Total Basset Case: Current Faves: Food and Drink

Jul 19, 2012

Current Faves: Food and Drink

My food and drink obsessions definitely change with the seasons.
I usually crave light, airy, fruity and easy foods and drinks this time of the year.
Here are some things I am loving this summer.


1. Cool Mint Clif Bars
I discovered these once I started running.
They taste just like thin mints and have protein.
Win win in my opinion.
2. Diet Sunkist
We all know I am a Diet Coke girl through and through 
but sometimes I like to switch it up a little.
Diet Sunkist really hits the spot on those days.
3. Fresh Fruit
I think I have eaten my body weight in grapes, peaches,
 apples and cantalopethis summer.
I just can't get enough!
4. Blue Moon Margaritas
These are perfect for sitting by the pool or out on the lake
and simple to boot.
When we make them we do one part frozen mango margarita
 and the rest Blue Moon
There's a more detailed recipe here
5. Fire Crackers
This mix is perfect for munching on while by the pool
I'll do a recipe post on it soon!
I made it a few weekends ago and we could not stop eating it! 

Does your pallet change with the seasons?
What are you loving right now?

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Tonight I'm headed to my first Bacchanalian Society gathering
and I am so excited!
I have been wanting to do this forever!
Wine tasting and networking, yes please!


Anonymous said...

Oh yum... you are making me hungry and I just ate breakfast!

CALLIE said...

Firecrackers are my absolute favorite!! And I MUST try the blue moon margarita.... two of my most favorite things combined? Yes, please!!

Erin said...

My husband just got me loving Diet Sunkist about a month ago- it's one of his faves and I like it now too!

And I definitely up my fruit consumption in the summer lol. I always eat fruit, but I can't get enough of it as snacks, in my lunches, etc!

Darby Hawley said...

A blue Moon margarita?! Now that is something I definitely need to try!

Casey said...

Diet Root Beer has been my summer switch up this year - ah, takes me back to childhood :)

Jen said...

Mmmmm those Blue Moon Margaritas look so good! I might have to try these :)

Because Shanna Said So said...

Okay, I am def trying these Clif Bars...I LOVE thin mints! And beer-a-ritas are the BEST!! Lastly, can't wait for the recipe post on those crackers!! ;)
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Anne said...

Ooh, sounds like a fun event.

I love light & fresh in the summer too. Lots of grilled vegetables and fruit salads around our place lately.

Russty Thereon said...

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Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Why have I never heard of Fire Crackers? I'm obsessed with cheez-its. :)

Sarah O said...
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Sarah O said...

I love Clif bars and I can't wait to try that Blue Moon margarita.