Total Basset Case: Recipe Binder Organization

Aug 29, 2012

Recipe Binder Organization

I have a problem.
 I like recipes.
I really like cooking.
And I love eating.

It has been on my list to organize my recipe binder for a long time.
For at least 2 years.

I began this binder about 4 years ago and have been adding to it ever since.
At point I did organize it into sections.
And then I got lazy and just started shoving print outs, magazine tear outs, and recipe cards in there.
And, as you could imagine, it was a HUGE mess.

This past Saturday I decided to finally sit down and organize it all.
The good, the bad and the ugly.
 I divided all of the my recipes into categories:
-party foods/ideas

 Once I had the recipes divided out into sections I
3 hole punched them all. I attached the smaller recipes to pieces of paper and 3 hole punched those.
To make the section dividers I used cream colored card stock.
I used silver card stock for the tabs and labeled them with labels from my, beloved, label maker.
I love that pretty lady of a label maker.
 I then started cramming filling up the binder.
 Who spots my helper?

This was Phase I of the Recipe Binder Organization.
I am already planning Phase II of this project.
Phase II will be:
-dividing the recipes into at least 2 binders
-organizing the sections into more detail
i.e. types of desserts and genres of food

But for now, I am happy with the way it is.
And I can't wait to start cooking more recipes from my organized binder!

One day we will talk about my cookbook collection...


megan said...

I started a recipe binder and it pretty much looks filled to the brim like yours...and then Pinterest came along and I've neglected it. I think I need to dust it off and start using it again! :)

According to Jax said...

Holy Moly.

Erin said...

Sooooo, our meet-up should definitely be a recipe binder organizing party, deal?! LOL- good for you! I need to get on this big time!!

Cara said...

Awesome. I love organization and I love recipes. Do you just print them mostly offline? Do you ever use books?

Katie said...

I started a recipe clean up and organization project... ten plus years ago. To this day it's only partially organized, and has gone through several revisions. I originally planned to type them all up, put them in clear page dividers (which I hoarded) and put them in binders. I found out that was (a) really time consuming (b) really space consuming (my binder was so huge I divided in it two, and they are both huge) (c) not very user friendly (though the page protectors are good at protecting the recipe from spills and splatters while in use)
I still have two HUGE folders of cut out recipes, and so many magazines I have yet to even sort through. Silly me thought that once I finished college and had my own house I'd have TONS of time to work on this project, and that's just not so. Who knows if it will ever get done! I need to do something though because several recipes are written in my grandmothers handwriting and I really want to preserve those. Maybe I'll just focus on that first and take the rest later.
I really need to work on this - thank you for the reminder!

k said...

oh man, i'd love to have something this organized with all of my recipes!!! sadly, that is not happening anytime soon so i'll just be jealous of you :)

Lia Joy said...

I need to do the same thing. I have stacks of print outs/magazine tear outs, etc. It's getting ridiculous.

Darby Hawley said...

I am very impressed! I have mine on a bookshelf and need to do this...but I am a procrastinator too. I do like that even Floyd gets a special section!

#mommylife said...

ohh good idea! I just have a ton of tear outs from magazines sitting around in a folder! I was going to put them all in clear protector sheets.. but i like the idea of just hole punching them straight into the binder!

Jessie @ Just Jessie said...

This is awesome! I'm planning on putting all of my recipes and workouts into binders this weekend - it's my weekend project :)

Allison said...

I did this same thing last feels so great to get it done! Good work girl!

Luana said...

I have inherited my grandma's cook book... actually, she gave it to me when I said I wanted it to be mine, and she said she didn't want it to be attached to her not being here anymore... And the good part is, I still get to work on it with her. ;)

BTW, we have a Floyd section????????


Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

My recipe binder is so small compared to yours. This means I need to cook more! :-) Floyd looks like he is the best assistant!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings