Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: From Miss to a Mrs

Dec 14, 2012

Floyd's Friends: From Miss to a Mrs

 Thank goodness we made it to Friday.
Things were looking iffy around Wednesday and I wasn't sure I was going to make it.
Work has been bananas lately, good bananas but bananas nonetheless.
(Does any else swing the Gwen Stefani song when they write bananas?)

Moving on...Floyd and I are thrilled to welcome Nikki and her pups to Floyd's Friends this week!
Regardless of what she says about their bad habits, I think all 3 of her pups are adorable!!
Take it away Nikki!

Hi there! Thank you so much to Sarah for letting me be a part of Floyd's Friends.  I'm Nikki, and I own the 3 most destructive dogs in the world.  Two are so small you'd think there'd be no way they could destroy anything, but you'd be wrong.  Let me introduce them:
 This is Dash. He's the super destructive one. He's 11 months old and weighs about 55 lbs and eats everything.
This is Caesar. He's tiny at 15lbs, but at 7 years old he does things just to annoy mommy. 
This is Socrates. He's scared of everything and not intentionally destructive, just accidentally when his brothers make him. He's the middle brother both size and age wise.

Caesar is a big fan of flip flops and underwear, and always has been.  I cannot tell you how many pairs of each I've gone through because he climbs into the low hamper to get them out. 
Socrates only destroys thing when one of his brothers has something he wants, then he has to play tug of war to take it from them and usually ends up ripping whatever it is (my shirt for example) in half.

Dash just likes to destroy things.  When we first got him, he ate his crate. Yes, the metal kind with the bars. ATE the bars and wiggled out the hole he made. Then while he was out, he ate the puppy training book and a feather pillow.  I still find feathers everywhere.
Now that he has a new stronger crate, he moves the bottom of the crate and rips up our carpet. All the way down to the concrete underneath. 
He also cannot be left too long with toys. If we're not playing fetch with him, he doesn't get the toy because he just sits there and chews and chews until it's gone.
He also likes to jump up on the bed, pee and jump down while my back is turned.
Dash's crowning moment of descruction was a complete accident, but his fault none the less. I was working on a blog post one night, sitting at our dining room table.  Dash was asleep next to me, and thought he heard something. He took off for the door and yanked my brand new pink laptop off into the floor, shattering the screen and mouse pad.  The computer shop said it's irreparable. Dash has no remorse.

All three of them have the same Christmas wish list: TOYS!! Dash needs the heavy duty non fluffy chew toys. The little dogs want stuffed toys, but they have to play with them separately or Dash will rip them to shreds.

Well, I've taken up enough of Sarah's space today.  I hope you've all enjoyed meeting my pups. Come check me (and them) out at From a Miss to a Mrs :)
I think they look perfectly innocent! 
But so does Floyd and we've all seen him get into trouble a time or two...
I know we all love our pups so much and they know just the way to push our buttons, don't they? 
Like how Floyd only steals my gloves and runs around the house with them and not the Mister's...rascal.
It's a good thing they are all so stinkin cute!
No go visit Nikki and her pups!!

P.s. Don't forget to enter the Keysocks giveaway!!
And also don't forget to have a fabulous weekend!! 


Domesticable said...

YAY! Someone else who has a destructive dog! Toby just decorated for Christmas with his pillows. We should start a support group. Great blog and beautiful fur babies.


Joy said...

I promise I'm just laughing with y'all.... but Dash sounds like the sweetest... Nikki has it all wrong, right?! HA! It's puppy stage right... he will grow out of it, maybe?! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Always Maylee said...

Caesar and Socrates (love the names) are SO cute!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Margaret Birch said...

Dash reminds me of MY boy, Smokey! He's so handsome! Looks like a pit mix, yes? He will grow out of his bad habits. Smokey was the most ill behaved dog. He did all of the things you mentioned, including destroying multiple crates. Once he hit about 3, the puppy behavior subsided... haha.. I know that seems like a long wait for you ;) They are just such a determined breed. I would suggest the toys at pet-co that aren't stuffed (stuffing-less so they can't unstuff and drag all over the house!) also, KONG toys are amazing and can be filled with peanut butter. It will keep him really busy. You can even put it in his crate with him. KONGS are indestructible, they are pretty much made for this breed. So, there's a lot of unsolicited advice! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Umm, no but I totally should sing the Gwen Stefani song when I write bananas because I always misspell it!


Nikki said...

Haha he's an American bulldog and lab. And I
Love unsolicited advice! He actually ate his Kong too. And so far 2 of the Kong balls. Nothing is indestructible to that dog :/ I'm just awaiting the grown up dog stage lol