Total Basset Case: 4 Things

Mar 14, 2013

4 Things

Just 4 quick things for you today! 

1.  Don't forget to enter the Drip Knots giveaway and save your sleeves and bathroom from face washing nightmares.
2. I'm having dinner with Katie, Erin, Allison, Bethany and Jax tonight and I'm super excited about it!!  Cincinnati blate night!
I'm also planning on squeezing in a Trader Joe's run.
Any new favorites at Trader Joe's I need to try out?

3. Fridays with Floyd will be back tomorrow...
and it may or may not be a post from the hound himself....
And in the interim if you need a hound post, check out this one by Pierre about his adventures at the Hilton.

4. I posted a few items on Poshmark last night.  Come find me!
Username: totalbassetcase

That's all for today!
Happy almost TGIF friends!


Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

Trader Joe's... I don't buy any of the processed junk, but I do have some faves anyway :)

Freeze Dried strawberries: (right near dried fruit right when you walk in. Kind of pricey at $3.49 but if you're eating paleo - they're a good alternative to dessert (kind of sour and sweet!)
Coconut flakes: In the white resealable bag - so good in plain greek yogurt with strawberries... or just eating them out of the bag if you're not eating dairy :)
Fruit Leather/Strips in Boysenberry - so yummy and only made of fruit! (Also good for a snack)
Almond meal: If you don't want to buy Honeyville almond flour, almond meal (difference is that meal has shells) will usually do the trick
Sweet potatoes: Only $1.69 for a 2 LB bag! such a good deal.

brittany @ g squared said...

Love #1, I love finding other Cinci bloggers!

Kait said...

Sometimes I just really want a photo of Floyd in every single post...

Caitlin said...

Ugh I hate how far away our new home is from a Trader Joe's. Our place in Brooklyn had one across the street and I grew up in a town with one. Do me a favor and enjoy some chocolate covered peanut pretzel bites (yup) for me!

Casey said...

My most recent TJ favs are their low-fat granola and maple pecan granola, crunchy cookie butter, spicy bean dip (with the tortilla chips), and dark chocolate covered almonds with sea salt. Note that most are sweet treats. Whoopsie.

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I've got to be honest and admit that I have not shopped at Trader Joe's very much! However, when I have - I love that their milk and produce were so affordable! I bought the chocolate covered bananas, which were tasty, but not all that like I was expecting. It sounds like I need to get in there and get some coconut flakes, judging by one of the other commenters! Yum. I have a recipe for some coconut granola I'd like to try out.

Jordon said...

YUM! The greek yogurt and mass amounts of wine always add up to a great TJ run in my opinion :)

Heather said...

Rex can't wait to read Floyd's post!!!

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