Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Bluegrass Belle

Mar 29, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Bluegrass Belle

Happy Good Friday!
Speaking of Easter, I have yet to have my Easter allotment of 76 Peeps.  I need to get on that.
I also realized that I made 0 Easter crafts/DIY decorations for the house.

Regardless, I am sure this will be a great Easter weekend!
Heck the sun has been shining and it's above 30 degrees.
If that doesn't sound like the recipe for a great Easter, I don't know what does.

Today we have the sweetest Miss Jill and her adorable pups joining us for Floyd's Friends.
Not only is she BarreAmped certified (awesome) but she is also always whipping up the cutest DIY projects. 
Take it away!!!

How do you do, friends?! 
I'm Lilly!
I live in Kentucky with my mommy, Jill, and my Daddy. We've lived everywhere it seems like! When I first went to live with them, we were in South Carolina. Then we moved to Connecticut for 3 years.
That's where we got my sister. Taffy.
She is SO jealous of me. (Who wouldn't be?!) I mean, I lived with mommy and daddy for almost 4 years, just me and them, before she came along! If anyone was going to be jealous, shouldn't it be me?! But no, like a lady, I graciously tolerated put up with her welcomed her with open arms to the family.
 Anyway, more on her in a minute. Let me tell you some of my favorite things.

Number one - my mommy is my absolute favorite person in the world.
She rescued me from what surely would have been a terrible life. She found me on Petfinder and drove 3 hours to get me. I was at an awful place with more than 100 dogs. That lady called herself a dog rescuer. More like a hoarder!

Number two...when my hair gets long, I really love to mess up my face. Who needs a sleek hairstyle?! Not this gal!

Thirdly...I like to sleep. A lot. Hey, I'm getting a few years on me now, I need all the beauty rest I can get! Anyway, when I sleep, I mean, rest my eyes, I like to let my tongue slip out of my mouth a little bit.

Sometimes, though not often these days, I still play with mom and dad. Here I am playing with daddy...and as you can see, jealous Taffy came along...
 I guess this is as good a segueway as any...

For starters, Taffy really smells. She has to take baths way more than I do. I mean, she smells bad like 3 days later! Me, I'm as fresh as a daisy! She also licks herself all the time. What a disgusting habit. That's how I know she doesn't stand a chance with Floyd.
"Hey you stud..."

Taffy has another really disgusting habit too. She likes to chew on socks. Look, don't tell her I told you, but I think my mom must have stinky feet or something because Taffy always gets her socks. If mom or dad forgets to shut the closet door at night, Taffy gets out of bed and goes in there to get socks.

It's always the same when she gets caught red-handed. It's like she has no idea what happened and how she ended up with that sock in her mouth.
(the day she had moms bra?! I thought dad was going to kill her. hahahaha)

There is one thing she's really good at. She can jump really high.
I'm really hoping her career in the DWNBA (that's Doggie Women's NBA, for all you losers who didn't know what that meant) will take off. That way she'll be on the road traveling all the time, and I'll get mom and dad all to myself!

Oh yeah, did I tell you? She also has seizures. She has to take 3 medicines each day, one of which mom gives her in a medicine dropper. I get sick joy out of seeing mom ram that medicine dropper down her throat. I can hardly contain myself because I bounce around with excitement. So I mean...yeah. The seizures. I do feel kind of sorry for her.

But then she steals my food and I don't feel too bad anymore.

Okay pups, that's all for today. Special thanks to Floyd and his baby momma, Sarah, for hosting us. Maybe one day they'll come see us...they don't live too far away!

Come visit me, Lilly, and my stinky sister Taffy on my mom's blog, Bluegrass Belle!
Oh Floyd is blushing being called a stud. 
He will have to break out his fancy Saturday night tie!

And don't worry, Taffy, Floyd has been known to steal quite a few socks and bras in his day.
Floyd wants to come visit both of you (and help Taffy steal more socks), I told him you guys were just down the road from us!
Go visit Jill and her adorable pups and tell them we sent you!

And go visit Lauren and enter the giveaway I'm participating in!

Happy Easter, everyone! 


Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Thanks for featuring us on your blog Miss Sarah! Our mom needs to blog more pictures of us, don't you think? We also need some fancy Saturday night clothes like Floyd. Maybe tutus? Why isn't our mom making us stuff in all those DIY projects she does?! Thanks again for letting us be on Floyd's Friends!
Lilly and Taffy

k said...

aww im all bursting with dog love

Sarah Tucker said...

This is SO cute. The DWNBA, hahah!

Anne said...

Same here - no Easter crafts/decorations, and I haven't eaten a single Peep. Easter snuck up since it's so early this year and it's been so cold! Just baked some egg-shaped sugar cookies though, so I'm feeling a little better :) Happy weekend!

Erin said...

Oh Floyd and friends :) Best part of my Friday mornings for sure!

I didn't do anything crafty for Easter either, and I LOVE Easter! I might try to do something cute and small for Easter dinner Sunday night !

Betty said...

Floyd has such fabulous friends! And I failed with my Easter decorating this year as well...I'm going to try and do a few last minute things this weekend. Maybe. Happy Easter! :)

Kait said...

Oh my gosh this is so freaking funny I LOVE IT

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Oh my goodness -- too much cuteness in one post!

Stylishly in love said...

Your puppies are adorable!

If you get a sec, check out my latest post. Happy Easter!


Susannah said...

Oh my word, this makes me want a dog 1038 times more than I already do. And I already want a dog really badly! They're adorable!