Total Basset Case: F is For Fridays: Part 4

Oct 26, 2012

F is For Fridays: Part 4

Happy Friday lovahs! 

Who is Halloween-ing it up this weekend?
I can't wait to see what everyone dresses up as!

Floyd and I have extra special guests for you today!
 Elise and I have been bffs for many, many years and Floyd and I are more than happy to share the blog with her and her pups today!!

Take it away, Elise!
Hello TBC-ers! I’m Elise and I’m so happy to be over here with you all today! Sarah and I go way back. So far back that it feels really weird calling her by her first name and not her maiden name, which is how myself and all our other BFFS know her! The stories I could share with you all…
(Oh the day we will share :) )

But that’s not what I’m here to do today! Today, I’m a fellow blogger and write over at all about different recipes I whip up, house projects, gardening, and a little bit of life in general. When it comes to life-blogging, the main stars (other than my husband Ben and his mad baking skills) are our two pups, Finnegan “Finny” and Honey.
 This is us.
and these are our dogs!

We’ve had Finny since he was 8 weeks old and have been in love ever since. He is 3 ½ so pretty much through the puppy phase. Honey, on the other hand, is 5 but we’ve only had her a whopping 2 full months! Yep, adopted a little later in life, Honey is new to our crew so we’re all still getting adjusted.
 Honey rocking her new collar from Big Paw Collars

Funny story, I met Honey before I even knew Finny existed. A few years ago I babysat for a family member while they were in the hospital having their newest baby and Honey was their dog. Around that time we were looking to adopt a puppy but didn’t know which breed. After spending a couple hours with Honey I informed Ben that we would be getting a Wheaten Terrier like her!

Fast forward almost 4 years later and things were a little crazy for Honey. She was really stressed with all the kids around her and started to get scared and snippy. She needed a change of pace so that’s when we stepped in. Now we are a dog-loving family of four and couldn’t be more thrilled.

I’ll be honest, adopting Honey and totally changing things up for her hasn’t been easy. The initial stress she was experiencing caused some health and behavioral issues she’s still dealing with. It has taken some time and, I’ll be honest, funds to make it work but we’re getting there and it is absolutely worth it!
Honey is the most incredibly loving and respectful dog out there. Seriously, she waits until she is invited to jump up into bed with us or sit on the couch.
What a ham.

Finny on the other hand….he is the first so he clearly owns the joint. Since we haven’t talked about him too much, I’ll include that his favorite pastimes include operating as neighborhood watchdog in our front window, and getting excited when we say some of his favorite words: Wally (his pal), Rod (my dad), Ride (loves them!) and Nordstrom Rack (I kid you not and have no idea why! He hasn’t even been there!).

So there it is, a full introduction to Floyd’s friends, Finny and Honey. I hope you’ll stop by and visit me from time to time to catch up on how they are doing and try a few of my recipes or projects! I’d also like to extend a warm welcome for you to join me on Facebook, Twitter (@RmnticHppieBlog) & Instagram (@eliseshrockmannies). See you around, TBC-ers and thanks again for having me!
I sure do love that family!
I mean seriously, how cute are those pups?!
Not to mention they both look like teddy bears and I could just snuggle them up all day!
Thanks again, Elise!!

Speaking of celebrating adopted dogs, don't forget to enter the Frosty Paws giveaway!

Now go visit Elise and her pups!
I'd check out the recipes over there too if I were you...just sayin...
if you like delicious things...

Hope it is a spooktacular weekend for you guys!!


Elise said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of TBC today! Finny and Honey are super pumped to get to share the spotlight with the Floydster!

Michelle said...

you and your dogs are adorable - and you're an interior designer too?!

Jandyersn said...

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