Total Basset Case: Happy Hour Bridal Shower {SPD}

May 23, 2013

Happy Hour Bridal Shower {SPD}

Last week my friend Autumn and I had the honor of throwing Bethany a bridal shower.
In the beginning stages of planning we knew we wanted the shower to have a slight theme and came across (I'll let you guess where) the idea of a 'Happy Hour Shower'. 
I mean, who doesn't love Happy Hour (especially on a Thursday!) and being able to give gifts to a beautiful bride??

For the decor we decided to go with bright, Spring colors- pinks, oranges and yellows.
We used fresh flowers, bright pink vases and bright tissue paper balls throughout.
As far as the food, because it was after work, we wanted to keep things fairly simple but yummy.  We decided on 'bar' type food but taken up a notch.
Our menu included:
Homemade guacolmole
Sausage and cheese wontons
Ham and swiss warm sandwiches
Fancy cheese and crackers
Chocolate chip cheese ball with chocolate teddy grahams
Assorted goodies from Trader Joe's
And, of course, wine. Lots and lots of wine.

And what's a good party without a favor?
Thanks to Pinterest, we found these cute ideas (here and here) for a Spring cookie inside a glass wrapped up.
Autumn found these adorable pink margarita glasses which we filled with Spring cookies, wrapped in clear treat bags with ribbon.
Super simple, cute and delicious- now that's my kind of favor. 

Now on to the pretty details!

The beautiful bride!
(and door decoration inspiration from here)
The shower was so fun and we were honored to be able to 'shower' our great friend and send her off into married bliss!

And for one more pretty, how fabulously simple yet beautiful are these earrings from Love Shine Bridal.
 These earrings are so versatile you can even wear them when you're hanging out with your basset hound.
(really Floyd was just upset he hadn't had a photo shoot lately)

I love so much of what is in this shop.
If you are in need of pretty jewelry (and who isn't always wanting to add to their stash?), bridesmaid jewelry or even wedding jewelry, check out Love Shine Bridal
These are the smoky quartz earrings and they are perfect for everyday wear as well as dressing them up for a night on the town.
Dainty and classic.
My other favorite pieces are this, this and this.
Love Shine Bridal is graciously offering TBC readers a 10% discount off your total purchase with the code 'Floyd'. 

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Anonymous said...

This is totally adorable. I love it!

Candice Williams said...

Looks great! You guys did a gorgeous job!

Katie said...

First, love your bright pink skirt! Adorable! Second, love all the party details. Looks like it was a great shower!

Kaylin said...

adorable shower!!! and such cute outfits!!!

CALLIE said...

I need some wine and cheese, stat!!! YUUURRRMMM

Sarah Tucker said...

Those earrings are perfection!

Unknown said...

Yall seriously did a great job! Planning those things can be such a labor of love!!! SHe is so blessed to have yall!

Jordon said...

Everything looks perfect! Also, where did you get that maxi skirt?? I am loving it!

Kait said...

Look at that smirk on his little basset face!

Erin said...

SUCH a cute shower! What a fun idea- I definitely need to throw one of these for my next bride-to-be friend! The cookies/glass favor is adorable too :)

Jill J. said...

What a fun shower. I wish Pinterest was around when I was planning all my friends bridal showers...but at least I have it for their baby showers! Very cute!

Classy with a Kick

Danielle said...

I love everything about it! You ladies did a great job. Looks amazing!!

Brittany said...

What a cute theme! I've got a couple bridal showers to plan for this year, so I'm definitely going to file this idea away :) Love it!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Hooray for Bethany! I love the "I Do" door hanger!

Allison said...

What a fun idea for a shower!! Love what you did! And that door decor is awesome too.

Because Shanna Said So said...

This is the cutest shower title/theme ever!! Love the colors and the menu....YUM!!! And super score on the earrings!! You ladies are too precious!!

zerry ht said...

Lovely bridal shower and flowers are complementing it beautifully. My neighbor has arranged his daughter’s wedding at one of the grand Los Angeles wedding venues next month. Excited to see her designer gown and jewelry.