Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up: Best

Oct 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Best

We had just the best weekend.
A little bit of alone time with the Mister
and a bit of time with the besties.
Best of both worlds.

Friday night the Mister and I decided to have a low key date night.
We went to the movies (hadn't been in forever) and saw Argo.
Guys, oh my.
It was SO good but SO stressful.
We both really, really enjoyed it but I bit off all of my nails in the last 30 minutes because it was so intense.
Remember how in Apollo 13 the last bit of the movie has you on the edge of your seat?
It was just like that...only more stressful.
After the movie, we needed something to settle us down so we went to Orange Leaf.
Froyo makes everything better. 
 You think he got enough Resses?
Saturday morning I got up bright and early and headed to Indianapolis for Butler's homecoming.
(Almost) all of the besties were there and it was just such a fantastic day.
There were a few key players that we dearly missed but we know they were there in spirit and they better come next year :)

We are never ones to do anything on a small scale. 
 I am pretty sure we had enough food and drink for all of Butler.
I am very lucky to be graced with friends that are such amazing cooks.
We had everything from bacon jam to apple pie spice puppy chow.
It was just the best day.
Good times, good friends, good memories, good laughs.

Sunday we took a family trip to the pumpkin patch once I got back to town.
Here's a sneak peak...I'll have more on our trip later this week! 
Floyd picked out some pumpkins
and came nose to nose with a donkey and some turkeys.
He was a little unsure of both.
How was your weekend? What did you do??
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Kait said...

Is it me or is Floyd standing like a ballerina?

Erin said...

Floyd has great posture ;) Love him!!

Looks like you guys had a blast at Butler's homecoming. I have yet to make it to one at my college, always something else going on that weekend! Love the scarf you're rocking :)

Joy said...

Floyd and his perfect poses! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Have a great week!

Jodi said...

Floyd looks unimpressed w/ the pumpkin patch. Ha! Love the scarf you have on in the homecoming pics. Looks like a fun weekend!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Did someone say bacon jam? I've been dying to try my hand at that.

We had our dogs out enjoying the fall sights this weekend as well!


Anne said...

We NEVER go to movies but have been talking about actually going to Argo - though usually I handle those intense movies better at home, where I can walk around if needed! So good to know :)

We drove through Indy on our way to Chicago... looks like a fun weekend there too. And your outfit is super cute!

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

you are just the prettiest!!! I have told my hubs I wanted to see Argo but he said it'd be too complicated/intense for my taste!

CALLIE said...

Looks like so much fun tailgating!! And as always, you just look adorable. That smile of yours infectious!

Tess said...

What a fun weekend. I love your brown vest. I seriously just ordered one from Lands End - but where did you find yours? It's too cute!

Caitlin said...

OBSESSED with Argo! SO suspenseful and wonderful. Can you imagine if every movie was that good?

J and A said...

I love your scarf and pink pants!! And Floyd looks adorable as usual!!

Lauren Nicole said...

I've been wanting to see Argo! Now, I need to go see it, because I love nail biters! Floyd is seriously the cutest, ever. Bailey is my Beagle, and I always said when I'm ready for her to have a sister, I want a Basset hound. Love those floppy ears!

xo, Lauren

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Homecoming is so much fun

Aww I need to introduce Floyd to my sister's basset hound Mollie ;) They could go to the pumpkin patch together hehe

Laura said...

Gorgeous photos! That fro yo looks delicious! :)

Helene said...

your photos really are so.. crisp? anyway you have a good camera. My friend's uncle is the inspo for argo. (don't tell her I haven't seen it yet)!

Allison said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I had to miss my college homecoming this year for a wedding and was so sad. It's always good to be with college friends!

Kristen said...

I'm glad to hear Argo was good, I want to see it!

Because Shanna Said So said...

You and your friends are precious! I want to come tailgate with y'all! ;) So FUN!!!

Jen said...

What a fun weekend! I can't wait to see more pics of Floyd at the pumpkin patch! Oh and I agree, love Orange Leaf!!

Sara said...

Sounds like the greatest weekend! Seriously, the Butler homecoming looks like it was an absolute blast. ;) And Floyd looks so dapper with that pose of his! Too cute!