Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Tasty Sweet

Nov 30, 2012

Floyd's Friends: Tasty Sweet

We made it to Friday friends!!
I had a super fun work event last night that I can not wait to share with you guys next week...I know the suspense will be hard but try to keep it together. 

And for a weekly Floyd update, he wanted me to tell you guys thanks for taking a look at his list and he is happy to provide his mailing address if you want to make that adorable hat or sweater appear at his crate door.
He does not want me to tell you (or Santa) this but he's been a bit of a rascal lately.
 Case and point.

I turned my back for one second while making lunches the other night and he thought he would help himself to some turkey and cheese.
This is definitely not the first time this has happened and I'm sure it won't be the last.
We can't keep anything on our counters that he can reach or he is off with it in no time.
So if you are at our house and need a dish towel it is probably in the far back corner of the counter where mister sneakily long legs and surprisingly good hops can't get to it.
(i.e. the red and white striped towel in the corner)

Floyd and I have a definite TREAT for you guys today!
Sara (great name) from Tasty Sweet is here today with her pup Izzy.
It's literally a treat, I mean check out her blog and try not to drool while looking at her amazing creations!
I think these Caramel Apple Crisp Cupcakes may be my favorite. How cute are those mini bushel baskets?!

Take it away Sara and Izzy!

Hi, I'm Sara and I blog at Tasty Sweet: Chronicles of a Cupcake Artist.  I started the blog just over a year ago to show my friends and family what I was baking.  I've shared some other projects too and photos of my BFF (Best Four-Legged Friend) Izzy.  To be honest, for every photo I take for the blog, there are usually two or three with Izzy somewhere in the background, she is the queen of the photo bomb.  Perfect example here.....

I was taking pictures of my DIY tv stand and there she stood.  It's a good thing she is cute!  To be honest though, the majority of the photos I take are of Izzy.  Of the 1200 photos on my phone, 1099 are probably of Izzy.  I don't have human children, so she gets all my extra attention!  She may be slightly spoiled (mostly by Grandma!) but she brings so much joy to my entire family, I know there are other dog moms out there nodding right now, it's just amazing how dogs do that!

I do feel bad when I'm baking, as Izzy is usually banned from the kitchen as she tends to get under foot, most likely looking for me to drop something tasty!  To make up for it, I've baked some cupcakes for Izzy too!  Yes, Floyd and all his friends will have to check the blog soon for my post on cupcakes for Izzy.  They are made from one of Izzy's favorite special treats, pumpkin!  It's the least I could do for my special pup.

If you want to see more photos of Izzy (who doesn't?) follow me on Instagram, all photos will be either Izzy or food (my two favorite things!).  Thanks to Sarah and Floyd for letting us stop by Total Basset Case today.  To be honest, the dogs of bloggers are usually what first draw me to a new blog.  I'm guessing Izzy is happy I read this blog too, hello? have you seen Floyd's Wish List?  I think Izzy would be happy to receive any of those things.  I'm guessing we'll be working on Izzy's list this weekend!  Me?  I think I have everything I need...

Oh I think Izzy and Floyd would be fast friends!
He has mastered getting underfoot in the kitchen and a couple of times it has been in his favor.
I know that Floyd and I will be checking Izzy's blog soon for that recipe!!
And you are SO right, Sara...all you really need is love and a dog.
Couldn't have said it better myself!

Enjoy your weekend, loves and go check out Sara and Izzy!


Sarah Tucker said...

LOVE this post! Floyd and Izzy are just precious! Our dogs do the same thing about standing up on the'd think we starve them ;)

Have a great day!

Pamela said...

Love the picture of Floyd!! Too funny!

Anne said...

Izzy is so pretty! And I have that same little plaque sitting on my bookshelf. Most days I agree with it until Ginger does something nuts - though only one time have I caught her on the counter like that. Floyd!!! I love how skinny stretching to reach makes him look :)

Jen said...

Oh my, both my pup Abby and Floyd could get into such much trouble together gettings things off the counter. I love these Floyd's Friends posts! And Sarah's pup is such a cutie. I love the pic with the cupcake apron, and the last one with the sign. How cute!!

Jodi said...

I LOVE that picture. Too funny. Bassets are so short yet SO long. Who would have thought that he was long enough to reach the top of the counter! Ha! Have a great weekend.

Kait said...

Mostly I want to know why the popcorn video didn't make it up today.

Whitney Cypert said...

HI! New follower from Lauren and Lauren! : ) Floyd is SO adorable! And so is Izzy! Sweet babies!

Head to Toe Chic said...

Both of your dogs are too cute! We are getting one after Christmas and I can't wait!