Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends: Taking Notes Coast to Coast

Jun 14, 2013

Floyd's Friends: Taking Notes Coast to Coast

Hey Friday.
I've been waiting on you to get here since last weekend and it's taken you entirely too long.

In the world of Floyd, he has been pulling more shenanigans that normal lately and he informed me he wanted to confess them next week on the blog so be on the lookout for that.
How are your dogs behaving!? Crazy? Not so crazy?
Or is it just Floyd that has lost his basset marbles lately?
We would love to hear what your pups have been up to as well.

Today we have Danielle and Huck from Taking Notes Coast to Coast.
I have been reading Danielle's blog and following along with Huck forever.
I like to think that Huck and Floyd are already old pals.
Be sure to follow along on Danielle's blog as well as on IG for all of Huck's adventures.
And just generally super adorable pictures of him.
Take it away, Huck!

Hi friends! My names Huckleberry! But mommy and daddy call me Huck, Huckster, Hucklebutt, Huckiepie, Leave the Cat Alone, etc... but you can just call me Huck!
Mom said I can steal the spotlight on Floyd's blog today to tell everyone how amazing I am! Which is awesome, because if there are two things I know in this world it's that I love being the center of attention and I am super duper amazing! So amazing that mom let's me steal the show all the time on her blog! She says the only reason people read her blog is because they think I'm cute. I bet she's right.
See? Super cute.

So how does a pup become super amazing like me! It's easy!! Just do exactly as I do! And what do I do? Well only my most favorite things, of course! And some of those include....

1) Swimming! I'm an excellent swimmer! So great at it that mom and dad just bought me a pool!
2) Chase! I could play chase for hours and hours! And sometimes the neighbor dog, Missy, even stops by to play with me!
3) Fetch! What dog doesn't like fetch?! I may not be very good at it (I prefer to make mom and dad throw it and then watch them fetch the ball...), but you'll never find a tennis ball far from my side!
4) Sticks! There are few things in life I love more than sticks! I'm pretty sure my mission in life is to find the biggest sticks in the yard and demolish them!! Peanut butter and hot dogs tie for a close second.
5) Hanging out with this guy! Meet Herschel. He's pretty much my best friend. We love to wrestle and play all day! He even gives me facials from time to time!! And there's no better way to end the day then sitting on the back porch pondering life with that feline. He's a good egg, that one.
So there you go! Swim, play chase and fetch, demolish plenty of sticks, and find a furry friend to spend lots of time with --I'm pretty sure that will make you almost as amazing as me!

If you want to learn a few more of my most favorite things, make sure to stop by mommy's blog! She let's me write in my very own series called Love, Huck!

Thanks for letting me stop by your blog today, Floyd! We should get together sometime and eats lots and lots of peanut butter while patrolling the neighborhood! 
Huck, Floyd says that sounds absolutely perfect!!

And Huck wanted to make sure that all of our furry fellows were able to play with some of their favorite toys too so he is graciously giving away a $25 gift card to Petco!
*Don't forget to enter the June Group Giveaway here!
**The winner of the 50% custom stamp is: Lainey! I'll shoot you an email, girl!


Sarah Tucker said...

Oh my gosh. Huck is too precious! #dogfever

Have a great weekend!

Emily said...

Super cute post! Love me some dogs.

Danielle said...

Yay! So glad to be a part of Floyd's friends today! Thanks for having us :)

The Southern Thing said...

Aw Huck looks so sweet! He looks just like my Katy girl who recently passed! Goldens are the best :)

Bri said...

Huck is so cute! Floyd is one popular dude! ;)

Alexa said...

Huck+Herschel+Holly = 4Ever Luv.

See, the H friends were meant to be! (And Floyd can come too, because he's just so handsome and Holly likes her men with really big... ears.)

Amber Marie said...

Such a great post, Huck! Helping dogs be awesome everywhere :)

Followed Huck here and think it's a great place. New reader :)

perfumehk said...

beautiful post , lovely pics.
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Allison said...

Aw Huck...what a sweet dog. I love how he is best friends with the cat. That picture of them on the porch is precious!