there) ;)

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

We've also been discussing a short summer vaca. I can assure you I'd be scared of rafting also!!! Also...the tan lines! I'm a lay on the beach kinda gal too, haha. My brother and dad went rafting and my dad got stuck on a rock, hahaha.