Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd: I Confess....

Jun 21, 2013

Fridays with Floyd: I Confess....

 So I know yesterday I said I wasn't able to go see Maddie...turns out my plans changed and I was able to go! More on my visit next week but here are few photos from the night.
And yes she is just as cute and sweet in person.
And on things. 

 Moving on, I must start this post by telling you that I am writing this somewhat constrained.
Floyd is currently dead asleep on my arm and snoring, happy as a lark.
Moving on, before he fell asleep, Floyd asked me to write this post for him.
He has been quite the rascal lately and has been needing to get some things off his (big, barrel, bony) chest.

I confess....that at 7am on Wednesday I thought it was a good idea to roll in poo in the yard.
Turns out it was a terrible idea because Mama kept telling me how bad I smelled and THEN I had to get an extra bath.

I confess...I stole Papa's shampoo bottle the other day, managed to get the lid open and then ate the shampoo.
Just a word to the wise, don't do that.
It tastes horrible and if you bark at the bottle it doesn't make the taste go away.

I confess...I managed to move a grill pan to the edge of the grill and lick it clean.
Mama and Papa didn't seem to think this was so great but I sure did!
I had marinated and char grilled chicken on my tongue the rest of the night. What's not great about that?!

I confess...that if you get up from your seat on the couch, I will, without fail, wake from my slumber and steal your warm seat.

 I confess...if you leave food on the counter unattended I will steal it.
Same goes for unzipped purses.
I confess....I get up in the morning solely to eat

I confess...I've only chewed on a stick probably 5 times in my life.
I favorite time to howl is any time before 7am.  I really feel like my voice reaches more friends at that time, just makes sense to me!  How else do you tell them good morning?

Oh. Floyd. 
Life with you is never dull, that is for sure.
There are plenty more confessions where these came from.

Do your pups have anything to confess?

Happy weekend friends!!


Lauren said...

MY MY he has been a rascal lately! :) Mine too. Full moon or something!? I'm so glad mine isnt the only one who is full-on-wide-awake before 6 am. If we make it to 7 am on the weekend it's a miracle. Patton also loves to steal your spot - ESPECIALLY if you get up in the middle of the night? He will jump RIGHT on your pillow!

Casey said...

I am SO pumped that you were able to go see Maddie!!!! What a cutie. Is your mom's dog in your vest pocket? haha FLOYD! These stories are just as funny hearing them the second time. Barking at the shampoo bottle hahahahah

I Do Declare said...

I have a new baby basset, Norma. She, too, would admit early morning howls, ankle biting and rug peeing. But at just 10 weeks old with cuteness that won't stop...she gets away with a lot.

Emily said...

Whew, what a little rascal lol. :)
Luckily my dog hasn't figured out how to stand up against the cabinets to reach what she smells.

Sarah Tucker said...

Oh, I'm sorry he rolled in the poopage before work. What a crappy situation, hah!

Kait said...

HE IS SUCH A RASCAL! ...and I kind of love it.

Ashley said...

I confess that one day I might have to swing by and just capture Floyd to come play with us. You'll see his ears hanging out the back window of my mini van :-) I bet that shampoo tasted sooo so gross. OH Floyd!!!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Ohhhhh Floyd! Hahaha! Ozzie wakes up every day solely for the purpose of eating, too. And he DEFINITELY steals our spots in bed and on the couch as soon as we get up for even a moment. Oh well, I'll still keep him :-)

Helene said...

Haha that pic of Floyd stealing food off the counter is hilarious!! Hugo is the worst about that!

Betty said...

Oh Floyd. Such an honest pup you are. :) BTW, I just saw that Maddie book in the bookstore today...what an amazing dog! I can't wait to hear more about it! Have a great weekend.

Amber Marie said...

Better to be honest, Floyd. Very good of you...uh, and terribly cute :) Everyone has to make the mistake of poo-rolling sometimes.

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

Aw, I just love Maddie!! So cool that you got to meet her and Theron. :-)

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings