Total Basset Case: Down Under: Part 4

May 2, 2013

Down Under: Part 4

For our second day at Mission Beach, we were fortunate enough to be able to go snorkeling out on the reef again.  Jane's dad took us all out in his boat and we went to all of their favorite reefs.
 In a way, this reef adventure was better than the guided trip because you knew that not everyone had been to those reefs and it was fun seeing which ones were their favorites.  Jane's dad is also an extraordinary spear fisherman and him and Jane's husband speared our dinner for the night.  It was amazing to see them dive down, spear the fish and come back up again.
 Talk about really fresh fish for dinner. 

As the day before, we saw crazy, colorful fish, another turtle and another shark.  This time the shark scared Mister and I a lot more.  I was snorkeling and saw some big fish, came up to tap Mister to show him and when we went back under we saw the shark swim by a bit away from us.  We both immediately started booking it back to the boat.  Most likely it was the 100% wrong thing to do to call so much attention to ourselves BUT is was a SHARK!  They told us it wasn't the type that would harm us but nonetheless, it is quite terrifying to see one so close.
Our last stop of the day was our most favorite of the whole trip.  They took us to their favorite spot in the Reef, Taylor Sand Cay.  It is basically a deserted island/sand bar with the prettiest, clear, turquoise water.   
It was beyond beautiful and amazing to be in such a deserted place.  You know those beach screen savers on a Mac? Yeah, it looked just like that. Or paradise, you know whichever.  I think we could have stayed there all day.  This is where I picked up most of my shells, they were everywhere!

That night we had the most delicious dinner of fresh caught fish and wine. 
 But first our evening started with appetizers and champagne.  You know, the only way evenings at the beach should start.

 Our fabulous hosts
The next morning we headed back out in the boat to an island across the way. 

And then things got interesting with the wallabies.
 (Wally the wallaby)

The boys went back out in the boat to do some more fishing and us girls stayed at the house to relax and play with Sam- he's far too cute not to hang out with.
There was an injured wallaby hiding out in their garden and we ended up having to call a wallaby/wildlife person to take it to the vet.  Well the man came and Jane was holding Sam and Helen (Jane's mom) was cornering and shooing the wallaby towards the wallaby man so he could capture it.
 It finally hopped to the man, the man yanked it up by the tail, (because apparently that's how you catch a wallaby, if you ever find yourself in that situation), and it started hissing like crazy!!  I guess I would hiss too if you yanked me up by my tail.
Because it was so mad and injured, it was flailing all around and the man was trying unsuccessfully to get it into a burlap sack.  Because it was so hard to calm it down, yours truly had to step up and help.  I was instructed to help open the bag, all the while dodging the flailing wallaby.  Talk about slightly terrifying.  Not only was it still hissing, but it had claws the size of Texas.  We were finally able to get it in the bag and the man took it away to the vet.  It was quite the Australian experience.  And if you ask me, slightly cooler than Mister holding a koala...

Dinner that night was full of more fresh fish and great wine...I could really get used to that menu and the company.
But a beach photo shoot was in order first.  Because it's basically a crime to be at the beach at sunset and not have a photo shoot.

We didn't get the chance to see any, but apparently there are these huge Australian birds called cassowaries all around Mission Beach.  These crazy road signs are everywhere warning you not to hit them.  And apparently wreck your car in the process.  
Mister and I spent the rest of the day laying out at the Lagoon in Cairns and out to a fabulous dinner that night with Mark and Jane.

Mister had the most delicious and interesting meal of meat and potates. The meat was presented on a metal hook hanging over a decadent bowl of mashed potatoes.  The meat was covered in sauce that dripped it's juices onto the potatoes...drooool.

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Colby B. said...

Oh my Gosh! What an amazing trip! I would now like to go to Australia please!!

Jodi said...

This is the most amazing vacation especially since you had your own personal tour guides the whole time! Very fortunate for you guys. I can tell how much fun you had. I can't wait to see the rest.

P.S. That animal adventure w/ Wally sounds a bit to close for comfort!

Kait said...

MEAT ON A HOOK! And Blake with yet another headpiece..this has been my favorite post yet. I reallyyyyy wish someone was videoing you put the wallaby in the sack.

Sarah Tucker said...

That beach!! Wow, gorgeous. I can imagine the fear with Wally. Those claws sounded huge. I am jealous of your menu! This trips keeps getting better!

Unknown said...

oh this really makes me miss Oz!

CALLIE said...

A.MAZ.ING. I officially have the traveling itch..

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

I'm so jealous of your beach pictures! I'm too embarrassed to ask strangers to take them for me, so we only have solo or selfie beach pics from Hawaii. It looks like your trip was just fantastic.

Because Shanna Said So said...

Really? Could this day an trip be anymore magical??? I am in awe of the water and everything you guys saw & did.

Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness.... someday I want to spend the day at a beach that is as beautiful as this! SO GORGEOUS!
My biggest fear while snorkeling is that we will see a shark! I don't even know if I'd be able to book it out of there... I'd probably just freeze in fear, ha ha!

Domesticable said...

Amazing! I showed hubs your trip...he was like that's nice...he totally wasn't paying attention... I said RICH... Look at these photos and read how to catch a wallaby. He said, Floyds mom caught a wallaby? Eh no. READ!

We've always wanted to travel to Australia. Maybe we will start planning our trip for when we visit our family in Malaysia...since it's over that way...not really but sort of.

Bri said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing!!! How fun!

Anne said...

Oh my goodness, the color of that water! How did you ever force yourselves to come home?!