Total Basset Case: Ran-dom

Jul 17, 2013


What good is a Wednesday without some random?
 this photo has nothing to do with this post

1. I ordered a shower curtain and I'm hoping it should be here tomorrow.
Fingers crossed for getting some painting done this weekend.
Which one did I choose?!

2.  I had to get two fillings replaced on Monday.
I HATE dental work but I survived, barely.
The S'mores blizzard from DQ helped.

3.  Did you enter to win your pup a new collar yesterday??

4. We had this on Monday and this on Tuesday...Mister and I are in love with both.
It's safe to say they will be entered in our weekly rotation.
Cheap, easy, clean and delicious...YES.  

5.  I have really been enjoying running lately.
I honestly can't believe it myself but I can't ignore my urge to get out run.
It has taken almost a year for me to love it as much as I do but I've finally pushed past the hating it point.
I was thinking about a post of my new workout routines and details...are we interested in that?

6. There may or may not (read:may) be another giveaway planned for tomorrow...
I love you guys so you get two in one week :)

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Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

I'm looking forward to seeing which shower curtain is the winner!
So glad to hear that you're loving running too! It took me probably about a year as well before I really started to love it. My body actually craves a good running session a couple times a week now!

Fizz and Frosting

Anne said...

Yes to running! Isn't it amazing how that transition can happen? Never thought it would for me, and now I've done two half marathons and can't wait to do another :) Those recipes look really yummy too... I need some new ones to add to the rotation.

Lauren said...

How did you convince yourself to enjoy it? What were the steps you took to MAKE yourself go the year before? I've tried three or four different times this year to convince myself i like running...and after a month or two, I still hate it, and fall off the wagon :(

Chelsee W said...

Congrats on getting into running! BTW I love the photo at the top..too cute!

The Southern Thing said...

I can't wait to see how the new bathroom turns out! And yes, DQ for the save! I could go for one right about now.. it's never too early!

Luana said...

YES!!! Running routine!

I still hate the gym! I swim and I bike and I hate it! (I can't run, though...)
If it took you a year and I'm going there for less than 5 months, maybe it'll get better, right?


k8te said...

yes please to a running/workout post!! i need all the tips i can get! i hope i can get past the hating it part soon! :)

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

I about died this morning trying to run in this awful humidity! If you have tips on that I'd love to hear em.

katelyn w said...

It's so funny how the running transition happens without us noticing! You just start to realize you love it and can't miss a day without it!

Allison said...

That chicken stir fry looks amazing! I'm all about finding new recipes to add to my meal plan! :)

Erin LFF said...

I need motivation to run and work out so I'd love to hear about what you've been doing ;)

Ashley said...

I only get ONE picture of Floyd today??! At least it's a super cute one!! :-)

I'm wondering which one you chose!! They're all super cute.

And yes!! I would love for you to post some workout routines...I love finding new ideas!

Kait said...

Look at F being so dapper. "Oh mama, I'm just over here staring at something in the yard (bunnies). Don't mind me."

Because Shanna Said So said...

Okay, which curtain did you get???? I love all your options!!! EEEK!!! I sooooo need to redo our's not even funny!

Jessica Grace Fitness said...

How are you running in this heat? haha. I gave up all hope 2 weeks ago. Even backed out of a half marathon I was signed up for because I wasn't getting my training in :/ so glad you are having fun though!! Def share your fitness tips!!!