Total Basset Case: F for Fridays: Part 5

Nov 2, 2012

F for Fridays: Part 5

Oh Friday, I am so happy to see you!
Since getting back from our trip on Monday I have been exhausted this whole week.
Not too mention they threw in Halloween this week too.

Floyd and I are honored to welcome Kat from shopschoolsleep to Floyd's Friends today!
Kat has a really great blog!
I love all of her adorable outfits for school that she posts each week.
And check out this post where she incorporated a beautiful piece from her wedding into an outfit.
Kat is here today with her 2 cats.
Floyd Friend's is not just limited to doggies!
We welcome all animals!!
Take it away, Kat!
Hey Total Basset Case Readers!!

I'm Kat and I blog over at shopschoolsleep. I am so excited to be a part of Floyd's Friends!! Isn't Floyd the cutest?! Unlike Sarah I have 2 cats, Kors and Spade. (yep, I named then after fashion designers Michael Kors and Kate Spade!!)

Kors is the orange one and Spade is the black and white one
I wonder how Flyod feels about cats? What about cats that think they are dogs?
Seriously my "youngest" cat, Spade, will fetch ANYTHING!! And she BEGS like a dog...if she sees any kind of fruit, chips, popcorn, meats...anything considered food really... she is sniffing around and reaching up to try and steal it. Spade is also a scaredy cat and jumps at everything!! You can read Spade's story on my blog here.
Spade eating her piece of the peach you see in the background
She wants more and is trying to steal it
The day we brought spade home...she was so tiny and climbed up to my shoulder.
That's my husband in the back, taking the picture

So sweet and innocent
Scaredy cat at the doctor's office

She loves leaving me her "mice" toys as a surprise in my purse
Kors is a typical cat...laying around all day and cuddling with us all night. He is the sweetest, loving cat. He even gets along with dogs!! (I brought over my dog, Elle (who lives with my parents) and they were...tolerant of each other.) Kors enjoys sunning himself, being a contortionist kitty and playing with boxes. you can read Kors' story  here.
Blurry but his favorite sleeping position

Spider cat!!
He curls up in his perch
He loves playing with boxes
Just dives right into them
We call him "Little Lion" we shaved him lion style for the summer
I'm really not a crazy cat lady!! I blog about life with the husband, teaching, fashion (aka my weekly meal plans for outfits here, here, and here for starters) these cats and anything else that pops into my head!!

Thanks Sarah and Floyd for letting us come over!!
 How cute are Kat's babies?
They look like little snuggle bugs!
Now go check out Kat's blog and say hi!!

Have a great weekend, friends!
Anybody have any good plans?

P.s. if you want to be a part of Floyd's Friends just shoot me an email at totalbassetcase{at}gmail{dot}com and we will work something out!


Helene said...

ohh those kitties are cute!!! I'll be sure to check her out!

Allison said...

So many of the things her cats do I laughed out loud because mine do the same thing! Happy Friday!

Allison said...

P.S. My cats want to be Floyd's friends too. :) How do we get in on that?

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

aw yay! thanks again for letting me a part of this series :)

Janna Renee said...

Haha I was laughing at what he hid the mouse next to in her bag ;) Too funny