Total Basset Case: Random Wednesday #3

Nov 28, 2012

Random Wednesday #3

I can't get enough of these Random Wednesday linkups with Shanna.
I love all things random and finding great new blogs!

1. My birthday is New Years Eve and I am already scoping out dresses.
I mean it's my birthday and NYE, I need a cute dress...that has to be a law somewhere.
I was thinking of using Rent the Runway.
Have you used them and if so, did you have a good experience?
I do know that they will send you 2 sizes of the same dress and I really like that feature.
These are some of my favorites so far.

2. I am in need of new hairspray.
I have heard great things about Elnett but have not been able to part with $13 for hairspray.
Is it worth it?
I'm secretly hoping for an Ulta coupon is this weekends paper (yes I get a Sunday paper, yes I am 90 and yes I cut coupons every Sunday once it hits my driveway) and I'll at least try out the travel size.
Besides, Elnett, any other recommendations for awesome, volume keeping hairspray?

3. I could really use a (week)day at home to get life and our house in order.
I feel like every night is a whirlwind of walking Floyd, working out, dinner, making lunches, maybe crafting, blogging and watching our shows.
And then I fall asleep on the couch.
And the house doesn't get clean and my to do list continues to grow and nothing gets crossed off.  And I LOVE crossing things off my to do list.
Maybe I just need a maid...?

4. I am thinking of braving Target early Saturday morning for the Neiman Marcus debut.
I am also thinking that I may want to sleep in for once.
I just wonder how crazy it will be and if there will be a line at 8am...
What to do what to do?
I missed out on the Missoni debut and am still kicking myself over it.

5. Monday night Floyd graciously woke us up in the middle of the night by HOWLING at the top of his lungs at something outside.
I have NO idea what he heard or saw but I've also never heard him howl that loud.
We were not happy campers.
He continued to huff and puff once he got back in bed.
He is quite tough, you know. 

6. The handle on my car door broke off over the weekend.
 Getting into my car has become quite interesting.
Funny thing is, the Mister used to have the exact same car (same year and model and almost same color, isn't that cute ; ) ) and the exact same thing happened to his car.
No worries, a new handle has been shipped out.
Until then I'm that crazy girl holding 47 things and trying to pry her door open.

Happy hump day, friends!


Shelly@Shelly No Belly said...

I love Victoria's Secret hairspray. It's all volume-y and smells good too, lol.

Kait said...

I use Garnier, because I like the smell and I use a root boost when I dry my hair. Also, have we discussed dry shampoo? Because that gives you volume like no other. Floyd doesn't appreciate you casting him in such a negative light here on the le blog...

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

So I'm reading your blog this morning with breakfast and Norrie starts to get really excited. Gaaa Gaaa!! And she's pointing at the screen. I start asking her what she sees and I turn back to the screen and see Floyd. She doesn't mind if I read your blog as long as there are pics of Floyd ;)

Katie said...

Oh my you have to do rent the runway and tell me about it! I've always wanted to try it!

Amanda* said...

I am debating Target, too! Sorry about your door handle! How annoying!

According to Jax said...

My fiance's birthday is on NYE you like your NYE birthday? It's definitely hard to plan around a holiday!

Ooooooh thanks for reminding me about Target! I need to go! If you decide to go to the one off Smith/Edwards let me know and we can meet up! :)

Rachel @ front row seat said...

Oh gosh..I didn't know about the new target NM debut. You're going to get me in trouble! haha!

I've never used Rent the Runway personally, but I've heard great things about them. Another option you should try is Janie Rose Boutique. They are a precious store in my neck of the woods with fabulous dresses at decent prices.

Kristen said...

I am a HUGE fan of Matrix Vavoom hairspray. It helps with volume, and it's great at maintaining your hairstyle. I love it. I only get my hairspray at the Beauty Brands hairspray sale when it's $8 for high quality hairspray. I love a good sale/coupon too, so I guess I'm 90 too. ;)

I forgot about the Target thing. Don't know if it's worth it going at 8am though....haha

Sarah Tucker said...

I am not going to lie...I giggled at the thought of how I would attempt to get in and out of my car if my handle came would not be a pretty sceen!

Love this post!!

Happy Wednesday!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

You have the best birthday EVER! I haven't used Rent the Runway but I've heard really great things about it so I think it's a fabulous idea! And yes, Ellnett is TOTALLY worth it!

Katie said...

tresemme hairspray girl! or chi hairspray! :) That happened to both your cars!? So weird!!!

Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

I think Rent the Runway sounds like a great idea!!! If you want to get a killer dress that you either 1) won't wear again, and 2) is really gorgeous, but wallet friendly, that's def the way to go!!! And thanks for reminding me about the NM at Target! I can't believe I forgot!!!

Joy said...

If you are on Ulta's email list... I'm getting a coupon every week. =) So hopefully you'll have one coming soon. And Floyd is just being protective, you know. I'm with you on needing a maid. Once I get home from work... I cook, clean the kitchen and then I'm ready for bed - at 7 I might add! This little one is growing up a storm and has this little momma exhausted... all the time. =) Guess I better get some sleep before he or she makes their debute in June! Happy Wednesday. I'll be linking up later this morning. =)

Katie said...

how fun that your birthday is on new year's eve! I love those dresses - can't wait to see what you pick!

Erin said...

I use Aussie hairspray and love it. Cheap, smells amazing and they have lots of different 'hold' options!

I totally hear you needing a week day off, heck any day off would be great. There are always a million things to do and just not enough hours in the day to get them done!

Nat said...

Rent the Runway is great! I would highly recommend it! What a fun date for a birthday! I use Salon graphix hairspray, you can find it at RiteAid or CVS-I think it works for being cheap

Because Shanna Said So said...

How fun...your b-day in on NYE!!! You must do the Rent the Runaway...I haven't done it, but heard great things! You HAVE to rock it that night! You poor thing with the car door...that straight up sucks!! Thanks for linking up! Love ya!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

great dresses! That would be so fun to rent an amazing dress sometime! Can't wait for the Target collection! Good luck!


Darby Hawley said...

Yes just go for it and get the maid :-) I need one too! I can't believe your door handle fell off! Does that mean you enter and exit the car through the window ;-)

Alisa Marie said...

OMG - I was at the shop last week and they broke my car handle off! Luckily they did it and had to replace for free :)

Anonymous said...

I'm totally w/ you on the needing a day to get things in order around here. I feel the same way and was planning to do nothing this weekend to take care of it but hey, when good opportunities come up, you gotta take them so I'll be out again this weekend. ;) Did not know about the thing at Target and I have GOT to put it out of my mind. Payday isn't until next wk and my checkbook can't take it right now. Do tell us all about it though if you go. I'll live vicariously thru you!

Unknown said...

I have bought coupons on ebay. More than once. My husband thinks I am crazy, but if I am only spending $1-$2 on 100 random coupons, I am bound to get my money back, right??

Erin said...

I've always wanted to try rent the runway too! Let me know if you try it. I still find it rather expensive just for one night but after all I am a Target/H&M shopper 95% of the time so cheapo kind of just goes with Erin at this point...

Melissa said...

If you're birthday is on New Years Eve I think you deserve the most amazing dress available! Love of glitz and sparkle :)

now following :)


Ashley said...

The handle of your door came off?? That is a super bummer.

I love that your birthday is New Year's Eve. You DEFINITELY need a new dress to celebrate!

Anne said...

I'm all about treating yourself to a birthday dress - and I think it's a must if it's on New Year's Eve!!

And I hear you on getting the house in order... I really needed a weekend after arriving back from Thanksgiving weekend. Still recovering.

Samantha said...

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