Total Basset Case: Random Wednesday: July Edition

Jul 3, 2013

Random Wednesday: July Edition

Ready for a dose of random?

1.I told you guys on Monday I picked up a few bargains while shopping on Saturday.
Well two of those items included NEON green shirts. Never in my life have I worn that color but now I can't stop.  Just can't. 
 They are MUCH brighter in person.  Like need your sunglasses bright.

I also picked up a pineapple mango candle from Bath and Body Works for $8.50 that I can't stop burning. It smells like vacation in our house and I'm not mad about it.

2. We are getting (in the nearish future) some new carpet in the house.  I brought home some sample boards to show Mister.  We had Floyd test them out as well.  You know, it's important what they feel like on his paws. 
He took his job seriously and I think I may be out of my actual job as a designer soon because he took his job that seriously.  He literally kept walking back and forth between the samples and after much deliberation, kept sitting on the same one.

3. Recently Carmel posted about this amazing app (Printicular) that prints your Instagram photos directly to Walgreens.  I immediately downloaded the app (it's free!) and ordered some 4x4 photos as fast as my fingers could move! And to boot, the prints are cheap! I had about 20 photos printed for about $6.
4.Want some free booze for the summer? Don't forget to enter my Destinations: Daily giveaway from yesterday.

5. Who is ready for the 4th (and not working for a few days)?! I know we are!
I made these cups for the shenanigans that are sure to ensue this weekend.
 And Floyd has his red, white and blue bandana on ready to go! 
Be sure to come back tomorrow for a special, festive message from Floyd.

*And Floyd wanted to wish a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of his biggest fans, Erin!
Have a reat one, rady!

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Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

How cute are those cups? You're making me want to pick up some at Target on the way home and get to decorating! Also, the photo of Floyd on the carpet is adorable.

Fizz and Frosting

Sarah Tucker said...

Floyd is a designer dog in training! Happy 4th!

Casey said...

I hope Floyd is wearing his beer holder vest again this year.

Brooke Hamilton said...

Love your description of Floyd checking out the carpet samples... And thanks for the instagram picture app. I've been meaning to print out some images!

Candice Williams said...

I love neon too! Happy fourth!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh the carpet thing is too much! DYING! So funny!!!! Also I will be downloading the app and printing TODAY!!! Love it! Happy 4th!

Jordon said...

My eyes and pocketbook have been going STRAIGHT for the neon yellow too! I don't know what has gotten into me! PS. seeing that little chunky paw test out the carpet has my heart pattering, it is perfect!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Woo hoo! I am SO ready for the 4th! I love those tops, I bet the color is super pretty in person! And what a good carpet tester Floyd is! Have a great holiday!

Anna @ A Dash of Quirky said...

Floyd looks very set in his decision!

Btw, I love the neon green!!

Happy 4th lady!

Bri said...

Neon!! It always draws me near too.. cute cute! Bath and Body Works Pina Colada candle is my kind of vacation scent...mmmmm... and Floyd totally needs a job on HGTV as a guest designer. Have a Happy 4th!

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Floyd is just adorable in his carpet testing position!! and the shirts look cute!! Happy 4th!!

Unknown said...

Have fun over the Fourth, Sarah, Mister, and Floyd! (I didn't know about the beer holder vest!-- Adorable!)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, loveee the neon green an am so excited to learn about that instagram app! Will definitely be downloading it soon.