Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up!

Jan 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

1st off, I'm jealous that some of you that have today off.
I do not and will be spending the day trying to sneak a nap in under my desk.
Thankfully I have a new space heater that my boss gave to keep me warm while I nap.

We had another weekend at home and without many plans.
Friday night we rented Pitch Perfect, ate some homemade popcorn, gelato and wine.
 It was accaawesome.  (Tell me you've seen Pitch Perfect!)
This was our first Talenti experience and I can't believe we waited so long to try it.
Pure deliciousness.

Saturday I worked on a DIY project that I will be showing you soon and that evening we had a birthday party for our friend Emily.
We went over to Katie and Derek's beforehand and I got ready with the girls.
It was nice to get dolled up with some girls for a change.
Floyd usually gets ready with me but he's not so good at telling me if my hair looks good or not. 
 How adorable are Katie's shoes??
I made Eat Yourself Skinny's Funfetti Cake Dip to take to the party.
Guys. Whoa. Never have I tasted anything so delicious.  
Seriously, make it next time you need to take an appetizer somewhere.
The recipe makes quite a bit and it's all I can do not to eat it out of the bowl with a spoon.
(I think next time I make it I'll probably half the recipe or it could be cute in little dishes as individual servings for a party or shower.)

Sunday went down as the laziest day that was ever a day and it was amazing. 
We napped on the couch and caught up on some shows.
I didn't even make it out to Target.
Granted I was there on Saturday but still, I always go to Target on Sundays.
I contemplated getting a few things done around the house and then talked myself out of it and just enjoyed being lazy and doing absolutely nothing. 

Have a great week!!
I am literally dreading how cold it is supposed to be this week- there's a chance long johns will be worn.
Wonder if anyone sells basset hound sized long johns??

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Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds awesome! I'm really jealous of your Sunday too... that's a perfect day for me... just being lazy, sleeping in, and not having any obligations!

Jodi said...

That cake dip sounds delicious! I love Pitch Perfect. Such a funny movie and the singing is great. My Sunday was as lazy as yours and it was wonderful!

Whitney Ellen said...

Ohhh buddy, love me some Talenti. It goes on BOGO at Publix all of the time and you better believe I stock up. What flavor did you try out?

Katie said...

love her shoes and those pants! you girls all look beautiful! your friday night sounds great! i want to make that recipe - yum!!

Sarah Tucker said...

My stomach started growling the minute I looked up the recipe for that Funfetti Dip! I will be making that ASAP!

Allison said...

That dip looks awesome! Glad you got to relax this weekend...hope you get in that nap under your desk today. :)

Joy said...

Gonna have to try that dip!! And I'm jealous of your Sunday... we were on the road so much that I feel like I need a day off to recoup! Of course, we are working today, too. But it was nice not having to deal with the traffic this morning =) Have a great Monday!

Jen said...

I loved Pitch Perfect, and Rick actually liked it also! I just checked out that dip, and I am totally going to have to try it...thanks for sharing! And I agree, I am not looking forward to the cold temps again this week. It was actually 51 on Sat here, so it's been rough having a nice day and then a few days later it's in the teens. So not cool! :)

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I am so buying the ingredients for that dip today. They are already on the grocery list. :) Thanks for sharing! You look so pretty all gussied up with the girls.

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

I loved Pitch Perfect!! I am a big popcorn fan and Love to use my old air pop-popcorn machine...I tell myself it's healthier hahaha. Katie's shoes are cute and it's fun to get ready with other poeple...I miss those day ahahah. Lazy sundays are the best!! Have a great week!!

Whitney Cypert said...

Lazy weekends are the best! Did you like Pitch Perfect? We haven't seen it yet but I really want to, I'll have to talk my husband into it probably. Ahh the Funfetti Cake Dip sounds so scrumptious! Hope you are having a great start to the week!

Anne said...

1. I don't get the day off either - but somehow Peter does from residency. He doesn't get very many days off so I shouldn't complain (and we did get to go out for breakfast), but come on, my employer...

2. I can't wait to see Pitch Perfect! Who knows why I've waited this long.

3. Long johns won't be necessary because I refuse to take Ginger out when it's 5 degrees. Ha. But really, not excited...

Kelley Gilster said...

sounds like you had a perfect weekend :)

Sam said...

funfetti dip, pitch perfect & target... I think I'll add these 3 things to my next lazy weekend!

Angie said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend. I know my long johns will be coming out this week. It's only supposed to be 15 degrees here tomorrow. That is ridiculous!! Stay warm my friend!

Tyler said...

your hair is so gorgeous! :)