Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: According to Jax

Apr 5, 2013

Floyd's Friends: According to Jax

Friday Friday!!
SO happy to see you!
Mister and I have a weekend of fun errands and a few outings with friends on the menu.
Other than that, we will see where the days take us. 
We may have to do a little pre celebrating this weekend at the doggie park as well.
Someone we all know and love with 4 chunky paws has a birthday next week...

Today on Floyd's Friends we have a special, local, IRL friend with us!
Welcome Jax and Paisley from According to Jax!
Jax is a local Cincinnati blogger and friend of mine!
We have met up a few times and she is just as sweet in person as on her blog!
I'm hoping we call all get together sometime this Spring!

Take it away, ladies!
Hello humans. 
 I'm Paisley and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio!
 My small 9-pound frame and quick ninja-like moves might convince you I'm a puppy.
But believe it or not, I'm 77 years old. (or 11 in human years)

The first 7 years of my life were not good. I was in a bad home with humans with bad attitudes.
But after lots of praying, I was finally adopted by my momma, Jax, and put into a great home.
So far, we've enjoyed 4+ great years together and I'm excited to spend many more.
Here's my momma and daddy.
Life at home is great and I pretty much am the boss of the house.
I determine my own nap time.
I always have control over the remote.
And if I stare at someone long enough, they will go and fetch me a treat.
My mom always sticks a little black box in my face that makes a "click" sound, and I do not like it.
I try to stick out my tounge to fight back...but it doesn't work.
Especially since sometimes my tounge has a mind of its own.
Hope all you humans enjoyed a little sneak peek of my life.
Stop by my mommy's blog to say Hi!
 Hugs and belly rubs - Paisley
Thanks, ladies!
We loved having you and hope that we can have a puppy play date sometime soon!
Have a great weekend, friends!
I'm off to start spoiling Floyders!


Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

How sweet! Paisley is adorable. I'm so glad she found a loving family! :)
Fizz and Frosting

According to Jax said...

Wowzaz, those pictures turned out alot bigger than HTLM told me they were going to! haha. sorry! :)

THANKS for having us on the blog today. Paisley's been strutting around the house like she's famous or something...

Sarah Tucker said...

So precious!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Paisley is so cute! Lilly would so understand the uncontrollable tongue problem! Ha :)

Mer in America said...

this is bad news! I am so going to want a doggy because of your blog!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Ah, happy early birthday Floyd!! And this little cutie featured today reminds me of a mini Spud MacKenzie. Do you remember him or am I too old? :)

Jen said...

Such a cutie and so glad she now has a great home. And happy early Birthday to Floyd!! Hope he gets lots of peanut butter treats :)

henning love said...

ahh jax is adorable! thank goodness he got adopted!

Allison said...

I love knowing Paisley was adopted and is in an amazing home. Cute post Jax/Sarah. :)

Bri said...

So adorable! Love Jax and Paisley!