Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: Drama King

Jun 29, 2012

Fridays with Floyd: Drama King

Floyd is apparently been trying out for the puppy Academy Awards
because he has TURNED up the dramatics lately.

Example 1
I took him to the vet the other to have his boot-ay expressed.
(sorry to be graphic but it's vital to the story. It's not a fun experience for anyone, but a necessary basset health requirement).
As the vet tech was taking him back she said:
'Hi Floyd! Do you like having your boot-ay expressed (she used the correct medical terminology) more than you like have your nails trimmed?
I know that you are quite the drama king.'
My dog's dramatics are known all over town.

Example 2:
The panting.
I know it's hot out and he is wearing a black fur coat
Floyd will begin to pant the moment the garage door has gone up 
and we begin our walk.
We are barely out in to the fresh air and he's panting.
Listen, Floyd, you haven't even had time to breath in the actual outside air
so I don't believe that you are quite that hot just yet.

Example 3:
The old western flop.
It doesn't matter if it's 60 degrees or 100 outside,
Floyd does the exact same thing every single time he comes inside.
Step 1. DEMAND an ice cube
 Step 2. Preform a 3 point fall down to the ground in an act in pure agony.
He carries on as if we have asked him to run a marathon
when really we've been outside for less than 20 minutes
(and even less when it's this hot out).

Do your animals carry on like this?

P.S. no bassets have been harmed in the making of these videos or photos.


Sam said...

Haha! I love Fridays with Floyd. When my lab comes back inside from a run he collapses just like this, but right on top of the air vent. He even goes swimming in the creek on most of our runs, so he could not be that hot. Gotta love em!

Darby Hawley said...

hahaha awwww Floyd what a fabulous dog!!! I feel his pain with the heat, I think I do the same 3 point turn onto floor LOL

Erica said...

Ha Ha! That video just kills me. My Tanner is the same way. The heat just kills him. Whenever, I take him outside he just turns around and stares at the door. The little bugger is so ready for fall...

Caitlin said...

HAHAH Fred is a major flopper AND loves the dramatics. In NY when we would pull (gently, mind you) on his leash, he would often let out a squeal of agony. People would look at us like we were beating him.

Anonymous said...

TOO funny! I love how all animals have their little quirks - it makes them all the more adorable!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. panting the moment the garage door goes up ... ummm, sherman! that is totally sherm. this morning I took him for a walk and he just laid down in the middle of the road. Like a pavement road. he was that mad at me for making him go.

I Do Declare said...

Oh, the drama - I love it! Chloe HATES the vet. She needs a mani/pedi SO pad, but that requires a full nuzzle. When she wears it, we call her Houndable Lector!

Unknown said...

LOVE Floyd! Our dog won't walk past the end of our driveway during the summer. She refuses, runs back inside, to the back door and upon exiting jumps in our pool. She literally looks at us like, "You fool. You think I'm walking on the road when I can float just feet away from my bed. You humans have completely lost your mind."

Happy seeing beautiful!

Heather said...

This is so sweet! Fred gets like that too... But he does a 2 point flop. Firs the lowers himself onto his front legs (with his butt in the air) and then plops his butt down...

Unknown said...

My little Stella, is a Diva..she might have invented it! She does the same panting thing and people look at me as if I am abusing her or she is dying!

Domesticable said...

Oh Floyd! Yes Toby acts this way except he ignores me and refuses to go outside when its hot. Or if he goes outside, he's in the pool within seconds.


Casey said...

A "3 point fall" hahaha Hysterical. Thanks Floyd, you just made my morning.

A Big Little Life said...

My pups get so lazy in the summer. Barkley is actually getting a summer haircut today so hopefully that will put some pep in his step!

Jodi said...

My basset was the worst when we took her to get her nails clipped. They had to muzzle her! Ha. Like a basset would ever bite!

Unknown said...

found you on the magnolia pair and wanted to say hello!!

katelyn w said...

This is so funny!! Sophie does the exact same thing! She barks for ice cubes and gets so sassy if you dont give them to her in the exact amount of time she thinks is appropriate!

Amanda English said...

My boss has a bassett and he tells me the funniest stories about how lazy and dramatic he is. LOL! I only have kitties, but puppies are funny! xoxo A-

Wendy Mac said...

Dying!! That video kills me....definitely a drama king! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

bahahaha.....that is hilarious. One of our doxies gets all dramatic around dinner time and she starts this whining thing where she just runs around with her mouth open and then falls over and proceeds to bite what ever it is in front of her (dog bed, stair, etc)as if we don't feed her or something!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

OK he is too much!! Oh lord, our dogs have to have their boo-tays taken care of too. EW! Poor babies! But yes ours can be so dramatic sometimes. Love that you caught him on film!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings