Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Sugar and Stripes

Feb 8, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Sugar and Stripes

Friday, you're here!
Whoop whoop!!

Last weekend Pierre's mama Casey instagrammed a picture of Pierre playing with a new 'intelligence building' toy from PetSmart.  It was a barn with 2 chicks inside and the the obstacle is to pull the chicks out through 2 different holes.
I thought it was so adorable and immediately decided that Floyd needed it.

I want my dogchild to be as smart as Pierre, doggone it! 
However, I will admit that I was a little skeptical of Floyd knowing what to do. 
We've seen him play fetch (or not) and know that he isn't the best when it comes to doing actual 'dog' things.
BUT I am happy to report that the chicks have been successfully saved from the barn MULTIPLE times.
Go Floyd, go Floyd, it's your birthday!  (not really, but almost! April 10th if you want to go ahead and start getting him gifts.)
And every time he gets one out I carry on like he's just completed a marathon.
*I wanted a picture or video of this but, of course, when I was writing this post he wanted nothing to do with the chicks and barn.  Basically because he's the most stubborn dog EVER.  

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Today on Floyd's Friends we have Rachel and her 3 (!) pups from Sugar and Stripes!
They are all super adorable in their own way and I want to snuggle them all up!
I love the idea of having multiple pups and them all being best friends.
Nothing warms my heart more.

Hi TBC readers!! I'm Rachel and I blog over at Sugar & Stripes. Thanks to Sarah (and Floyd) for letting us take over a little bit of their space today! I live in Texas with an amazing man and our three little fur-babies!  Life can get a little crazy messy with three furry friends around all the time, but we wouldn't have it any other way! Without further adieu, let me introduce to you The Trio---
First we have Molly the German Shepherd. She is the "reliable one" in our family. A very laid back personality and all around good dog. She loves to fetch. She will bring you her ball and wait for you to throw it all. day. long. She is very focused during this activity and just cannot get enough. She is very protective- always on the lookout for any signs of trouble and when something suspicious arises, she is the first to let us know. When we're not at home, I'm confident Molly is taking care of the house and her little sisters. She is fierce when she needs to be, but she is a downright sweetheart. She lets me cuddle and pet her and will let me know that she is not ready for me to stop. She is very vocal and loves to talk and sing. We have conversations with her, (which I would imagine is probably irritating to dogs), and it sounds like she is talking along. She is the mother of the group. 
Next up, we have Berkley the Little Lab. She may be small, but there is no question she is a Lab once you get to know her. There is a chance she has something else in her too, but we steer clear of that topic because she is convinced she is a German Shepherd anyway. Berkley is the "sensitive one". She doesn't like loud noises & will go and lay in the corner if Kyle throws a ball on the wall. She is the first dog I've known that gets in "moods". When she was younger she slept on a dog bed in our guest bathroom- she would get in one of her moods, go to her bed and shut the door. She is a lot happier these days. She loves to lay on her back and play with toys. She loves to chew stuffing out of toys (and I mean all of it). She loves being outside-she is always the last one to come in and whether it's raining or sunny outside, we will find her sitting in the middle of the yard looking up. Berkley is so convinced she is a German Shepherd, she taught her ears to stand straight up like theirs. They did not used to do this! We're certain when she meets other dogs she introduces herself as "Berkley. German Shepherd". Poor little thing is so confused... 
And last but not least, we have Bella the white German Shepherd. She is only 8 months old, so she is still a baby and growing everyday. Bella is the "friendly one". She loves everybody and she loves to snuggle. She is such a calm dog, and especially for a puppy, she is so laid back. She has to be with people at all times. If we wander into another room, she has to follow. Bella loves to eat any and everything. She has swallowed full toys, pieces of toys, socks, grass, leaves, sticks, small rocks. The girl loves to eat. I am pretty sure this was a puppy phase because she seems to be growing out of it. Thank goodness. She worried us there a few times, but she has a stomach of steel and, I guess, can digest anything. Crazy little pup... She is a sweetheart though and still has that puppy hop in her run, especially when she runs up the stairs. She loves playing with Berkley and she loves trying to impress Molly. 
We love our little pups!! They get into trouble sometimes, but they are such sweet, smart dogs and our house is pretty quiet considering we have three of these furballs ;) 
//left Berkley--(notice the ears) & Bella //top right Molly having a laugh //bottom right Baby puppy Berkley
//top left puppy Berkley sleeping in the car //top right puppy Bella would pop up between me and the counter when I was doing dishes //bottom left Molly posing for the camera //bottom right family nap
If you would like to see more of our daily adventures, come visit us at Sugar & Stripes. We would love to have you! 
P.S. thanks so much to Sarah & Floyd for having us!! My three dears think they would have SO MUCH FUN on a play-date with Floyd! ;) 

No, thank YOU Rachel and crew!!
Your pups all sound like a mix of Floyd and I love them!! 
These pups are also convincing me more and more that our house would be juuust fine with a few more Floyd's in it... ;) right Mister?

Now go visit Rachel and her adorable babes!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?
Whatever it is, I hope it's a great one!
If you want to see what we are up to this weekend be sure to be following along on instagram (totalbassetcase).

*If you and your pooch (or other animal) would like to participate in Floyd's Friends shoot me an email at totalbassetcase{at}gmail{dot}com with Floyd's Friends in the subject. 


Helene said...

Oh lord, cuteness over load!! i love german shepards. they are so cute!

Casey said...

hahaha This post totally made my Friday morning. Goooo Floyd!!!! So proud of him - smart boy. What I find hysterical is to read the reviews of that toy online - note how many people said they didn't like it because their dogs were "just too smart" for this toy and it only lasted for 4 minutes of entertainment. Meanwhile, here we are wondering if ours will get all. But they did! Masters of the Coop.

Colby B. said...

Oh em gee! I died laughing at your story with Floyd and the barn! Being a fur mom I can appreciate exactly how you feel and reacted when he accomplished the task! I seriously think our Sam needs to meet Floyd, although if Floyd is like Sam they will just go on about their business and be stubborn bassets! Does Floyd howl on command? I told my husband about the peanut butter and I kid you not Sam did the same thing with treats the other night. Out cold and then woke up and came over! haha

Sarah Tucker said...

So many precious puppies! Love it! Happy Friday!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

These pups are so cute! Floyd not playing with the toy when you wanted is dogs are the same way! :)

Katie said...

SPONSOR! It's officially, TBC is totally official ;) Hope you guys have a great weekend! Will I be seeing you guys tomorrow night?

Val said...

They are all so precious. I hope you have a great weekend.

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

how cute!! I am a bit scared of big dogs just because of their size, but these dogs look s sweet :) and can't wait to see the video of Floyd rescuing the chicks :)